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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: voting scores

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > voting scores (7 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 204
I guess I don't understand how some pics we have up with a score of 9 to 9.50 not be on the leader board? just wondering
Premium Member

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Posts: 14
I agree. I also do not understand how in the morning a photo of mine is 9.1 and has been that way for awhile, and in the evening it has dropped to 8.64.

Furthermor, one of the photos rated much higher does not even show and femaly shoeplay at all!

Maybe it is time to stop posting my photos here.
Premium Member

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Posts: 92
It is also the amount of votes that a pic receives. As far as dropping in scores , you can blame that on members that vote your pix with low scores. I too have
Been a victim of this. Bit oh well. That just means some members either truly hate our pix or the are merely jealous of us.
Hope this sheds some light. :-)

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Posts: 542
A picture has to be voted for a minimum of 15 times before it is able to appear on the leader boards.
This is so that the boards are not simply filled with todays new pics - each with only 1 vote of 10.
The total number of times a picture is voted for is divided by the its total score to arrive at an average which is the score displayed.
You can see the complete top 50 in each category along with the number of times the pic has been voted for by selecting the category in the Shoe shot action menu and clicking the Top Pics button.
Some members have voted indiscriminately, giving every image a 1 score. This action upsets a lot of members and needs to be stopped.
I am putting a penalty system in place to combat this kind of behaviour as it discourages members.
Please remember that in 99% of cases a low score is given because the voter is a muppet and not because the image deserves it.

Premium Member

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Posts: 14
I give out quite a few 1 scores, especially in the "female shoe play" category. because many of the pictures have nothing to do with female shoe play. Therefore, I believe, they deserve a 1 score.
Premium Member

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Posts: 40
Unfortunately there are some members who like to express themselves by giving pages long pics nothing but a 1 rating...use the skip function!!! Or better be nice, kind and respectfull to everyones passion and rate high: make love no war. Lol xxx
Premium Member

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Posts: 14
OK. I'm convienced. I may have acted in a unfriendly manner. From now on I will skip an inappropriate photo. Sorry about my past indiscretions.

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