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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: New Pics in my profile

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > New Pics in my profile (9 messages)

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I posted some new pics of me cucking my new friends cock in my profile. I know it may not be shoe related, but I like to taste the cum of every new friend I meet. I drained him good, and hopefully in the next sessions we have together he will blast some of my shoes. These pics are vidcaps so quality won't be like a digital still imiage
Premium Member

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Posts: 34
I'm interested. how can I see the video?

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not certain what I am gonna do yet, I need to eidt it and that may take a couple weeks I may see about posting it somewhere or file sharing I plan to make some data cds to trade too
Premium Member

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Posts: 25
Hi babes!

Amazin pics! I'd love to see the vid too!!!
Premium Member

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Posts: 40
Great pics hun, indeed not always shoe related but then again I can visualize the heels you were wearing myself ;-)

Member Profile

I was actually wearing the white tstrap platforms in my profile pic with darker French coffee hose and was sitting with my legs beside me so from his point of view he could see them reall well so maybe it could be shoerelated in a way

Member Profile

I am editing and re-opening my clips store. which will be at as of this post I have some older vids in there but hope to have the cocksucking vid posted there soon. all my hss friends email me at for a copy of that vid somehow, maybe we can share on yahoo messenger or something. I have a few prospects for guys to fuck me, cum on myshoes and do cocksucking, cum in mouth scenes so I hope to be updating the clips store often. And maybe I will have a site in the works. I am using the proceeds from all this for more clothes and shoes and for my transformation.

Member Profile

uploaded some vidcaps of me fucking around with my vibrator in my saddles and pink poodle outfit. PLEASE if you don't like saddles please don't derate my pics a lot of us think they are cute and sexy, I love them personally. That being said, the clips store is on the back burner right now as I have too much going on in my life. Hopefully now I have the proper DVI cable for my camera I can get back to filming soon.

Member Profile

a few new ones in my pro. some of me in flats sent by a hss member after he gave them the treatment and also in the frye sandals and my pink platforms with poodle skirt and bobby socks hope u all enjoy!

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