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Sneaky Shoefucks: My sister brings her college roommate for a weekend at my house

Forums > Sneaky Shoefucks > My sister brings her college roommate for a weekend at my house (4 messages)

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Posts: 7
a few years ago my sister came home from college one weekend and she brought her two roommates with her. she asked if it was okay if they stayed at my house. it turned out to be a great weekend. one of the girls had on a pair of pointed toe pumps with open sides and a ankle straps with some jeans. when i saw this i got so excited. all that night i watched her every step around my house and wished i could get my hands on those pumps because she was wearing them barefooted. the next morning as i got up for work which was fairly early everyone else was still sleep i started to head out the door but something stopped me. as i got closer to the door my shoe bumped something and when i looked down i saw it was the girl's sexy pumps. my heart started racing cause i was so excitied. so i went through the house double checking to make sure everyone was still sleep. i sneaked and grabbed one of the pumps and eased to the bathroom. i sat on the toilet with my pants down and immediately place my nose in her pump. it was filled with the smell of sweaty feet and leather. as i continued smelling it i began to jerk off. at times i even licked and smelled the pump and rubbed my dick against it and inside of it. as i got ready to shoot my load i shot all inside of the pump. i cleaned as best i could but with them being pointed to some of the cum got down into the pointed toe box area. so put the pump back where i found it and went to work. needless to say i had a good day at work. after work i made it back home and i was wondering did the girl know what i had did but i didn't care. being as this was a saturday night they decided to go to the club. they left and i went to her luggage and started looking at her panties and sniffing them but it was'nt pleasing me like the pumps was. the thought of her out dancing in those sexy pumps barefooted all night had me rock hard. sunday morning they decided to go to church and that was my chance to spend some more time with the pumps. they left and i went right for them. her night of dancing and partying in the pumps the night before left them filled with her musty sweaty smell. i must've blew my load i them at least three times that morning. needless to say i was sad when the weekend was over but i told them they were always welcomed at my house.
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Posts: 48
I LOOOVE to read that kind of sneaky heels fucking stories.... thanks for time to share this amazing situation.. I love this "cold" feeling in my stomach when I'm realizing that I had opportunity to fuck and cum inside hot girl shoe
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Posts: 88
Excellent story. I also love reading these stories.
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Posts: 22
I love that kind of pleasant surprise! Thanks for sharing your experience of that weekend which must have been wonderful!

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