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Top Sneakers
Click to see koolkylie’s pickoolkylie9.52
Click to see dieselfreak’s picdieselfreak9.13
Click to see hub27’s pichub279.00
Click to see hub27’s pichub278.96
Click to see IrishLincoln’s picIrishLincoln8.96
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Top Wedge Heels
Click to see slinkymel’s picslinkymel9.33
Click to see droid1959’s picdroid19599.28
Click to see adorosaltos’s picadorosaltos9.18
Click to see chakakan’s picchakakan9.18
Click to see lili’s piclili9.06
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Top Toe Cleavage shots
Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.47
Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.46
Click to see hhlvr’s pichhlvr9.45
Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.30
Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.25
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Top Bare foot shots
Click to see adventure_cpl’s picadventure_cpl9.27
Click to see asos4’s picasos49.22
Click to see kinkychuck’s pickinkychuck9.07
Click to see chickyd15’s picchickyd159.05
Click to see BassT’s picBassT9.00
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Top Flat Sandals
Click to see forest4422’s picforest44229.44
Click to see forest4422’s picforest44229.27
Click to see forest4422’s picforest44229.21
Click to see forest4422’s picforest44229.17
Click to see forest4422’s picforest44228.98
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Top Found shoes
Click to see lili’s piclili9.26
Click to see WhipAndHeels’s picWhipAndHeels9.18
Click to see highheelfever’s pichighheelfever9.00
Click to see highheelfever’s pichighheelfever9.00
Click to see highheelfever’s pichighheelfever8.96
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Top Couples
Click to see hellheel’s pichellheel9.70
Click to see stoffer’s picstoffer9.57
Click to see adorosaltos’s picadorosaltos9.50
Click to see adorosaltos’s picadorosaltos9.48
Click to see adorosaltos’s picadorosaltos9.43
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Top Shoe Fucking
Click to see Shoe_Lover’s picShoe_Lover9.55
Click to see lover88’s piclover889.50
Click to see Shoe_Lover’s picShoe_Lover9.50
Click to see Miss Rivers’s picMiss Rivers9.50
Click to see lover88’s piclover889.43
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Top Men in heels
Click to see KellysFeet’s picKellysFeet9.89
Click to see KellysFeet’s picKellysFeet9.47
Click to see Spikes’s picSpikes9.38
Click to see KellysFeet’s picKellysFeet9.33
Click to see Cindyschotte’s picCindyschotte9.31
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Top Dangling Shots
Click to see Bbrode’s picBbrode9.67
Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.30
Click to see sasme99’s picsasme999.26
Click to see MistressBetty’s picMistressBetty9.09
Click to see stryker’s picstryker9.03
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Top Flat Shoes
Click to see adventure_cpl’s picadventure_cpl9.48
Click to see adventure_cpl’s picadventure_cpl9.33
Click to see kellyskollection’s pickellyskollection9.29
Click to see WhipAndHeels’s picWhipAndHeels9.25
Click to see FlatsFetish’s picFlatsFetish9.05
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New Members Last Month With Pictures (2)

Here are the profiles of the members who have joined our community and posted hotshoeshots in the last month. Please take the time to view their profile and pictures and welcome them. - See All New Monthly Members here.

ImageUsernameCountryMember Since
DescriptionStateLast Online
Click to see ankastre3455’s picankastre345517-May-2024
I will change this later.May 17, 2024
Click to see StilettoDreams’s picStilettoDreams
I will change this later.May 08, 2024
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Sexy Shoes Channel

Flat Shoes, High Heeled Sandals, Mules, Stiletto Heels, Extreme Heels

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Shoe Sex Channel

Shoejobs cum shots, Shoe Fucking, Female shoe play, Wet messy trashed, Sneaky shots, Found shoes

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High Heel Lifestyle Channel

TG/CD in heels, Fem Dom heels, Couples, Cuckold Shoe Slaves, Men in heels

No Pic []

Boots, Sneakers ’n more Channel

Sneakers, Platforms, Wedge Heels, Boots, Slingbacks

Click to see stephnovitsch’s pic

Hot Foot Channel

Flat Sandals, Wooden sandals, Toe Cleavage shots, Dangling, Bare foot shots, Trample shots

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    We have been working hard on providing the site improvements that you have requested, and I am pleased to outline some of them here:
    The voting system has been totally reworked: now you are able to vote on individual pictures from any profile as well as the random pictures that are displayed on the 'vote' pages.
    This represented a major amount of work, but I feel it will add greater variety to the site with more rapidly changing leader boards.
    The changes to the site search are half completed, with gender search coming soon.
    Username reminders are also sent out along with the request for lost passwords. Many members returning after a long period of absence could not remember their exact username.
    Your Favourite Profiles have also been reworked and appear on the home page, along with online status. There are also new options on privacy regarding who to show your favourites to. These options can be found in the 'Your Preferences' area of the site.

  • Thu, Dec 08, 2011 12:52:58 Inactive member clearout
    I will run a clearout of inactive members who have not re visited us for some time to keep the site fresh

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    As you have probably noticed I have now completed two additional image function: The first and most obvious is being able to show as many images on each page of a profile as you want. This speeds up the site for members on slower connections where the profile has hundreds of pics. This is just the first step on improving the image functions for the profiles. There is more to come. The second function is the ability to report web finds and professional images that have no place here on hotshoeshots. It is important to weed these images out as they pose a risk to the site. This function is not turned on by default and must be applied for. To do so go to the member area and click on the offer help button.

  • Mon, May 09, 2011 03:48:22 Weeding out the web finds rubbish
    We have made tremendous strides in weeding out the web finds and professional pics being passed off as original pics, and I would like to thank everyone who has helped with this process by reporting images to me for deletion. Hotshoeshots is hotter simply because all the pics are real. I can finally announce that I have finished the system to enable easy reporting of images that do not belong on hotshoeshots. If you would like to assist and have the reporting ability turned on for your profile just go to the Member area and click on the Offer Help button.

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    Top Shoejobs cum shots
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    Click to see rich6556’s picrich65569.49
    Click to see fillinghershoes’s picfillinghershoes9.49
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    Top Cuckold Shoe Slaves
    Click to see lili’s piclili8.86
    Click to see shoejack’s picshoejack8.82
    Click to see hhslgeo’s pichhslgeo8.77
    Click to see shoejack’s picshoejack8.76
    Click to see Gwen’s picGwen8.71
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    Top High Heeled Sandals
    Click to see highheelcumfetish’s pichighheelcumfetish9.85
    Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.64
    Click to see pud pooler’s picpud pooler9.59
    Click to see pud pooler’s picpud pooler9.56
    Click to see pud pooler’s picpud pooler9.56
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    Top Platforms
    Click to see pud pooler’s picpud pooler9.49
    Click to see WhipAndHeels’s picWhipAndHeels9.45
    Click to see Hotredheels’s picHotredheels9.44
    Click to see pud pooler’s picpud pooler9.38
    Click to see adorosaltos’s picadorosaltos9.36
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    Top Wooden sandals
    Click to see hippiechick’s pichippiechick8.95
    Click to see kordylier’s pickordylier8.89
    Click to see wolf60us’s picwolf60us8.85
    Click to see fetishcafe’s picfetishcafe8.81
    Click to see hippiechick’s pichippiechick8.79
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    Top Boots
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.44
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.42
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.35
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.34
    Click to see shocking1963’s picshocking19639.26
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    Top Female shoe play
    Click to see Hotredheels’s picHotredheels9.66
    Click to see highheelcumfetish’s pichighheelcumfetish9.60
    Click to see highheelcumfetish’s pichighheelcumfetish9.35
    Click to see ilhh’s picilhh9.33
    Click to see highheelcumfetish’s pichighheelcumfetish9.32
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    Top Fem Dom heels
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.65
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.65
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.63
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.63
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.62
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    Top Sneaky shots
    Click to see Tre.Adore’s picTre.Adore9.16
    Click to see zawisza133’s piczawisza1338.92
    Click to see zawisza133’s piczawisza1338.91
    Click to see ltfs’s picltfs8.83
    Click to see shoebusiness’s picshoebusiness8.70
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    Top Stiletto Heels
    Click to see trotter155’s pictrotter1559.64
    Click to see sexycouple7899’s picsexycouple78999.59
    Click to see sexyguyinspikes’s picsexyguyinspikes9.56
    Click to see Janine’s picJanine9.54
    Click to see sxymle69’s picsxymle699.53
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    Top Slingbacks
    Click to see Liqudkitty’s picLiqudkitty9.44
    Click to see droid1959’s picdroid19599.39
    Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.32
    Click to see gepard68’s picgepard689.30
    Click to see gepard68’s picgepard689.25
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    Top Extreme Heels
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.65
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.60
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.56
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.48
    Click to see Amy Aponte’s picAmy Aponte9.44
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    Top TG/CD in heels
    Click to see Becumming’s picBecumming9.82
    Click to see Shoe_Lover’s picShoe_Lover9.80
    Click to see mandyb’s picmandyb9.72
    Click to see Andyhose’s picAndyhose9.70
    Click to see Andyhose’s picAndyhose9.69
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    Top Mules
    Click to see Gwen’s picGwen9.58
    Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.53
    Click to see highheelfever’s pichighheelfever9.52
    Click to see Gwen’s picGwen9.47
    Click to see sexycouple7899’s picsexycouple78999.38
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    Top Wet Messy Trashed
    Click to see hfmurrayjr’s pichfmurrayjr8.66
    Click to see chakakan’s picchakakan8.63
    Click to see romashkin27’s picromashkin278.62
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