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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: The life of a pair of sexy patent heels.

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > The life of a pair of sexy patent heels. (11 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 16
My new main picture is of Mums brand new un worn 4" patent heels. Who thinks it would make a good story if I picture them regularly as they become well worn? The tan soles should blacken loverly over time and the light coloured insoles should start showing her sweaty toe and heel prints very quickly. Of course I would be filling them regularly with cum behind her back and trying to get pictures of her slipping her feet into these loverly cum filled heels.
Premium Member

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Posts: 546
I wouldn't mind seeing that story.
Premium Member

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Posts: 92
Yes, keep the story going and the photos cumming.
Premium Member

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Posts: 33
Great idea......looking forward to this :)
Premium Member

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Posts: 74
Time lapse photos?
Premium Member

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Posts: 16
Yep time lapse photos. Mum and sis are xmas shopping this morning, so I've had time to myself with Mums new heels. They're that pointy my bell end was being crushed in the toe box while thrusting, the throbbing feeling was like being in heaven, I was having to hold back, because I wanted to give them a right rodding and wipe my cock all over the insoles, so I ended up shooting a right load, I'm supprised I didn't blow the shoe apart with the force I came!!! lol. See the new photos uploaded.
Premium Member

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Posts: 6
Nice shot load, next time try cum shoot on the outside pointy toe party, let it dry up!
Premium Member

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Posts: 21
Sounds great! Just make sure she fully removes the price label from the soles. Nothing looks so cheap and slutty (and not slutty-good either) as a girl who can't be arsed to take a bit of time out to remove a price label.

Just my opinion of course... There might be some who get off on it!
Premium Member

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Posts: 16
Latest pic posted of Mum wearing her new high heels after I had filled them earlier with cum. It was a bigger turn on watching her slip her toes into them unaware of what I'd left in the tips of the toes and on he heel grips!!
Premium Member

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Posts: 39
Great story and excellent pix. Can't wait to see more.
Premium Member

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Posts: 16
With doing basic training at the minute and not seeing much else than blokes boots, I was horney as hell when I saw Mums new heels showing signs of wear to the soles, I couldn't wait to get my cock where she had had her bare toes and I'm supprised I didn't lick through the insoles with the tongueing they got. The cum shot picture was the fourth time I shot my load in them, I was too turned on to find a camera the first three times, believe me they had a right hammering easter friday, I just need to take her out this holiday wearing them now they've been creamed!!!

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