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Jan 20, 202228,709
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I'm buying the heels in the following pics from this sexy lady in red. We had such a nice chat while negotiating over her heels. Follow the pics for the story

How hot and horny is that? (10 = Meltdown!)
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Member Since28-October-2006
ChannelStiletto Heels


HomepageNo homepage set.
Self DescriptionHi all!! We are a young couple! I have a huge shoefetish and my wife doesn' t mind my shoefetish but isn't in to it herself. She enjoys wearing her heels, looking sexy for me and allows me to have fun with her feet/heels. What do you think of her Shoes?
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The sexy lady in red on Marketplace who financially dominated me into buying her sexy well worn Nine west heels posted on 26-September-2021 03:03
So I was scrolling through F@#%book marketplace looking at heels or possible bargains that could come my way when I spotted these sexy Nine west peeptoe's.

As always when going into a ad I first check the size to see if they would fit me and then who the owner is. Once I've seen the owner I go into there marketplace profile and check if they are selling any other heels or shoes that I might want.

This particular seller had 3 beautiful pairs up for grabs.
The first pair, a local brand named Foschini with a pair of black and white peeptoe heels with a black bow on the front.
Very cute and I'm sure my wife would enjoy a pair like this but if they don't fit her then I will always make space for them myself. They look new and after sending the owner a message pretending to be my wife sending from my profile, she responds and says she's worn them once or twice inside mainly and that they are in good condition. I negotiate a price and quickly make payment to secure them. If I can clean them nicely I will tell my wife they were the last pair available in the shop and I hope they fit her. If they don't she knows that they normally become bedroom heels for me to enjoy her in although she doesn't know that I enjoy to wear them more than her probably, especially if she wears them and I can get away with sneaking into them myself without stretching them. Certain of her heels as you've seen oon my profile fits me nicely and I enjoy wearing her stuff with her sexy heels. Who knows where this new pair will end up.

The lady in red then sents a message to ask if I wouldn't be interested in the other 2 pairs she is selling. I respond to her saying I might be and shoot of a string of questions and asks to see more pics of them than what her ad shows.

I think I overdid my questions and photo requests as she is quiet for a while and then messages me back asking if I am a male buying her shoes pretending to be a female. She says I can be honest and that she has no hard or upset feelings if I am male and lied to her in my 1st message about who she is chatting to. She would just like to know if I don't mind.

At first I'm nervous but then decide to tell her that I am a man and that I bought the black and white pair for my wife as I enjoy seeing a woman in heels but that I was actually looking at the other 2 pairs for myself.

Pair 2 is a pair of black Nine West peeptoe heels with a small platform and nice high heels. Very sexy.

Pair 3 is a pair of black pointy t bar Nine West heels with a back zip. They immediately intrigued me as they were advertised a bit cheaper than the peeptoe heels which normally means they are a bit more worn. Just what I like...

All these pairs are in a size 40 UK which normally fits me nicely even if they tend to be a little tight but I like it that way as I get to feel more of what the woman felt who wore them before me. It also makes my feet look a bit smaller and more feminine which I like.

She starts chatting to me about the peeptoe pair first answering my questions with photos but also asking questions with each photo she sents me. Unfortunately she wanted to much for the peeptoe's but we did strike a deal on the pointy Nine west heels. They are very worn and sexy and I can't wait to get them. We had a long sexy chat and needless to say I cummed hard, because it was sexting in a heel sex kinda way. I do feel a bit guilty as I would never cheat on my wife but she made it so easy to talk to her and tell her what I was gonna do with her sexy heels. I almost feel in love a bit...

Head over to my profile and look at each consecutive picture from the 1st lady in red picture I posted to follow more of the story and our conversation around her heels.

Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts

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