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Bitch in heels: foot size

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is the size of the shoe a factor in attraction? would u be as attracted to a size 7(uk) as much as a size (4) in the same style? is a smaller foot more of a turn on?? or does it depend totally on the style of the shoe and whether u can fit yr cock in it??
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Posts: 164
A heel of say 4 inches on a size four or five is obviously more of a tangent than it would be on seven or eaght sexyer. As for fitting my cock in well it needs to be at least size 5or 6. Turn ons high yes style as it takes me at the time.
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Posts: 118
Yes size matters! In this case smaller is better. Light, delicate, strappy sandals are a great turn on. Of course so are thigh high leather boots. Shoe size us 6 or 7 is a very nice size, once they get up to 10 they just seem too big.
Based on your pictures, I like all of your shoes!
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Posts: 79
I like smaller size heels (us 6.5 or smaller). I just really like seeing a good size cock shoved into a small shoe and to have the cock and balls completely fill the entire shoe.
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Posts: 164
Yep - I find smaller shoes the sexiest visually. They just seem more pretty and feminine to me. My wife wears size 5, and her cute little feet and heels drive me crazy. But I can't begin to fuck most of her heels, because the toe area is too small to get into comfortably. Some of her flats and low heels are usable, but the high heels are almost impossible to get my cock into.

I fit and fuck a size 8 -8.5 high heel the best. More room for my head in the toe area, and bigger shoes give me room to get my balls into the heel cup. Mary Janes, T-bars and loafers give the best contact and friction.
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Posts: 346
OMG, I just read the detailed discussion here on this thread. I had no idea shoe SHAGGING was getting so technical ! I best measure my engorged rock hard cock for fit immediately prior to insertion and well before my first thrust! Oh does color matter too ? ok ok yes smaller size high heels just are too out of symmetry and shoes over like 9.5 just look to large to my eye. But I am still an equal opportunity high heel fucker, so I support the EOHHF amendment for voter approval. Time to run another size and fit test right now...
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Posts: 36
To me size does matter. I prefer to fuck size 8 but have done size 6 because of my coworker.
Size 8 (wife shoe size) in a low heel pumps is what I'm fucking now...perfect for my cock head and enough room in the toe area for humping.
Open toe pumps, strappy sandals than size would not matter to me. These shoes can be fucked from the front!
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Posts: 318
I just care how high the heels are. I don't care myself about the size.
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Posts: 79
I know I said before that the smaller the better for me, but that's for closed toe heels. I once did a pair of size US 6 open toe heels and there was no chance of me being able to shove my cock through the hole. For those, I need size 9 or above.

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