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Womens General Forum: Sorry to complain

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Amy Aponte
Premium Member

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Posts: 44
Listen this is addressed to the lads. First, some of you guys are just the best! Truly fantastic men clearly comfortable with who they are and their sexuality. I am grateful to have you as my fetish friends and glad to share private photos and videos. The lasses I’ve met on here? THE BEST! Love you gals. Guys trust me it’s a ‘woman thing’ but they are like sisters. Truly wonderful, sexy gals.
NOW TO A FEW OF YOU LADS (I’ll be respectful and not name anyone, you know who you are) a bit of advice. When you flood a ladies email box blabbering how bad you want ‘to serve’, how you ‘love’ your Mistress. When you go into great detail about the things you’d like to do to my shoes/stockings/boots, when you send one video clip after another of you wanking on your wife’s shoes and letting me know it’s ‘to serve you Mistress’ in and of itself no problem. THEIR IS A PROBLEM though when that’s it. Look I did not come on HSS to find a slave. As stated I’ve met and adore some fantastic and like minded men and women. I have no problem with some of you wanting to serve me, I have tried in the past (after tons of beggin and whining) to explore such with a few lads, but truth is most are time wasters.
My point? If some of you (it’s just a few) lads are really looking for a Dom, the potential to perhaps go further than email the GET BLOODY SERIOUS and ask ‘what can I do to make you happy?’ ‘I enjoy the pictures and videos you sent me. Can I do something to earn more?’ Nothing wrong if you’re a sub on here seeking a Dom, not passing judgement. But please be sincere and not a time waster to any of us ladies on the site.

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Posts: 1
Dear Mistress Amy.
I'm here to confess to everyone, that I'm truly very much interested of being your heel devoted slave.
I joined this club,because I have shoe fetish since I was a kid. I still remember fondling my mother's and sister's shoe and heels. It developed over the years to licking,kissing and jerking off on the shoes but made sure they were placed back clean. When I got older and married , with all my 3 wife's I shared my obsession with heels. My wife now shares and enjoy my obsession , and heels is a definite item in our sex life. The beauty about it I let my wife know about all my activities, and she does not mind because she knows I'm faithful to her. I love my wife very much, but my desire now is to be Mistress Amy's heel slave. I love to lick , kiss, and fuck her heels.
Mistress Amy I hope this announcement meet your approval.

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