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Sneaky Shoefucks: Girl at the thrift store

Forums > Sneaky Shoefucks > Girl at the thrift store (3 messages)

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Meltdown! Member

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Posts: 5
I was exploring new avenues for getting heels, I decided to visit a local thrift store. As I walked in I started to wonder the store casually looking for the shoe section. As I look through random stuff I notice this girl, late 20's early 30's wearing these super high blue platform heels. Unfortunately my phone battery was low so no pics. I snuck a few looks at her heels. They were peeptoe platforms with a bow on the toe and black spikes outlining the shoe. I was so mad I couldn't snap a pick but, I moved on and found my way to the shoe section. I walked through the rows of shoes, I was a bit surprised how many almost hot heels were there. After at least half an hour or more I was about ready to leave, I was thrown off by the girl in the super hot heels. It made all the heels at the store just ok. Standing there staring at the shoes I see that same girl walking over to the shoes, there were 3 rows, I was on one side she was on the opposite side. All of a sudden I see her reach down pull off those super sexy heels she had been wearing this whole time, she throws the heels back on the rack steps into I assume were her original shoes, some black flats and she goes to the front of the store talks with the cashier and leaves. I instantly walked over grabbed the heels which were very warm and damp. I walked to the front bought the shoes and I plan to cum all over them soon. I posted pics of the heels. It was very random and I heard many different good and baf stories about thrift stores but, these heels were too good to pass up. I posted pics of the heels.
Premium Member

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Posts: 170
Great story - I used to get quite a few pairs of shoes from thrift stores when I was younger and single.

Nothing as hot as this though! Good score.
Premium Member

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Posts: 84
Thirft stores are always awesome places for hot heels these days!

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