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FAQs and the place to ask a question about the site: Women not men

Forums > FAQs and the place to ask a question about the site > Women not men (5 messages)

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Posts: 5
Is there any real women that wear heels on this site or is it only men I don't want men sick of it
Premium Member

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Posts: 79
I mean if people are not categorizing photos correctly that is disappointing, but if they are, I don't see much of a reason to complain. There were a few but I think those accounts have long stopped posting.
Premium Member

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Posts: 542
There use to be a few but as converse lover said they stopped posting for various reasons there might be one ore two still active but they rarely come and probably only do private chat with a few select people. If your looking for women in heels you would probably be better off going to xvideos/xhamster and searching for high heels in the straight section lots of vids and galleries pop up. There is another site that has a women in heels/shoejobs w/ women forum you may find more of what you are looking for there.
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Posts: 13
Of course HSS have real female members that wear heels but over the years female members keep declining. These days only a handful of us are left. You hardly see them online anymore. Many left this site as too many male members harass female members with rude explicit messages and have no manners is such a turn off. Now these days it is hard to attract new female members as most of the pictures in here are penis,vagina shots or someone giving head, it is a turn on for a male members but is not pretty sight for female member is such a deal breaker.
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Posts: 79
That's a common reasoning I hear around here. I understand most everyone here is turned on by a pretty sexy pair of shoes here, but it escapes me why someone thinks that just simply just being crass in introducing themselves to another member.

I can tell you, it's not just those who are Genetic Females that get it too. Some of us who are CD/TV also seem to get a few messages from those whose introductions literally consist of "I want to put my cock in your ass". I've had a few here, but I get it quite a bit of it over at Fetlife and sometimes even some more insane worse things said there too. I usually just don't respond to those folks, but I can see why it would be a turn off.

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