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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: Older women

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > Older women (5 messages)

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Posts: 88
I have a curious question. Like many others here. I enjoy the sneakiness of smelling and leave a little to stain the heel for a woman's foot. I'm drawn to older women. Mostly late 40's ad older. My wife doesn't play anymore and I need the smell of at least the shoe if not the foot. My question is, has anyone had success asking. A few years ago, I was so fortunate enough to ask my aunt about her shoes. She always wore heels and had the sexiest. Nothing below 3" heels or wedge. She was on board with wearing and letting me use them. She passed away though and is dearly missed for other reasons besides letting me cum in and smell her heels. I have always used my mother in laws heels but recently got caught. I honestly wasn't trying to hide it. I would place her heels in the spare bedroom and always left a little in her shoes. She confronted me about moving them and I shyly confessed. She said she didn't care but when I asked about her nylons and if she would wear certain shoes more. She said I was weird. I quickly backed off but recently started again. My question is. How do you ask or approach a woman about her heels? I have a colleague that knows but she wants to fuck and I don't really want that. I just love her shoes. I'm curious if anyone has had better luck and if anyone has advise. I have another profile here with my mil and aunts shoes. Not everyone is into those type but if you are. Send me a private message and I'll tell you the profile. Thanks for reading. Hope to hear some interesting replies and/or stories
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Posts: 204
my Q is why doesn't your wife play anymore?
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Posts: 88
After our last child. I think it's having the time and hormones.

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Don't Sneak. Although that can produce some exciting highs, it also has some concerning lows. Besides listening to you, I don't see you as the sneak type. I think you continue to straight up with those you would like to pursue.Your coworker wants sex, but you aren't truly about that - so is there another outlet? Also, talking with more experienced women confidently always produces great results - you just need to locate them. They are not clubbers, but do exist in shopping centers and crave attention. I have been able to find out some interesting secrets about an older woman, by simply asking her which shoes her husband likes (only to find out, she wants to wear shoes and be appreciated). So keep us all informed of how it goes.
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Posts: 34
yhou know my story. I use new friends. I get results. it just seems easy for me these days to njust ask. First I offer footrubs or painting nails. that progresses to taking pictures. then I get to check out shoes and bring over new shoes for pictures. then I can work into smelling toes or kissing soles. then its a short ride to sucking toes ane footjobs. I used to prey on my sister in laws sleeping feet way back. but now I just ask and older women are just more accepting.

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