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Trade & Exchange: What is the difference between Christian Louboutin's So Kate,Pigalle and Pigalle...

Forums > Trade & Exchange > What is the difference between Christian Louboutin's So Kate,Pigalle and Pigalle... (2 messages)

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You can spot Christian Louboutin's red lacquered shoes anywhere. But differentiating between the brand's various classic pumps is a bit more challenging. For a footwear focused brand like Christian Louboutin, attention to the slightest changes in toe box,pitch (angle at which a high heel rises) and heels is what it takes to differentiate the most popular styles and decide which is the right one for you. This a comparative guide to help you understand the subtle variations between Christian Louboutin's So Kate,Pigalle,Pigalle Follies.

Sizing and heels comparison

Sizing: As always,fit depends on the wearer's foot structure. Many consumer who wear Christian Louboutin pump are not the same size in all of the brand's styles. However, due to the narrow silhouette of all three pump,the consumer consensus for these three styles is to go up a half size if your foot is on the wider side of average

The So Kate and Pigalle Follies have a similar heels structure,which tapers as it nears the ground,although the Follies heels is slightly thicker. The Pigalle has an even thicker heels that does not taper.

1. So Kate

Christian Louboutin So Kate pump features the steepest pitch and most severely pointed toe of the group. The toes box is longer than the famed Pigalle, and the heels is the thinnest when compared to the Pigalle and the Pigalle Follies. However, its angular silhouette makes it one of the sexiest shoes in the luxury footwear market. The So Kate is ONLY available in a 120 mm heel height.

2. Pigalle

The Pigalle is a brand classic that's been around for over a decade. The iconic style features the shortest toe box of the group. Which give the illusion of the highest arch. While the Pigalle comes in various heel heights,the most popular by far is the 120 mm version. The steep pitch, vertiginous heel and low sides are both sexy and extreme,which is everything Christian Louboutin stand for.

3. Pigalle Follies

The Pigalle Follies design is a combination of So Kate and Pigalle. Of the group the Pigalle Follies comes in the widest selection of heels heights,ranging from flat to stiletto. The toe box is shorter than the So Kate, but is not as short as the Pigalle. The heel of the Follies is narrow and tapered,like the So Kate. Unlike the Pigalle and the So Kate, the Follies features a cushioned insole,which makes the world of different when it comes to the long term wear. If you are looking for a sexy heel but are daunted by the pitch of the So Kate, then this is the pump for you.

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Informative post! Thanks for the info!

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