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Bitch in heels: Older woman, younger man...heels

Forums > Bitch in heels > Older woman, younger man...heels (8 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 30
Would you go for an older woman in cfm heels? If so is it the heels or the woman or both???
Premium Member

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Posts: 121
I doubt you are older than me.
It starts with the shoes.
Premium Member

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Posts: 159
Always the heels the heels make a woman. I will always go with a woman older or younger if I’m patent heels.

Why do you have an opportunity then?
Premium Member

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Posts: 30
Not on lockdown mo 😄
Premium Member

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Posts: 3
For me I would say an older woman in hot sexy shoes is a big turn on. This is because I assume the woman is more experienced and knows exactly why she is nearing them and the effect they can have.
I haye a woman in my office who is older and normally wears boring footwear and I have never ever given her a thought in a sexual way. Last week she came in with patent ankle boots with a lovely heel and now I can't stop wanting to have her wearing them. What does that say about the power of the right footwear .
Premium Member

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Posts: 30
I love high heels always have since clumping about in my mums when she wasn't looking as a small child... I never really knew the power behind them I just knew I loved wearing them and how good they felt. Once I was made aware of this power it changed how I viewed them and me in them, it made me more aware of reactions of men it gave me the power to tease and know who would be watching... I wonder sometimes which was better, before I knew or now. I still love them. Thoughts??
Hot! Member

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Posts: 270
My mother never wore high heels, which has made me often wonder if that is why I acquired such a fascination for them. I remember other mothers wearing heels and how much they excited me to see them being worn. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!
Premium Member

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Posts: 30
I wonder if you can tell when a woman is aware of her heel power??

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