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High heels lifestyle forums: I would love to be a shoe slave

Forums > High heels lifestyle forums > I would love to be a shoe slave (16 messages)

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nikki heels
Premium Member

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Posts: 10
Have any of you ever broached the subject with girlfriends - there are very few women I know who wouldnt love to have a man drop to his knees and kiss her shoes. Most women like to be in charge, some just need a little encouragement when it comes to being in control in the bedroom.

Member Profile

its the look in the eye that gets me... as they gaze up at you while kneeling before you... worshipping yr heels... such a rush!!
Premium Member

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Posts: 179
any girls in FL that are interested in having a shoe/foot slave?
Site Assistant

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Posts: 346
Ladies consider my services, please!
At your service for your heel repairs, cleaning, shine jobs and polishing.
I do tops, bottoms, frontal and leave no cracks uncleaned. Pay by the heel...

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Posts: 103
My girlfriend does enjoy the power she has over me because of my love for her heels. She enjoys seeing me getting all aroused when she is in heels and she loves the idea that she can make me do anything....
She also makes me worship her heels, feet and other body parts. And next to that I do need to keep her collection of heels in excellent shape and off course, I need to pay for them all!
Premium Member

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Posts: 2
I'm lucky. Married to a dom woman for 30 years who understands and enjoys my fetish. I get to worship her feet and shoes daily.
Premium Member

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Posts: 318
I have GF and I'm her shoe slave and enjoy it very much.

Member Profile

does it ever wear off, the need to worship? do you get bored with the same routine? or is it a constant need?

Member Profile

For me it needs to change and evolve, it'a like buying your ultimate shoes then wanting different ones as soon as you have had them. Maybe thats human nature in all things. Is that not the same for the mistress too??

Member Profile

do you see yourself as a shoe slave RZ?

Member Profile

Well i guess that all depends on your take of what a shoe slave is.

Don't think i'm a slave in the sense of serving a mistress and only doing what i would be allowed to do, but i would give it a go for sure but i dont do pain so would need a very kind heel wearing mistress, can you think of anyone that might be thst woman?

I'm definatly a slave to shoes, they hold a power that seems i have no real control over.
Does that answer your question SH ??

And how about from the mistress side, is it the power you have over your slave you enjoy or the whole act of worship directed toward your shoes?

Member Profile

i must be that kind mistress u are talking about lol... it gives me a big rush to know i have the power in my heels to make men drool.. yes

Premium Member

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Posts: 204
wife was the exact opposite..she didn't care for wearing them. and didn't for the most part knowing what they do to me! didn't seem to matter.
Premium Member

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Posts: 21
i really want to worship heels

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Posts: 12
i want to be him
Amy Aponte
Premium Member

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Posts: 53
Well I adore my stilettos and I have a genuine shoe slave (my husband). Now when I say slave I am NOT the stereotypical whip wielding Dominatrix, in fact I don’t even own a whip (a sharp slap from my leather gloved hand across the face works just as well), handcuffs, etc. to each their own it’s just not our thing; however, a lifestyle TRUE Dominant with a shoe cleaning and worshipping slave? I can honestly say yes. We adore it and it has served us very, very well for decades. My heels are regularly cleaned, polished, repaired without me ever having to ask. If my shoes and boots are not taken care of to my standards? Again, a sharp slap with a leather gloved hand quickly corrects the problem or conversely he is denied ‘privileges’ such as fucking my shoes or sucking my stocking clad toes at the end of a long day in heels. I adore my slave as I can do whatever I please as he is , and will always be, beneath me in ALL matters sexual. Hope some of you find what you’re looking for.

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