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Mar 17, 202086,762
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Member Since21-June-2009

HomepageNo homepage set.
Self Description38 year old transsexual with an enormous shoe collection! I can't get enough heels - the higher the better! Will chat to anyone who can be bothered to call me.
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Party Favour 1 posted on 05-March-2010 07:07

Last night I was booked as a Party Favour. To those of you not familiar with the BDSM world, a Party Favour is someone who is passed around a group of people to be used and abused by them. In short, the original good time that was had by all! Now this may sound a bit degrading to some of you but it aint to me. This guy rented me for the evening and paid me in advance. I always insist in payment clearing into my account before the party, cos youll see in a moment why I dont wanna risk not getting paid! Anyway, I had the money put into my dollar account and the payment of $10,000 cleared so I was good to go. The client didnt say much in his instructions but it was more than enough to work on Punk Rocker Sweaty Feet!

Now that aint an easy request, especially as all hookers shower before meeting a client I mean you gotta get dolled-up, an being clean is all part of it. However, thats what the client wants so I painted my toenails first thing this morning and Ive been wearing my black patent plats, with little mirror panels across the front and seven inch heels, all day. Come shower time its feet out of the plats, off with the fishnets and into plastic bags taped round my ankles, outta the shower, off with the bags and on with the fishnets and plats again hey presto - clean tranny mingin feet!!! (Yet another trick of the trade divulged to you lucky HSS readers!!!)

Anyway the client wants punk rocker so I put on a low cut black PVC mini dress with a cutaway panel at the front and paint my fingernails a really deep purple. Then its on with all my piercings, lip, nose, tongue, eyebrow and five rings in one ear, three in the other. Gothic black eye makeup and deep purple lipstick to form my mouth into a permanent snarl. Silver bangles and hip chain oh and I got my little fingernails pierced with tiny silver rings frickin classy or what? Finally I tease my hair into a mass of blonde curls and hold it in place with extreme action hairspray until it looks like itll stop bullets at fifty paces!

I look pretty frickin scary, which is why Im glad the hotel the client booked aint that fussy. The room is at the end of the corridor next to the fire exit and I settle down and watch TV. Bang on time, theres a knock on the door and I accompany the driver out of the fire escape then settle into the leather upholstery in the back of a stretched limo. There is all sorts in the drinks cabinet including sundry pills and powders - but I settle for a double Bacardi as the car pulls away from the hotel. The windows are dark and I cant see where we are going, which is the idea, as the people Im going to meet value their anonymity.

An hour later the car pulls onto a long gravel drive and after what seems an age we stop and the driver passes me a velvet blindfold. I put it on and the car door opens and I slide out into the cold night, air conscious that under my black PVC jacket Im wearing next to nothing. A hand takes mine and I am led up several stone steps towards the sound of a party already in full swing. At the top, two more sets of hands grope me and I feel fingers over my tits and up my ass before the blindfold is whisked away and Im facing my client.

Its immediately obvious that he and his son are from an English aristocratic family. Their similarity is stunning and only generations of inbreeding could produce such identical bulging eyes and receding chins! However, I aint paid to be choosy so I curtsey and introduce myself. The spiked hair and ripped jeans looks a bit incongruous but at least I know Ive come to the right party, as I aint exactly dressed for dinner at the Ritz! They lead me through immense oak doors and into the sort of grand hall that you only see in movies.

A waiter in a white jacket offers me a tray of drinks and I take a glass of bubbly, down it in one and take another. Then Im introduced to my clients wife. She is sixty and plump and oozing out of a white leather dress that is three sizes too small. She bears a striking similarity to her husband and is probably a cousin nothing like keeping it in the family! She looks me over avariciously, her pink tongue running suggestively over her lips, and I pout at her and thrust my hips forward. She nods appreciatively at her husband who takes me off to a corner where there is a huge armchair.

As I sit in the chair he takes one foot and starts to lick my platform sandal, running his tongue up and down my high heel. Another guy appears and sits astride me, cutting off my view of my client as he unbuckles my shoe to get at my far-from-fragrant foot! The guy on top of me starts to snog me while he gropes my tits and I unzip his trousers to free his cock, which immediately springs to attention! A third guy joins us and takes his shaft out and begins playing with himself. He is only semi-erect as he retrieves my sandal from the floor and places it over his face. Hey presto! Instant stiffie! My client is paying my toes some serious attention, poking his tongue through the holes in the fishnet to get at them then grabbing them gently between his teeth to draw them through the mesh. I take a cock in my mouth as yet another guy grabs my other foot and sucks noisily on my heel.

Not only have I been wearing those plats all day but I went shopping in them earlier and the streets of my town aint exactly the cleanest! Still, he doesnt seem to care as he is soon licking the sole of my plat oblivious to whatever pavement detritus is adhering to it! Meanwhile, he holds my foot in one hand while he releases his cock with the other and starts to play with it. However, the smell of my feet seems to drive him wild and he almost rips my sandal off to get at my toes, which he shoves in his mouth then sucks on all five noisily. Just when I think there cant possibly be any more guys interested in me, yet another arrives, takes my other shoe and puts it over his face while I take his cock into my free hand.

I am barely aware of the swelling crowd of onlookers, nearly all of them female, as I take swelling cocks in both hands while I deep throat a third. Two of the women, sisters I guess, both dressed in red PVC, join the party and the other two guys snog them but with my feet as a sort of third party. This is really freaking me out as four tongues compete for my minging feet and I squirm in the chair as the cock in my mouth swells to bursting point. Its obviously going to be a spunk-fest and I had hoped to maintain a little decorum a little longer into the evening! However, I neednt have worried that my trashy PVC dress was gonna get trashed because the girls suddenly take my feet and hold them together and, at the appearance of these black fishnet targets, the five guys take aim and shoot their loads.

Christ! There is frickin gallons of the stuff, soaking my feet and running between my toes. At each spurt the crowd cheers but I hardly notice as the two red sisters take turns to snog me! Then it is all over and two of the guys very considerately fasten my plats back on for me. They are obviously well-oiled because they first attempt to put them on the wrong feet. Then, the sisters hitch up my dress and each stuffs a fifty pound note down my knickers, followed by the five guys! Then, my client takes me off to introduce me to some of the guests. He takes my hand and I dutifully follow, acutely aware that my feet are squelching in jizz - which is oozing between my toes and dribbling down the side of my plats - leaving a shiny snail trail on the polished marble floor!

Well I tell you its like Whos frickin Who with figures from the arts, entertainment, sportsmen and a few politicians all dressed in punk rock gear and displaying varying degrees of comfort in their attire. The host is famous for his exclusive parties, catering for the discerning BDSM aficionado. Guests are vetted, security is tight, no cameras are aloud and all the guests pay a hefty entrance fee, which is all donated to charity. Lets face it, anyone who lives in a house this big doesnt do this for the m,oney! Anyway, there are five other T girls at the party. My friends Stas, Roxy, Mandy and Imogen and a much younger girl I havent seen before called Xanthe. She has long blonde hair down her waist and is wearing a red rubber dress and the obligatory tranny plats.

The air is thick with cannabis smoke and the pulsating beat of the music reverberates off the walls as two waiters wheel in a Pandoras Box. Basically, its a clear Perspex container than can be adjusted in three dimensions. The idea is to squeeze inside and then the sides are moved to as small as possible. This one is, unsurprisingly, top-of-the-range and has a digital scale to show the volume of the box. Over the next half hour, the guests take it in turn to climb inside and a guy who I guess is the butler writes the scores down on a big board. There are prizes for the winners including the biggest bottle of Champagne Ive ever seen and what looks like a Rolex watch. Quite a few people laugh when my clients wife climbs in, especially when they have to enlarge the box to get the lid shut. I clap and cheer her on as they manage to squeeze the sides marginally more than for one of the guys who bore a passable resemblance to George Forman! Her hubby puts one hand on my butt and whispers: Thank you Melanie if you win this for me theres a bonus for you!

I always reckon it pays to be nice and as Xanthe takes her red plats off and lowers herself into the box I start some surreptitious stretching exercises. The skinny bitch looks well pleased with herself as she lowers the limit to 475,000 cubic centimetres. However Im a skinny tranny whos well bendy so I dont even bother to take my sticky plats off as I fold myself inside the box and they shut the lid. The walls move and I fold my limbs together and the crowd chants as the scale lowers until they let out a big cheer. Then, I light a cigarette and blow smoke through the holes in the side and they cheer again. When they finally release me, the scale is set at 390,000. I could do much better but I just do enough to win.

My client wins the watch and I get an envelope with 500 cash in it easiest money I ever made! As I have been booked as a Party Favour, Xanthes John also gets to have me as a consolation prize while she stalks off looking well pissed with me! So I am led to a sofa by this middle-aged guy, dressed in leather trousers and waistcoat. As soon as he lays me down his hands are all over me and another crowd of onlookers soon gather.

Over the other side of the room Stas and Roxy are entertaining four guys and Mandy is being unceremoniously humped by a guy dressed in a black bin liner and very little else. Once again my plats are removed so the guy can get at my spunk-soaked feet, which he clasps together. I obligingly arch my feet and he immediately starts to fuck my foot pussy. The word has obviously got about that Im the only bi tranny there cos another two women join me. They are both stick thin and dripping in jewels that contrast with their cheap rubber dresses. They take my plats and we commence an orgy of French kissing, both each other and my shoes, sharing five loads of cum with each others DNA. All the while Ive been slowly drawing my legs closer to my head and the cock between my feet (and the guy attached to it) are inexorably following! He never slackens his pace as he screws my feet, lubricated by copious amounts of other guys jizz. The girls make way as my feet reach their zenith, right in front of my face and his eyes widen as his cock pokes between my arched soles and I take him between my glossy purple lips!

His cock swells again then he groans as he shoots his first load into my mouth and the rest between my sticky feet. No sooner has he rolled off me than the two skinny bitches return for their share of his cum. As we are completing another spin-cycle of the spunk washing machine, two other women obligingly buckle on my clean plats over my even-more soaking feet. Another three fifty pound notes find their way inside my Agent Provocateur panties, before my host retrieves me and leads me across to meet yet more of the glitterati.

Lotsa love


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