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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: How old were you?

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > How old were you? (20 messages)

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Not sure if this has been discussed but ill ask anyway.

How old were you when u became aware of your attraction to high heels?

13 was my lucky number.
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Posts: 62
I'm not actually sure to be honest... my earliest recollection of a single event was 5 but I remember being drawn to them even earlier
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Posts: 318
10 when I tried a pair on. But 15 is when I really knew I had a true love for heels.

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I would guess about 10-12 when I started to notice how good women looked in heels (remember I could not take my eyes off a pair of patent boots a girl was wearing at a family party!)

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Posts: 30
I guess I was a late bloomer in that regard. The first time I remember was when I was in my early 20's. I was on a flight to Tampa, FL and there was an attractive young women sitting on the aisle across from me wearing a pair of high heel slide type sandals. During the flight she kept slipping them on and off and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Fortunately I was finally able to start a conversation with her, but continued staring at her shoes. Prior to this I never noticed the kind of shoes women wore when I dated them, but from this point one I ALWAYS noticed. When I first met my wife the following year she was wearing a very sexy pair of ankle strap heels, of course she looked great in them. I discovered she loved wearing heels and we were married 6 months later.
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Posts: 172
I was only 3 years old.

I remember shoe shopping with my mom and seeing a lady in a great pair of red pumps. I asked my mom if I could get some shoes like that, and she told me that they were only for grown up ladies. Guess she was wrong!

I started noticing all the pretty shoes girls were wearing from that point forward, and lots of girls wore the black patent mary janes around that time - guess that's where my love for that kind of shoe comes from.

Soon after, I found out that I got extra excited if I rubbed the shoes against my pants, and started doing that on a regular basis. It's only grown from there as I've learned new ways to use shoes during sex.

Once I got to start adding pussy into the mix my creativity exploded and shoes became an exponentially more fun part of sex.
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Posts: 164
About as young as I can remember my mother used to dress me as a girl and I used to wear her heels, we would go out shopping sometimes.
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Posts: 39
Very young, about 6 or 7. I remember my friends mums shoes. At the time obviously didn't act, but thinking back I was turned on.

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I was about 12 or 13 when I first fell in love with heels. I would always buy the girly magazine that had the most pictures of women in heels. I would go into orbit when I saw a girl wearing high heels. With stockings, I would be changing underwear!

It was not enough to simply look at them. I had to get my big foot into a pair! I ordered a pair of size 13 ankle wrap sandals with a 5 inch heel from Fredericks when I was 27. The very first time I wore heels was like being in heaven. While I love my wife, she does not share my enthusiasm for heels, but wears them for me. In a way, I should have been a girl because I also like to dress like a slut wearing miniskirts, stockings and stiletto heels.

In all I have collected over 20 pair of heels, various pairs of stockings and garter belts. I keep my collection in boxes in the attic because my wife wouldn't understand. I so long to walk in public wearing heels and I would love to find someone nearby to play with. I want to find a woman that loves wearing heels and lick her feet and heels. If anyone wants to meet me to play footsie, I am very much interested.
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Posts: 18
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Posts: 9

As for myself - 5 years old!
Throughout the 1960's, stiletto high heels were worn throughout the day, even at home during every day house chores. During this time period, TV programs (i.e. The Donna Reed Show) depicted women wearing high heels everywhere. I can clearly remember my kindergarten teacher wearing stiletto heel turquoise pumps in 1965 and feeling an attraction to them.

In 1970, around age 10, I thumbed my way through Playboy, as well as fashion magazines, scanning for high heels photos to excite me, while fondling my sister’s shoes that I quietly “borrowed” from her closet.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager in 1974 that I had my first girlfriend. As a compromise for oral sex during heavy petting , I persuaded her to give me bootjobs with her sexy Frye boots, as well as shoejobs with her saddle shoes, penny loafers, and various platform sandals of the 70’s.

I can accurately account for 45 of the 50 years of my life as a shoe fetish fanatic!
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Posts: 281
7 for me. I remember the exact moment. I was playing hide and see at my friends house. I hid in his big sisters closet and the aroma of all the heels in the closet was intoxicating. It was very dark and I played with them while they tried to find me.

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From a very early age (pre puberty) I can recall being fascinated by women wearing boots (60's & 70''s patent stretch type). From there it went to invesigating the contents of shoe cupboards whenever the chance arose. The foundations of my fetish go very far back - I suppose a psychologist could explain it all, but WTF... I enjoy it !

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7 or 8 maybe
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Posts: 21
Prob 10/11 when i started sniffing my mates mums shoes
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Posts: 110
I must have been about 8 or 9. My sexy aunt from Italy always wore sexy high heels and nylons when she would come to the US to visit during the winter holidays. I can also say that because of her I became attracted to seeing womens feet in nylons. Ever since then I wanted to know how shoes and worn nylons of other women smelled like. It started then and has never stopped!

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Posts: 1
19 in College - girlfriend, now wife wears closed toe leather heels/flats - never with socks. While having sex she would rest her feet on my shoulders and I began to notice the sweet smell of her feet. It has built up so that I always look at feet/shoes and want to get my hands/nose on them. About 7 years ago I finally told her and now she presses her feet right in my face when we are in bed. )She doesn't know what I do to her shoes though.)
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Posts: 103
I was 10. First time I "tried" my mother's shoes - the gateway.
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Posts: 88
I would have to say 7or 8. Used my grandmothers heels and nylons. I would get under the dinning room table and smell her feet. She always kept her heels in the bathroom with her stockings hanging in the shower. That's how I got the curve in my love stick. Lol
shoe man
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Posts: 138
about 5-6 yes thats wild ,my 1st grade teacher was a shoe freak ,and the girl next door,,

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