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Sneaky Shoefucks: Sleeping with sexy pumps

Forums > Sneaky Shoefucks > Sleeping with sexy pumps (7 messages)

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Posts: 30
I love to take a beautiful sexy pump to bed with me and spend the whole night with my dick cradled in the toe.

Start off by selecting a nice flexible all-leather pump with a long pointy toe. Give it a good soaking in hot water to soften it up so it will wrap snugly around your hard dick when it is fully inserted into the long pointy toe.

Turn off the lights and enjoy the feeling of that long soft pointy toe caressing your hard dick. Go ahead and fuck the pump, filling the toe with warm cum, and drift off to sleep.

These's nothing like the feeling of waking up with your dick wrapped in the warm leather of the cum-soaked pointy toe. Your dick will be hard, so go ahead and fuck the nice warm soft pump again.

Repeat as many times as you like during the night.

When you get up in the morning, be sure to give the pump a good washing in hot soapy water, or it will start to stink after a few times.
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Posts: 47
done that, it's a fantastic experience! i highly recommend it.
shoe man
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Posts: 138
i did that when my wife went out of town .
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Posts: 121
hey that sounds like a neat idea! Cause I've got alot of pumps in my ladies shoe collection. And I always wake up with a boner!!

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Posts: 41
Wow! I should do that more often. Thanks

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Posts: 3
I have never done it with a pump,but often have a soft rubber flip flop cradle my cock the same way or wedge sandal toe strap...and sweet and hopefully wet dreams.
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Posts: 12
I sleep with my cock in a pump or sexy shoe almost every night. I love to fuck it and fill with cum then drift off to sleep. It is so erotic to wake up hard again, my cock soaked with my previous cum then do it again in the middle of the night adding another load.

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