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Dec 27, 201312,001
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Fetish Story posted on 13-September-2011 10:10
Steve had been fantasizing about Anya for weeks before he plucked the courage to call her. Her advert on the website turned him on like nothing he had ever seen. "Young Russian female seeks work in fetish films" accompanied by a photograph of her young lithe body dressed a tight fitting pvc dress and tight fitting, expensive looking thigh high boots. Then just as the courage appeared it went again, so he took the easy option and mailed her.
"Hi Anya,

I saw you advert and think you would be ideal for a project I'm thinking about for a while, pay would be 1000 a day. Let me know if your interested.

Regards Steve.

After a couple of days a reply came back asking for more information and Steve agreed to meet her in a central London coffee shop at the weekend.

Steve sat drinking a latte and looking through the window for her, he had only seen her body in the picture online but felt sure that he would recognise her. Sitting in the window just where he said he would be, he saw a tall tanned blonde girl walking towards him. Very fashionably dressed in tight ripped jeans, showing her golden tanned legs beneath, white t-shirt just short enough to show a little flat belly. Steve felt sure it was her, and indeed hoped so. Something that was accentuated when he noticed her boots. One of Steves greatest fetishes was boots, and Anya's ticked all the boxes for him. High heeled knee-high black leather with pointy toes and a silver buckle.
"Steve?" Her voice said in perfect English with just a hint of a Russian accent.

"Anya?" He replied allready knowing it was her.

She held out her slender arm which Steve resisted the urge to kiss, instead shaking her hand and offering her a coffee.

"Black no sugar thanks" Anya said as she lifted herself up into the high stool in the window.

"Good to meet you at last" Steve said, trying not to be transfixed by the beauty in front of him. Of course Steve also looked after himself, working out 3 times a week, his travel business allowed him time in the sun to tan his well-formed body.

"You too, thanks for the coffee" as the barista brought over the cup. She studied Steve for a moment, pleasantly surprised; she had thought that he would be fat and ugly. In fact she almost didn't turn up at all but then decided to risk it.

"I wasn't sure you would come"
"Neither was I" she laughed.
"Glad you did" Steve answered, and he was too, he detected something in Anya that was intriging.
Anya laughed and they exchanged small talk for the next 10 minutes, until Anya finally said "So tell me about this project of yours?" With a glint in her eye.

Steve smiled inwardly, they had connected he felt in the last 10 minutes chatting as if they knew each other for years. He told her about his plans for the film, not going into any sexual details. There would be plenty of time for that later.
"I'm looking for someone who us into the whole idea of a fetish scene, not just for the money."
Anya nodded, "The money helps, but the main reason I'm interested is for the scene." She lifted her slender arm and brushed her hair from her face. Steve admired the smooth skin of her underarms, not a trace of hair and just a slight glistening of dampness to her skin. Steve felt himself getting aroused by the view as they talked further.

"I'll be away for a week or so, perhaps we could meet again then, if your still interested that is?"
"I'd love to" Anya gave Steve her mobile number, stood and walked out of the restaurant. Her boots clicked on the tiled floor attracting the attention of 3 young guys by the door. Anya, turned back and smiled at Steve, swaying her hips as she walked. He returned the smile, admiring the way she played to the crowd.

Steve had business in the states for a week or so, but his thoughts as he boarded the plane turned to Anya. Her firm body, flat firm belly, he wondered if it was pierced. And those legs, although covered in jeans; he could imagine the firm flesh beneath. In a quiet moment in the plane he thought about her shoe size.
"What size shoes are you?" He text from his satellite ready phone.
A minute later "6 UK or 8.5 us. Why?" Came back the reply.
Perfect he thought but didn't text back.
Anya thought about the coffee shop meeting and the text from Steve. Maybe they would meet again. Maybe not, she hoped they would. He had been so much more than she expected, handsome, well spoken, wealthy and a certain glint in his eye.

After his last meeting Steve walked down the row of designer shops in San Francisco looking for a present for Anya. He knew he wanted to get her some shoes, but finding the right ones wad a challenge.
"High on heels" the store announced on its sign, instinctively he walked in.
"Good afternoon sir" the cute assistant greeted, "can I help you?"
"Maybe, Im looking for a present"
"Certainly sir, do you have a budget in mind?" The girl asked testing the water.
"Not really"
"Ok so maybe you have an idea of what your lady might like?"
"Hmmm" Steve thought for a moment perhaps some sandals of or some ..... err like open toe, open back shoes, what do they call them?"
"Mules?" The assistant offered walking to the back of the store. Four pairs of shoes sat on a glass shelf, lit artfully by halogen down lighters.
"Have you heard of Gian Marco Lorenzi?" The assistant asked, Steve was very familiar with the brand but just shook his head as he picked up the nearest pair. The mules where wooden, with a buckled leather strap across for front, a 1 high platform and a thin black 5 heel. For a moment he let his mind run wild and imagined then on Anyas feet. Then put them down and carried on walking around the store.
Anything catching your eye ? the assistant asked.
Steve looked down and saw that she wore some platform sandals that just screamed fuck me. Purple metallic leather with a strap across the toes and an ankle strap in silver, the pencil thin heels must be 5 he thought with a slight platform of about an inch.
Do you have those in 8 he asked.

20 minutes later he was walking through downtown San Fran with a bag containing the sandals and the mules. His bank account was $2,400 lighter. Anya he felt would appreciate the finer things in life, the boots that she wore at their first meeting had an expensive Italian look about them. Boarding was at 8 which gave him another 3 hours to kill before heading to the airport, he wandered around in the afternoon sun, into the jewellery district. Browsing through the shops nothing grabbed his attention until he saw some anklets in a window, and he wandered in.

Anya was half asleep when the message came through; she thought it was going to be Suzi from work they had spoken at the office about getting a drink later on.
I wondered if you fancy getting a drink later? Im landing in 20 minutes I could be in Soho for about 9 Steve
Jumping up she looked at her watch 7.15 she could make it easily.
Sure where? she text back, before getting into the shower, pouring a glass of Pinot Grigio and looking in her wardrobe. Thinking about what to wear, she wanted to look sexy, but not to overdo it, looking through her clothes for something with a bit of an edge to it. She decided to wear a simple black dress she bought last year, it always got attention when she wore it, the way it hugged her figure and the tight smooth fit made it impossible to wear underwear. Not that Anya needed a bra her small breasts where young and firm.

Yesterday a trip to the beauty salon had cost her a small fortune, but her legs where smooth as silk and her feet the same with fresh coat of deep pink nail polish.
Her phone beeped in the corner of the room just as she finished brushing her shoulder length golden blonde hair.
Bar 57? Can you make 9? it read.
I might be a little late Anya planned on being a little late although she could have easily got there on time. Keep him waiting a bit she thought.
Looking in the mirror she smoothed off the dress, her tanned skin showed through the cut out side panels. She knew that she looked good and would enjoy the attention that she got later. Slipping on a pair of black 3 slingback shoes she checked herself one last time and left the flat.

In the executive lounge at Heathrow Steve showered quickly and pulled on some jeans, a white shirt and an Armani jacket, then called his driver to collect him. The gin and tonic was only halfway down when John called to say he was ready. Bar 57 was as usual buzzing with the young and pretty people of London town. New media types, and design agency staff hung out here and drank after work.
John Steve shouted Any chance of a quiet table somewhere? after 5-6 years of coming here John knew Steve and they got on well together, putting the world to rights over a few beers from time to time. Sure enough as was always the way a little booth tucked away was free and Steve settled in with his second G and T of the evening. He text Anya and told him where she was and checked a few e-mails until she arrived.

Hello again that amazing Russian accent poured through the air towards him.
Hello to you too as he took her hand and gently kissed it looking up at her.
Looking her up and down he smiled complimenting her on her dress Stunning he said You look stunning Do you like champagne by the way? He watched as she nodded and sat down crossing her legs. Lingering his eyes on her feet for a moment he looked up and ordered a bottle of verve with a passing waiter.
Love the nail polish, sexy colour, so anyway how have you been?
Thank you, good thank you just working and seeing friends really, nothing exciting Anya circled her foot a little, knowing that Steve was watching, enjoying that her pedicure was appreciated. They chatted for a while, drank bubbles and both felt the same connection that they had done the first time they met.
I bought you a present hope you dont mind
Really wow cool no I love presents, did you bring it here?
Steve lifted the box onto the table in the booth; Anya smiled seeing the Lorenzi logo on the box
Wow you have great taste she said opening the box up. Pulling out one of the mules the turned it round looking Steve in the eyes I love them, dont they just scream sex? Can I try them now?
Steve just smiled as she slipped her toes under the black leather straps
How do they look? she smiled
Better then I imagined
And how was that? Anya asked circling her foot showing her high arches and painted toes off.
I might just tell you later he said pushing over a smaller box with Certui Fine Diamonds cut into the piano black wood. Her eyes lit up as she opened it to reveal the contents which Steve purchased in the San Fran Jewellery store. A platinum anklet with diamonds dangling from it at inch intervals, and a toering also in platinum with 3 diamonds set into it. Anya did a quick calculation and estimated that there must be 10-12 carats of stones in the jewels maybe $6000 worth.

I dont know what to say Anya stuttered.
Thanks ? laughed Steve, Anya laughed Thanks she said holding out her leg and resting her shoe on Steves lap. Removing the anklet from the box he wrapped it round her slender ankle and clicked the clasp shut, then slowly slipped the tow rind onto her second toe, he could feel the sheen of her sweat as he ran he hands over her foot admiring the result.
Walk up and down the bar, let me have a look he could feel himself hardening a little in his jeans as she stood.
Anya walked from the booth up to the bar swaying her hips a little as she walked, the stiletto heels clicking on the hard floor of the bar. Guys turned their heads everywhere to look towards the clicking of the heels and the gently jangle of the anklet. She sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of water, looking back towards Steve smiling as she crossed her legs, letting the leather shoe dangle a little from her shoe exposing her arch for Steve to see.
As she waited for the drink a tall handsome man sat next to her and started to make small talk, just as she was about to return, her phone beeped and Anya reached into her bag and looked at the message. It was Steve tease him a little hes staring at your feet
Looking back and smiling she turned herself towards him and engaged a little more in the conversation dangling her shoe until it slipped off her foot and him the floor with a noise. The guy bent down and picked up the mule shoe letting his face get within 2 inches of her bare foot. Steve swore he could see him inhaling the scent of her foot before he handed the shoe back to her. Anya just held out her foot and smiled to him, he took the hint and wrapped his hand round her ankle, slowly slipped the shoe as he looked into her eyes.
Thank you Anya purred and stood, clicking her way back to Steve.
How did I do? she laughed knowing full well that it turned him on, and if she was honest her too.
Amazing, you looked great Steve said sipping his champagne.
So tell me more about the plans for the film she asked with a definite look in her eyes. Steve told her about his plans Ive loved the fetish scene for some time, and had some experience, but whenever Ive watched movies they all seem so fake. Like the actors are doing it for the money. To me thats not what the scene is about Anya nodded, like she totally understood. Steve continued I want to make a film that captures what fetish is all about, the lust, the passion, not just the sexual actions. Does that mean sense?
Anya nodded again Ive seen fetish films before and very few capture the essence of what its all about. Your idea is good, but it will take time to put it all in place dont you think?
Im in no rush, yeah it will take time, thats one of the reasons that I wanted to find someone to help me I think that person is you he looked for Anyas reaction.
Go on
Well, we will need a location, cameras, people that know how to use them, people to be in the movie, all into the fetish scene. It will take time to find people, and Im busy with my business, I travel a lot. I thought that you could help organise some of that? Steve looked and her expression which was more than just interest. As you can see nodded towards her anklet and shoes Im financially stable so would arrange an expense account which you could use for anything you needed, including your own personal expenses.

Anya frowned at this Steve I think you know by now that Im not in this for the money, I have money, my father was high up in the government in Moscow, he has looked after me. As far as personal expenses, I dont need them. If this is about people into the scene, we shouldnt pay anyone.
Im sorry youre right, I just wanted to make sure that you where ok for funds
They talked for another couple of hours, about finding a location and people, and set a rough date 6 months down the line as a goal for filming, As the bar was closing and they were walking out, Anya asked Steve what he meant by better the he imagined when he gave her the present.
Steve laughed I imagined them with cum all over them
You should have given them to me like that, I would have liked it she whispered in his ear.
Maybe next time Steve grinned !
Steve turned to kiss her on goodbye on the cheek, Anya turned to him and kissed him on the lips, her tongue pushing into his mouth, lingering for a second then they both broke the kiss knowing that this was the start something special.
Ill call you tomorrow Steve called as they walked their separate ways.

Over the next week they spoke on the phone and talked about how Anya had placed some adverts on some fetish forums, and started to look for a location. Steve was thrilled that she had taken the project to heart and they agreed to meet again in London in a weeks time and discuss more details. Steve still had the other pair of shoes but decided to hang onto them for a while, he was putting the box in his wardrobe when the buzzer to his London apartment rang. He answered the door and signed for the package funny he though, he wasnt expecting anything. Pulling off the brown paper to reveal a shoebox, he pulled off the envelope taped to the top and opened it.
A little present for you, hope you like it, bring it back when we next meet, and remember what we said before we left the other night.
Kisses Anya xxxxx

Steve opened the box and discovered a pair of black leather pumps, 4 heels and obviously worn for some time. Anya he knew now understood his shoe fetish. He lifted one up and inhaled the scent of her feet, finding it hard to control the urge to fill them with his hot cum there and then. No he thought he would wait.

Over the next week they texted and emailed each other, Anya updating Steve on what she had been doing, and they had agreed to meet again at bar 57 To discuss the venue and other details. Steve was happy, Anya seemed to be moving things forward quicker than he imagined. It was the morning of the Friday that they were meeting, Steve can cancelled any appointments that he had and planned on having a nice lazy day, looking through the emails that Anya had sent, reading the papers and generally relaxing. Powering up his Ipad as he leaned back in the leather chair he read the first few.

Hi, I think I might have found a great location for the filming, its a disused warehouse right in the centre of London, its getting converted in 8 months but we can get a lease on it until then, and its not too expensive, perhaps we can take a look soon?

Steve scrolled through deleting the junk mail and opening another of Anyas

Hi, me again.

Ive placed an advert on a fetish forum this is the text. Wanted fetishists, to make a fetish film, no pay just for the love, email for further details.

Looking forward to Friday did you get the shoes? Xxx

Hed texted her already when they arrived thanking her for them, he mind slipped for a second back to them, they were amazingly sexy shoes, elegant pointed toes, thin slender heels with a metal tip on them. The inside was leather lined, and had the signs that they had been worn a lot, the small indentations where Anyas toes had moulded the leather made them sexier still.

He returned to the Ipad, scrolling through the messages, when one caught his eye.

Hi I got the first reply and its from a girl !

Hi There,

I just saw your ad and it sounds interesting, Im a 19 year old sub, who is very into the fetish scene, I love dressing in rubber, bondage, anal, being dominated and lots of other things. If you are interested then let me know.

The mail had an image attached of a slim girl in a tight latex dress and latex stockings, smiling to the camera, her red hair flowing down her shoulders and her pierced nipples clearly showing through the tight latex covering her firm breasts. Steve felt his heart race and his cock hardened in his pants as he read the rest of Anyas mail.

What do you think, she seems perfect to me, and very sexy too, I like her a lot !! See you tonight

The mail had only been sent about an hour ago, and Steve thought about replying but decided to leave it and speak to Anya tonight. Putting down the Ipad and finishing his coffee he got into a hot shower. His mind kept drifting to the girl from the email, he imagined her and Anya together kissing in a hot embrace. Anyas hands wandering up her legs under her skirt the phone ringing broke his train of thought.

Steve he answered still dripping wet. It was the office. Damn it he thought, what do I pay these people for. OK Ill be about an hour he finished showering and pulled on a pair of jeans and an Italian shirt before calling John to collect him and take him to the office.
Sorting out the mess that he incompetent staff had caused only took him an hour on the phone with their biggest customer. They had threatened to go elsewhere before but Steve knew if we an empty threat. He now found himself in town with a couple of hours on his hands. Thinking back to the mails the Anya had sent he called a taxi and headed into Soho. Dismissing John and telling him to take the car and have the weekend off. After having a bite of lunch in a little bistro on the corner and washing it down with half a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc, he headed to a new shop that had opened round the corner.
The shop had an unassuming front on it Westwood Bound he walked in and had a look around, high fashion meets kink, Steve thought. Many of the items could be worn to a club if the girl was brave enough, but there was no doubt that it was all about sex and the fetish scene. He browsed for about half an hour, again letting his mind run away with him, before he bought a simple bra and knickers set
That he thought Anya would like, he didnt know if she liked latex but he thought that he would find out.

Anya was once again getting ready to meet with Steve, her heart racing as she wondered what the encounter would bring, after the last meeting she had come straight home and masturbated for 2 hours cumming time and time again. Thinking about what they had discussed and what they had in store or each other. The tension building between them was amazing; almost as good as sex itself. She could feel it as a very real thing in her body, shivers running through her as she thought about tonight. It had only been a week since they last met but it seemed like so much had happened. She was confident that she had found a venue that would work for them, and she had made contact with Sofia, the amazing redhead that Anya couldnt get out of her head. The tight shiny rubber covering her firm body and most of all, the kinky lustful look in her eyes. Anya knew that they could have some fun together, and as they were meeting tomorrow she hoped it would be then.
Wondering what to wear for Steve this evening, she wandered round her apartment, throwing a mini skirt and a tight vest top onto the bed, the top she knew showed of a little of her flat belly which she though Steve would like. Having made a decision she soaked in a hot bath for an hour and got ready to leave, bundling her emails into a folder with the pictures of the venue she had found. She slipped on her lorenzi mules and the anklet, smiling to herself that any guy with a foot fetish would be in heaven looking at her.

Anya caught the tube at the stop nearest to her apartment, sitting down on the last seat in the crowed carriage, crossing her legs. She was heading again to Bar 57 where she was meeting Steve in an hour. Looking up from her book, she noticed the guy opposite her checking her out, looking her up and down. Pretending not to notice she circled her ankle looking at his eyes over the top of her novel. Smiling inwardly she knew he was staring at her feet and felt her body heat intensify a little, her mind drifted again to kinky thoughts of what the future held. Her body started to react almost beyond her control, sweating a little she looked down and saw that her feet had a thin film of sweat on them and her pussy was dampening her knickers. Standing at her stop she smiled to the guy and got off the carriage at Soho, composing herself for a moment before climbing the escalators to street level.

Steve was sat in the same booth as last time, tucked away from the busy hum of the bar, but still thick with the atmosphere of a Friday night. He stood as Anya approached, embracing her with his strong arms and gently kissing her on the lips.

Hi gorgeous he said,
Same to you handsome she laughed sitting down in the booth.
Very nice look , love your taste in shoes
Oh some guy bought them for me she teased.
Some guy? Steve repeated mocking her.
Sorry, a very sexy, kinky and fun guy it that better
Steve laughed Much better so how have you been ?

Anya told Steve about her week, the messages that she had posted, and Sofia. Anyas eyes lit up when she talked about her. He could tell that Anya was very much into her.
You like her dont you?
Very much, where going to meet up for a coffee tomorrow, and have a chat about what the plans are. Im really looking forward to it
Steve laughed make sure you tell me all about it do you think anything will happen between you?
Anya knew that the phone call she had with Sophia was full of sexual tension and she was sure that something would happen between then she certainly wanted to. Im not sure she said, her eyes said different.

For me ? Anya said nodded towards the two gift wrapped boxes on the table.
Handing her the first box Steve pointed to the STAFF ONLY door at the back of the booth. Saying nothing Anya stood, picking up the box and walking through the door closing it behind her.

Finding herself in a little staff area with a tv and seats, and no other doors she knew that Steve would ensure she wasnt disturbed and pulled off the wrapping, her heart racing wondering what lie within. Lifting the top off, she looked down on the shiny latex underwear. Sophia appeared in her mind as she pulled off her damp knickers and slipped them into her handbag, and pulled up the black and pink rubber ones over her shoes and then all the way up to her smooth pussy, smoothing her skirt over them. She could feel herself getting physically turned on as her top and bra came off and the clasped the rubber bra behind her back, the fit was perfect cupping her breasts tightly. The feel of the rubber against her nipples just added to her excitement, feeling then harden as she pulled her black top back over her rubber clad breasts.

Composing herself as she walked back out, no one in the bar would have known about the change of underwear even if they could have seen her in the secluded booth. Steve looked at her as she sat down, the look in her eyes said that she liked the present. The very faint line of the bra under her top told him that his estimate of her bar size was just right.
You like it? Steve asked, grinning like a Cheshire cat.
I LOVE it Anya purred in her soft Russian accent. It feels divine reaching into her handbag she passed Steve her knickers, palming them into his hand. He instinctively looked her in the eyes and for the first time inhaled the musky scent of her pussy as he held them to his nose.
Mmm he gently moaned You smell amazing
Thank you, and thank you for my present she leaned over and kissed him her tongue slipping into his mouth. You should feel how wet I am wearing them
I want you to wear them tomorrow when you met with Sophia will you do that?
Anyas nipples almost instantly hardened, telling Steve all he needed to know. They talked about Sophia and the venue, it sounded perfect he thought. The lease was 15,000 for the 8 months that they could have it, a huge space with 3 floors, bare brickwork and all the utilities that they needed. It would need some work doing to make it into the filming location that Steve envisaged, however it was ideal.
Lets sign the paperwork on Monday he suggested. And with that they agreed to meet on Monday morning to conclude the lease agreement.

Anya had another few of Emails from guys that had responded to the adverts that she had placed on the forums, many of them they dismissed as being chancers that were looking for a quick fuck and had no real interest in the scene, but 2 stood out as genuine guys that they were interested in. Lets arrange a meeting with them, both of us Steve suggested Maybe a pub in Wimbledon somewhere? Ill let you set that up Anya nodded making some notes on the paper copies of their mails.
Monday after we sign the lease? Agreed Steve replied

Can I have my other present? Anya cooed having a good idea what it was.
Hope you like it he said as she lifted the box and once again walked through the door behind them.

She wondered if Steve had taken the hint of the message that she sent him as she opened the box. Looking down, feeling her nipples harden again, she saw the leather pumps that she posted to him a week ago. Now however they were both filled with Steve cum, sitting in puddles in the bottom of the shoes, with streaks across the toes. Anya imagined Steve wanking into them, as she dipped her finger into one, feeling the still warm cum slide between the tip of her finger and the leather insole of the shoe. Slipping one hand between her legs she rubbed her clit through her rubber knickers, feeling the wetness that lie beneath and lifting her other finger to her lips. Her tongue flicked over her finger tasting his cum for the first time of what she knew would be many. Fighting the urge to bring herself to climax there and then she put the shoes on the floor, slipped off her lorenzi mules and slowly slipped her feet into the heels. Her pussy throbbed as she felt the warm cum engulf her toes, standing up and smoothing her dress down she slipped her mules into the shoe box and returned to Steve.

You took the hint Anya smiled standing next to him.
Steve nodded, smiling and looking down, her feet looked elegant in the pumps, and the overspill of cam that he run down over the leather made him instantly hard.
Do you like it? he asked,
I like everything you do she replied, Its such an erotic feeling sitting down next to him and crossing her legs, dangling the heel from her toes. Steve could see her whole foot was glazed with his cum, watching as she ran a finger over her arch, and sucked on it seductively.
Do that again he smiled.
Anya slowly ran her finger over her high curved arch, then held it to her mouth, before Steve took her wrist and guided it towards his own lips. He looked into her eyes and sucked on it, tasting himself, then turning and kissing her.
Anya moaned into his mouth I want to cum she said as she slipped a hand under her skirt, and resumed gently rubbing her clit through her rubber knickers. Steve reached down and pushed 2 fingers between the arch of her foot and the shoe, coating his fingers in his slippery cum then lifting them to her mouth. Watching as she licked them and rubbed herself, her body tensing and then with a shudder relaxing.
Wow Anya said finally, That was amazing thank you
The bond between them now was sealed, they both knew that the most exciting sexual pleasures of their lives where ahead of them. As the bar started to wind down they discussed Monday and signing the papers, and Anyas meeting with Sophia tomorrow, before they headed out onto the crowded streets of Soho.
Have fun tomorrow and tell me all about it Steve said as they kissed goodnight, their tongues embracing once again like lovers.
He watched Anya walk off her heels clicking into the night, the street lights glistening from the cum still on her heels..

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