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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: "JAZZ" brand pumps.... Ladies...who still wears these?

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > "JAZZ" brand pumps.... Ladies...who still wears these? (5 messages)

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Posts: 110
Hi everyone. I came across some old pics of lady coworkers from my first real job back in the early 80's. My 1st real job right out of college was with an aircraft manufacturer as an engineer. It didn't take me long to figure out that I was in Foot Fetish Heaven! I was surrounded by sexy women of all ages, both in my department and the neighboring ones as well. I have fond memories of raiding this one sexy lady's cubicle who caught my eye from day one! She was in her early 40's. She wore the sexiest shoes and nylons around the office! She would remove her work heels and change into flats before leaving for home. In doing my cubicle raids after hours I came to her cubicle and had my way with her shoes....which by the way was just about every other night! She wore various colors and heel heights of "JAZZ" brand shoes.
My question is.....Are they still around?.....can you still find them at stores? Most importantly.....are there any women in our circle of friends that still wear these super sexy shoes to work.....or for going out? I would love to hear from anyone who has stories to tell about these shoes!

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Take a look at my photos, Mr. Tickles ... you'll see a pair of Jazz black patent leather heels that my wife wears on formal occasions with dark nylons. She has no idea that I've let seven other guys blow their loads inside them. Every time she wears them, she's got other guys' cum on her cute toes. In my mind, I call them her Jizz heels. :)
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Posts: 5
How does a guy get to be number 9 paperboy

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If you ever find yourself in Florida, just let me know and we'll make it happen.

Same goes for anyone else who finds themselves within driving range of Tampa. :)
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Posts: 110
I'll make sure to call you when I'm the neighborhood!! I want to be # 10 !!!!..........and then do it on her nylon covered feet!

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