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Trade & Exchange: Basic info bfore purchase Christian Louboutin Shoes

Forums > Trade & Exchange > Basic info bfore purchase Christian Louboutin Shoes (3 messages)

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Posts: 19
1. Box: Christian Louboutin heels are packaged in a strong brown box that featured the 'Christian Louobutin" logo and word 'Paris' below toward the right hand corner. Authentic box will have sticker with style name,European size,barcode,Christian Louboutin logo. Always check the details in the box match the shoes.

2. Dustbag: Authentic should come with a cherry red dustbag. It should have the Christian Louboutin name and Paris printed on it in a straight line below to the right. Authentic dustbag should be soft,high denier cotton (almost velvet) with overlocked stitches and drawstring closure.

3. Quality of the shoes: Christian Louboutin are manufactured in Italy and should therefore be higher quality. All aspects design,leather,stitching and placement of embellishments should be perfect.

4. Insole: Christian Louboutin have their logo stamped in gold ink followed by the word Paris written below. Insole of the should be aligned with the side of the shoes and sealed properly. the logo on the insole should be defined and clear. Important to pay attention to the font, spacing and placement of the logo.Insole edging which must be neat and have no gaps to the shoe upper. The colour of the inside sole isn't always beige. For example the bridal collection has a baby blue inside sole to represent the 'something blue' for brides and some models have a full coloured sole.

5. The red sole: An authentic Christian Louboutin sole is made of leather and is smooth in texture. It's painted a uniques of red which make it very difficult to copy.

The logo on the sole be deeply embossed and not printed. The details that need to be included in the sole the Christian Louboutin logo "MADE IN ITALY" and European size. Example 38
Authentic Christian Louboutin shoes (except Espadrilles) come in half size (1/2 and NOT .5) and they always have EU sizes. Replicas often come in full size and full heel sizes because it's cheaper to manufacture. If you look at the websites of of purveyors of replicas,you will most likely see heel size 100,120,140 and not 55, 70,85,etc. The same goes for the shoes sizes: 37,38,39,40 not 37 1/2,38 1/2,etc

Note: older version before 2007 of some Christian Louboutin with have "Vero Cuoio" stamped on the sole and red colour will appear brighter. Shoes manufactured after 2007 will have the details listed above along with a deeper red coloured bottom.

6. Heel stitching: The stitching on Christian Louboutin heels is evenly spaced,accurate,tight,straight and with a tidy finish. Most shoes don't have a tab at the top of the back of the heels but some rare examples do exist.

7. Authenticity card in box: If you find a little card claiming the authenticity of your shoes, this is huge clue that they are replica. Genuine Christian Louboutin do not give away nor make these cards. Many designers do this,but Christian Louboutin is the exception.

8. Overall shape of the shoes: You can tell the dramatic arch of a Christian Louboutin from miles away,or at least I can. See the different in the difference of shape between example "So Kate" style found of Christian Louboutin website versus "So Kate" found on Ebay.

I hope this little guide be able to assist you distinguished between replica and authentic pair. you should most often pass on the offer if the deal seems to good to be true. It probably is!
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Posts: 18
This information is really helpful.
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Posts: 14
Thanks WhipAndHeels for gathering this information. For people who wants to purchase genuine Louboutin shoes, it might be difficult to spot fake Louboutin on ebay and so on.

For people interested to purchase Luxury goods in general, my suggestion would be to purchase Louboutin or any designer shoes on website where their authenticity is validated by the website, such as poshmark or therealreal. But, pay attention of the description. Sometime, the description mention a pair of So Kate, but the shoes is Pigalle.

If you want to be sure about the model, you can always send me the link and I can confirm the model.

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