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Sneaky Shoefucks: Hot friend's black pumps

Forums > Sneaky Shoefucks > Hot friend's black pumps (4 messages)

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I have a hot friend who I have always had a thing for come over to visit for a small get together. She has some sexy legs, feet, and tends to wear sexy heels. I was hoping when she showed up to the party that she would wear a pair of sexy heels. Sure enough....she wore a pair of black pumps, size 7 to be exact. My profile picture is the one she was wearing. Everyome was upstairs and so I snuck down to have a few minutes of fun with her heels. They smelled so nice....fresh leather, slightly worn. I even licked the insole getting turned on since she just wore them and they were still slightly warm. I would fuck her feet in an instant if I had the chance. I got so turned on I had to pull my dick out and rub it againt the heels and the insole. I got so hard and i started to fuck them. I felt the need to ejaculate so i got in a few more pumps (no pun intended) and blasted my cum inside the heels and got some on the outside. I could heary heavy load hit the leather as it dripped onto it. What a rush! I cleaned up the mess and put them back. About an hour later she had to leave. It was such a turn on knowing i had just cummed in her sexy heels and she was about to slip them onto her sexy feet. The heels complimented her legs so nicely....i wanted to fuck her heels again right then and there! I wonder if she felt her heels were a bit sticky and warm....

What a rush it was. Hope to get another chance to fuck her heels!
shoe model

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Posts: 29
come shoot in my heels mmmmmmmmm
Premium Member

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Posts: 9
do your guests normally take off their shoes before coming in?
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Posts: 36
Nothing beats sniffing and licking the insoles of a hot sexy hh shoe while fucking the other shoe!

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