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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: Coworker shoejobs and cum in heels.

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > Coworker shoejobs and cum in heels. (6 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 4
I've worked with a woman whom for a year now I've been able to get heeljobs and cum in her shoes on the regular and it's the most amazing thing ive ever taken part in in my life!

We would meet up in random places and shed obviously bring some sexy heels and let me hump and fuck them with her wearing them and best of all I cummed them inside the shoe and she'd wear them for me around before we went separate ways.

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Posts: 82
Share some photos!
Premium Member

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Posts: 4
I've been cumming in my secretary's shoes for a few years now.
I used to have to wait for months for her to leave a pair overnight under her desk but things sped up when I started buying her shoes as a thank you for looking after the office when I travelled. Obviously I'd have some cummy fun with them first.
She's always so excited to get a new pair and I love seeing her try them on still a touch damp from my cum.
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Posts: 9
what is her size and what brands do you buy her?
Premium Member

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Posts: 13
Used to have an older receptionist, early 50's, that was gorgeous and wore heels to work every day. Our main conference room was behind where she sat and I would get to see what heels she was wearing at least 3 times a week during recurring meetings. I couldn't help but stare and always had a huge erection.

I would look under her desk after hours looking for any heels she may leave behind but no luck, she never left any. She caught me staring at her legs and feet often and would always smile.

I kept thinking of ways I could get a shoe from her foot to sneak off to the restroom and fuck but could never come up with a believable story. One day I came up with the idea of asking her if she had any worn shoes she no longer wears to donate to a shoe drive my wife was coordinating. I ran through my story over and over in my head for a few days trying to get the courage to ask her. She's constantly busy and people are always at her desk.

Finally after a week of walking to her desk spying out the situation, she was alone and not on the phone. I was trembling as I walked up but gave her my lame story. I was noticably nervous as I asked her and by the look on her face wasn't buying into my line.

Phone rang and she had to answer then after she looked up and smiled and said yes she may have a few pair and would bring them the next day. My heart was racing but I was very excited by her reply and couldn't wait until the next day.

The next morning she called my desk and said she had 3 pairs of shoes - come get them whenever. I almost ran downstairs! She reached under her desk and handed me a plastic bag with her shoes inside. I took them to my car, opened up the bag and found 3 pair of size 6 well worn pumps that I'd seen her wearing at work over the past year or so. I smelled inside each one then walked back inside.

As I walked inside, she saw me and asked me to come over for a minute. She looked at me for a moment then asked if my story was really true. She said she's noticed me staring at her shoes for quite some time and wanted to know if I had a thing for her feet and shoes - if I had a shoe fetish.

My face turned red instantly, I didn't know what to say. She reached over and patted me on the arm and said that's ok, she understood and was flattered that she turned on someone "young". I was 29 at the time. She went on to tell me her ex husband had the same fetish and knew the signs.

She told me she was very aware how intense a fetish it could be and I was welcome to borrow her shoes anytime, given the situation and as long as I didn't ruin them or stretch them out.

Over the next 3 years I had unlimited access to her shoes - I was able to fuck every pair she owned including her tennis shoes! She would le me take them home overnight and over weekends and would give me the worn out shoes as well. In return, I bought her new heels often.
Hot! Member

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Posts: 277
Great story LovesPumps. I'm sure we have all conjured up stories in order to get to a pair of heels. Some are more believable than others. For many years I would go into ladies clothing boutiques with the story that my company was having a sales meeting and each department had to do a skit.
My convoluted story was to dress as a hooker with the moral that you don't have to prostitute yourself to accomplish good sales. I told them I was looking for something sexy to wear, that I'd already found a pair of 5 inch pumps at a thrift store and would like to try on the whole outfit for their opinion.
Interestingly enough, I was always believed. I even asked them to take a picture of me in the outfit so I could get my wife's approval. I must have tried this at least three dozen times and it was very hot to be standing in front of a stranger dressed hot and sexy in pumps, stockings and a short outfit.
Unfortunately, there are very few small dress shops left, so my territory has all but disappeared.

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