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Sexy Shoes Forums: Serious Question for the Men on the site

Forums > Sexy Shoes Forums > Serious Question for the Men on the site (5 messages)

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Amy Aponte
Premium Member

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Posts: 57
Guys I’m sitting here, thinking, and I have an honest question to ask the MEN. Look I, and other females on the site too, adore stilettos. However, today something nonchalant but nonetheless true dawned on me today while cleaning my closet. In well over 25 plus years I can count, on less than one hand, the number of times I’ve had sex without a pair of high heeled shoes or boots on; I seriously can count on less than one hand I’m being serious. Yes I love to wear them, yes they give me extreme confidence both in the bedroom AND outside the bedroom; however, are they necessary for me to be aroused and orgasm? No, absolutely not I must admit. They are fun, a true aphrodisiac but not necessary for my personal satisfaction and climax per se. Simply put it’s my lovers over the decades who are for more ‘intense’ if you will (and I’ve always been happy to oblige) about the issue than I. This is what leads to my question.
MEN ONLY, are stilettos truly necessary, a ‘must have’ for your personal sexual satisfaction (yes, yes I know you like them, hell I like them too that is besides the point) or are they just a wonderful, intoxicating accessory to enhance the mood?
I’m truly curious and sincerely appreciate any comments or insights.
Premium Member

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Posts: 19
Hello Amy! Being an older participant, it was not necessary for sexy heels as a turn on, but it was always a great starting point for a fantastic lovemaking session. I hope this helps the discussion.
Premium Member

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Posts: 5
For me the shoes take good sex to another level they are the cherry on the top. Can I enjoy sex without shoes, yes of course I can. But given the choice I wound always go for shoes to be included either to be worn or used as toys to play with..
They also allow my lover to take charge and give her confidence knowing the effect she has on me. So she also gets better sex I hope lol
Amy Aponte
Premium Member

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Posts: 57
Both of you a big, bloody Thanks! I love to hear what ‘the other side’ thinks. Sincerely, Thank You for replying. I cannot say exactly why but the question just popped in my bloody head and I had to ask.
Premium Member

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Posts: 39
I find clothing of almost any kind very sexy but especially brighter and shiny colours and materials like leather, latex and PVC. When I make love to a woman, I like her to keep as much on as possible, I just find it so sexy. I can’t really explain it – I know lots of men would take all the cloths off – but I find the look and feel so sexy. As for feet, again I love all things shiny, my favs are bright coloured heels pumps and shiny high boots. I’m lucky as the my lady lets me cum all over them which I love, and so does she.

But, in answer to your question, no sexy shoes worn by the partner are not at all essential but they make the whole thing so much sexier. Message me if you’d like to chat more.

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