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FAQs and the place to ask a question about the site: Premium Membership

Forums > FAQs and the place to ask a question about the site > Premium Membership (4 messages)

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Posts: 2
I would like to become a premium upgraded member. Is the CCBill account for the webite down? I want to be a member as soon as possible, thank you.

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Posts: 543
Hi and apologies.
The site and it's great community has always been a passion for me and never been a money making scheme.
The help and support of subscribing members has been invaluable over the years in contributing to the cost of running the website.
Considering that between the payment processor and the bank nearly 75% of all contributions are swallowed up.
When VISA and the other cards suddenly decided to impose an additional 'license' costing hundreds of pounds each a year, I knew that the current membership model couldn't continue.
The site is woefully in need of an update which I have been just too busy with the day job to deal with, but it's in the pipeline.
The entire format of the site will change at that point and videos will be incorporated.
Although the framework for the new site is straight forward enough, I want to consider other membership options, especially ones where:
1. All members are verified as being over 18 by use of a card.
2. A reward structure is provided to those who share their pic and vids.

Any thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed.

In the meantime, because there are no payment gateways set up, I can upgrade your profile, and thank you for your previous contributions to the running of hotshoeshots.

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Posts: 5
Hi, I have a suggestion, could members that haven't been on for a year be taken off.
The leader boards have ones from as far as 2015 on there. It would give members old and new a chance to be on them. Or would encourage people not to push others off with low votes when they regularly visit.
Its hard for you due to a normal working life.
I'm pleased that something is in the process of happening. You need to keep this alive, exciting.
From a female point of view. Marie. X
Premium Member

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Posts: 1
Please upgrade me

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