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Shoe fetish In The News: Man with a fetish for high heels is jailed after trying to steal woman's shoes ...

Forums > Shoe fetish In The News > Man with a fetish for high heels is jailed after trying to steal woman's shoes ... (6 messages)

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Posts: 537
There's being caught and there's being caught!
Site Assistant

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Posts: 346
I see no crime here ! LOL...

Over the years I have read similar shoe stealing on the streets by other men. This young man must have really wanted those steamy fresh heels. Hes not going to get them in jail...

I remember the manager of the model in New York, one of the Donald Trumps ex wives. Forget her name, Marla Maples? He was her manager for years, got caught on camera stealing her high heels from her closet. Police found dozens of her shoes and panties in his home. Wonder what he was doing with them ?

Moral... BOYS have fun with your fetishes and other gigs but keep it clean and with willing partners and be safe out there.
Premium Member

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Posts: 83
Agreed with stu. It isn't worth stealing the shoes from someone, as 1) stealing is still stealing, and 2) it makes the rest of the shoe fetish community look bad.

Besides, if he wanted some hot shoes that are worn, there are plenty of second hand stores around that they can be bought from. I'm also sure he can find someone who can wear a new pair for him too, people these days tend to be more open minded on such fetishes than they used to be.
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Posts: 121
wow, I would like to have been there with this guy. I too am capable of doing the very same thing. I love womens in pumps and like to smell them after they have been worn all day at the office. Nothing smells better then a well worn patent pump. I even sniff my own pumps! Check out my pics!
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Posts: 103
I guess the point here is: robbery. He tried to remove her shoes by means for force. He could simple be sneaky or get to talk to her first, instead of doing such an idiot thing.

That's why many girls think we are weird.
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Posts: 121
I do not blame this guy at all! He is toe-tally in the right! Life is short, and pretty girls in shiny patent pumps need to be our main goal in life. We need to smell their pumps and cream inside them. Masturbate as wee think of their cute n pretty faces, and or sucking on their hosed toes. Pumps were meant to be smelled,licked,kissed,and creamed. This guy is my hero. No crime committed, I want to go with him and steal more cuties pumps to take into my car and snifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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