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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: Starting to get fed up!

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > Starting to get fed up! (6 messages)

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Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 258
Starting to get a bit fed up of members who don't respond to PMs.

I'll send a (hopefully) nice, friendly, informal introduction as a PM to a member who 'wants to hear from other members'. 'Hello ... how are you? ... like your gallery ... that sort of thing.

And what happens? Nothing! I check my Sent Messages and they've been read. But still no reply.

OK, folk forget and all that. But it's happening more regularly.

A 'Bugger off' response is better than nothing.

C'mon, people, if you get a PM, please respond.

Doc J
Premium Member

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Posts: 292
Exactly Dr J.

It don't take a second to reply. The same with pictures, a lot of people here take a lot of time to post pictures. A comment never hurts, good or bad.
Premium Member

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Posts: 19
Dr.Jones. Please don't take it personally if someone doesn't reply to your polite friendly message to other members. There are different types of people who join HSS. One who send message only, if they want to jerk off,want to dirty chat or complain about photos on your album/profile. And others who don't bother to reply your message or comment. Reason why they don't reply to your message can be that they are not into male members, or what you are into, they are not into,or they just are not interested to reply your message full stop.

Has nothing do to with you it is them who have the issues. I'm sure not everyone in here is rude and unfriendly. There are a handful of very friendly and decent people in here but not to many for sure.

You cant ask much from this kind of site. Over the years HSS not got better actually it is getting worse.

So keep doing what you doing and enjoy your time on HSS.
Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 258
Well, thanks to both for responding.

Whips and Heels, I think there is one overriding points here.

Common decency should prevail. If I write to someone who expressed an interest in communicating with others, a reply should be made.

If someone doesn't like me or what I've written, doesn't like men, nor anything else about my msg. decency should prevail and the person should send a reply.

I mean, 'Sorry, but you are not what I want. Thanks for the message'. takes 10 seconds to do.


Premium Member

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Posts: 546
First off I love this site have been a member since 2006 one of only two sites that offer a community setting to talk about this fetish. Is it perfect no, I've seen all sorts of issues get discussed from the voting, low percentage of members that are women etc.... and I get what you are saying it's another issue I've noticed and perfect ideal world people would be polite and respond perfect world people would do that but unfortunately this world people don't respond even if you are polite for a variety of reasons that WhipandHeels pointed out. I know it's happened to me before where I would leave comments or take pictures and not have anyone comment or vote or send a message try to be polite and no response and anymore I just shurg it off because who knows what's going on. Honestly people don't have to respond to me if they don't want. Even if I do think it's rude, which a lot of the times I do not all the time but if they're an active member I can see it being rude.Maybe they don't like men, maybe they just don't like me , maybe they are being cautious because of other rude members making unwanted advances who knows but that's on them not me. and they don't have to respond if they don't want. Would it be nice if they did, yes. but unperfect world we just have to shrug it off and enjoy conversations with the members that do want to talk to us. Can't take it too persoanlly otherwise social networking rather it's HSS, Twitter, Facebook, or the others would drive you nuts.

I know I disappeared from the site and being online in general really for a few months because I was dealing with depression and legal issues and wasn't thinking of my kinks and fetishes all that much doing that time I had some messages go unanswered had nothing to do with the people messaging me just my mind wasn't on this subject and didn't feel like talking about heels until I got my situations straighten out now I have responded to them and explained what was going on and hope they do write back.
Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 258
Yes, sir, you do make a fair point.

Despite how it might appear, I'm not extra bothered about non-repliers (I didn't msg you, BTW!) except that a high percentage said in their profiles that they wanted actual meeting: I hoped for that, too, hence the initial PM to UK only members.

I also chose people who's profiles looked good (to me) and - most importantly - that they were current users because I checked the last dates they logged on for **every** PM I sent.

Of course folk don't reply for many reasons. And I am not tying to set myself up on the moral high ground.

To be honest, I'm not on any other shoe site so I don't look for shoe contacts anywhere else. This does seem a trustworthy site and is far removed from the many one-night-stand sites on the web. I want hot ***shoe sex*** fun, not 'just' casual sex. (If there are any other shoe sites, please let me know).

Best. Doc.

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