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Sep 04, 20146,446
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God, these pumps are amazing to see touch, taste and smell...

How hot and horny is that? (10 = Meltdown!)
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Trip to Mexico posted on 24-June-2009 07:07
Note: This is a re-post of something I wrote for a forum but I decided to put it here too. This happened October 2008. Please comment! :)

Okay, I just came back from some self-made vacations and BOY do I have a story to tell! Now gather 'round all ye heel lovers for the story's about to begin.

A female friend and I are studying college in Texas and we decided to go on a trip to a very important art festival in central Mexico las week. This, of course, with the added bother of a 20-hour bus ride filled with drunkards, but, hey, it was cheap, what cha gonna do?

Anyway, My friend and I couldn't get a room to ourselves and we got separated. She stayed with 5 girls and I stayed with one guy and two female friends of his. For an easier read I'll just call them Trisha and Monique. We four stayed in this very tiny room with two beds.

Now Trisha isn't very cute, but before the trip I had seen her around campus in some pretty high heels, and I won't deny I had fantasized about her. Then Monique who I only just met in the bus is such a cutie. She's very tiny, long dark hair, light skin, high cheek bones, big eyes, kinky smile, a decent pair of breast.. the works.

Sadly, neither of these ladies seemed very bright... but that's neither here nor there.

Back to the story, after getting settled I went to my friend's room because we had agreed to get to know the town that day. When I got to her room all her roommies were leaving already and they told me that she was taking a bath and that I could wait for her inside... so I did.

Oh boy, when I got in I felt like Aladdin when he discovered the cave of Wonders. All the luggage was there and some things were already scattered around the room, but in a corner there was this piece of furniture to hang on dresses, and on top of that... 8 different pair of high heels!

There were 5 pumps pairs and 3 sandals. Truthfully I didn't heed the sandals much for I don't find them sexy at all. But the pumps... there were pink, other silver and a couple were black... some even were as high as 4 inches. Just yummy.

I could hear the water running inside the bathroom and I knew I didn't have too much time. So I took one of the black pumps and smelled it... but I couldn't linger much, there was still a lot to see and touch and smell...

I Went as fast and as silently as I could to inspect some of the girls luggage but all I found were some very non-descript clean undershorts before the water in the shower stopped pouring. Just as I was rummaging I hear the door open!!! I stood up as fast as lightning away from any incriminatory evidence only to find the maid there bringing towels. I was so startled I startled her and she left.

After that I just sat there innocently (I couldn't stand my friend to know the depths of my depravity). I didn't even bother to check her thing, she and I really have such an incompatible taste in shoes. She like them strappy and as flat as possible... ugh!

Anyway... my hard-on subsided on its own (I couldn't risk taking care of it there, but I figured later that night I could jerk off just on those sweet memories) and after she got ready we left to visit some museums and we watched a ballet.

When we came back to the hotel the whole group (they were like 40 people in total) was preparing to go clubbing. I went to find my roommates to get my key and lo and behold there was Monique looking so hot! She was wearing a black dress, no stocking and a pair of lucius black patent pumps. (Something like these but with a slimmer, higher stiletto: )

She handed over the key and I excused myself saying I was too tired to go clubbing. I ran to my room and found their clothes lying around. I dug into the girls luggage and found such finds! In Monique's I found a pair of green, double-strapped Mary-janes (Something like these but higher. chick-er, and sexyer: . Sorry there's no actual pics, folks, as hard as it is in this day and age I don't own my own digital cam)

They were so small, just a 6. I licked them clean, tasted the insole, sucked on the heel, rubbed them all over my cock and then came, making sure to leave a couple droplets in the deepest part of the shoe tip.

But my lust wasn't satisfied even then I looked in Trisha's bag and found a pair of black suede boots with a cute ribbon on the back. They felt soo good to touch, but what really got me was the stiletto... it was so long and thin I couldn't resist to fuck them thinking on how I would fuck Trisha with them if I could. (Like these, only with a box and a more slender stiletto )

After all that cumming I went to bed. Around 5 am Trisha stubled in and fell asleep on the other bed. Around 6 the guy roommie dropped by with a girl, and seeing that none of the bed were free decided to use my bed to make-out, regardless of the fact that I was still sleeping there! After I couldn't pretend to be asleep anymore I moved to the other bed where Trisha was sleeping soundly.

I recognized the girl as one of my friend's roommate's. She was very dark skinned very short and not too cute, but both of them were so loud and wasted I don't think they really cared for looks. After several attempts from him to get into her pants he finally put her foot down and they fell asleep... finally.

Monique peeked into the room a couple of times, but seeing this two kids getting pretty physical in one bed and the other bed occupied she left and didn't spend the night there. But not before changing to a more comfortable pair of shoes... leaving those black patent heels...

An hour later I awoke, but Trisha, the guy and the girl were sleeping pretty soundly. I couldn't contain myself and let my hand slither under the covers to find Trisha's warm body. I cupped her round ass and tried to find an entrance to her pajamas, but unfortunately she wasn't wearing anything short so I just settled with sliding a finger between her legs and dry-rubbing her pussy. She moaned very slightly a couple of times, but after a while I chickened out. I didn't want to get busted.

I slid out of the bed, took Monique's shoes and hurried to the bathroom. God they were such sexy shoes and they still smelled of her. They make me so fuckin' horny just thinking of them. I didn't last long before I came in them. I went back to bed.

I had agreed to meet my friend around 9 to go to a conference so I slipped to the bathroom to take a bath, but on my way I almost tripped with a pair of shoes. I deducted they belonged to my male roommate's friend. They were a light beige peep-toes. (Kinda like these ones but without the strap: Normally I wouldn't go for peep toes, they're not my thing, but I was really horny from that night and plus... ever since finding these website there was something I had always wanted to try. I took it and went to the bathroom and used the shoe's hole as my fuck toy, I used some of the girl's moisturizer as lubricant but truthfully I didn't enjoy it as much as I though I would.. but anyway I came.

I met my friend for breakfast and a conference, it was real fun, but later that evening I got ahold of a ticket for a play I really wanted to see but it was expensive, so my friend decided not to buy it. We agreed to meet after it was over. I met her back at her hotel room, again, filled with even more shoes it seemed! But she was there and I couldn't act on it. Luckily as we were leaving (this time I had decided to go clubbing for once), I was the last one to leave the room, and to my fortune, I was quick enough to leave the door unlocked.

We went to this club (God, I hate them!). I promise my friend I'd give it an opportunity, but when you don't drink all that music really only sounds like very loud noise. Everyone was complimenting Trisha on her shoes. I smiled to myself, she would never know that actually I had made those shoes mine. Monique was also there. She was wearing another short dress, the same pumps I had cum into and now she was wearing a dark black pantyhose.I made a not of hat. I tried my hardest and managed to last a couple of hours in that horrible place, then took my bow. I walked back to the hotel, making sure everyone from the group was at the club. I went back to my friend's room.

There were so many shoes and so little me, so little time. I went through all of the girls clothes and found some really skimpy lingerie. These girls are real slutty when far from home! I smelled and licked the used one.. such a musky scent and taste. But as I was doing that, on the corner of my eye I saw a pair of shoes hidden under a bed. I had hit jackpot. (The look very similar to these: ) Black patent, double-strapped, 5 inch high, size 6 goodness!!!

The shoes had been worn the previous night, they were a bit scrapped and dirt but I didn't care they were pure hotness! I sniffled them and lick them clean as I would jack with the panties... I finally came on a thong making sure to wipe it with the dirtiest underwear.

I barely made it out of the room in time before one of the guys from the group came back, already wasted, but he didn't see me go out of their room.

That morning the three of my roommates slept on the same bed, sadly, for I really wanted to feel-up Monique too.

In the morning, while they were asleep I fucked Monique's dirty pantyhose as I smelled and licked her black bra and I didn't even bother to do it on the bathroom, I was just on the next bed!

Then it came the last day. I really wanted to steal Monique's black patent pumps but sadly I never got the chance....

And that, ladies and gentlemen it's my story. I hope you have enjoyed hearing it as much as I did living it.

Leave me a comment if you want to know more, or if you have doubts or just comments.

If you want me to take pictures next time I find myself in one of these situations then get me a camera! I wont object :)

--- Please comment :)
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