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Stiletto Slave: Have a question.

Forums > Stiletto Slave > Have a question. (9 messages)

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Amy Aponte

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Posts: 43
Help me out here. My heel worshiping husband adores me giving him shoejobs. I truly don't mind as shoes and boots are a very integral part of our sex life, always have been always will be. My question is this. Lately I've been really keen (I really have a fantasy) to want to insert my stilleto heel into his manhood like a catheter. To my surprise (he's pretty open) he bloody balks at the idea as he's worried about the pain. So help me out. Any of you lads had it done or did it to yourself? If so did it hurt?
Hot! Member

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Posts: 264
I love to insert the tip of a heel into my cock and have a few pictures in my profile. Have only tried it with a metal tipped stiletto, but the sensation is amazing. Promise him you will be careful and be sure to sanitize the heel beforehand. It's just like sounding, but with a high heel.
Amy Aponte

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Posts: 43
But does it hurt?

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Posts: 38
I'll second that question. How could that not hurt?
Hot! Member

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Posts: 264
There might be some initial slight pain, but the sight of the tip of the heel in the end of my penis is very exhilarating.
Premium Member

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Posts: 111
I don't have any interest in that and it seems like it would REALLY hurt!
Amy Aponte

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Posts: 43
Don't know why I got the desire to do it to my foot / heel devoted hubby but (he's usually pretty kinky) bloody hell is balking on this one.
Premium Member

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Posts: 66
Lucky hubby ! Would love that
Building up to a trample board first tho
Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 238
The heel of a shoe can feel good inside a guy's willy. But shoe heels arent made for sounding a guy and they have all manner of sharp edges and similar things that could quite easily injure a guy.

I've tried it but don't do it anymore because I'm fearful of causing damage.

Even smooth sided items + lubrication can make me pretty sore inside the willy.

I just don't do it anymore.

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