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Womens General Forum: I’m back, for now at least

Forums > Womens General Forum > I’m back, for now at least (2 messages)

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Amy Aponte
Premium Member

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Posts: 44
Ok stiletto worshipers I’m back, at least for now. I left the site over a year ago because a few, but enough of a bloody “few”, could not contain it shall we say. I can be reached at the email below. I’ll stay, much more limited this time, so long as you lads keep it clean and respectful. Anymore bloody (not to mention twisted) talk about wanking in your Stepdaughter’s shoes, trespassing to steal your neighbors heels to “use”, etc. and I’m out of here for good! I have met wonderful like minded people on the site that I’ve stayed (and shared) in touch with - learn from them if you need guidance. Oh one last thing. If you do mail me please keep pictures of your willie (dick) to yourself. Trust me pet with my massive collection of erotic shoes, boots, stockings, suspender belts, outfits, etc. if I want “willie/dick” I can get all I want; you’re doing yourself no favors, not impressing me one bit, by sending such. I’ll just block and ban you. Reach me at
Premium Member

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Posts: 27
Hi Amy,
Great getting in touch with you again. There are some really great guys on here and some real jerks too. I echo EVERYTHING you said about guys communicating with us.

I have been enjoying wearing my stiletto heel tips down to the nail and NOT replacing them. I am kind of a "whatever" kind of heel wearer, but I have noticed that my heel tip nails are really ripping up this old wood apartment floor I live in.

A couple of the guys I date really get off on me leaving heel tip holes everywhere I walk, on wood or linoleum floors. I have also put some small holes in plaster walls when I was drinking and I just lean back and steady myself with my heel against the wall...oops....They also leave wicked marks in skin... and I am only 99 pounds. I must say I LOVE to give heel tattoos :)

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