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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: Who's shoes do you cum into more....Mother In Law or Sister In Law

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > Who's shoes do you cum into more....Mother In Law or Sister In Law (14 messages)

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Posts: 96
I have been fortunate in having so many oppertunities to smell and cum into so many different women's it at work or at home.

In my situation I find that my mother-in law and sister-in-law like to leave their shoes around which become easy targets for me to use. I have to say at times my MIL has hot shoes and my SIL has some great smelling shoes that drive me insane!

My mother-in law works as a make-up sales associate in the local mall at Macy's and my sister-in law is a teacher, like my wife. Both do tend to wear nylons (pantyhose ,kneehighs......sometimes MIL does wear thigh highs!!!) with their shoes.
My MIL is a sexy 62 yr young Gilf type lady and my SIL is a hot 45 yr young Milf.

What I would love to hear from other members is... who's shoes do you prefer to smell and cum into/onto.....your mother-in-law or sister-in-law's shoes? Do they wear them with nylons more often (as mine do) or bare. Which shoe style and brand name do they wear?

Basically, which one gets you so rock hard that you just want to rip off her shoes, run your fingers across her soft soles, bring them up to your face and smell and lick her feet and shoes?
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Posts: 12
I love my mother in laws heels. My sister in laws are not around. I started on my grandmother when I was a kid. She would have me rub her nylon feet. I loved it. Then went to friends mom. Her heels were great. She wore heels everyday. Didn't last long though. She caught me. I left too much cum in a pair and she began locking her door. Was embarresed for the longest time. Played it safe and layer low for a while and started on my wife's moms heels. For 20 years now I have been leaving monster loads in her heels. I have gotten brave an started moving her heels from her closet to the spare bedroom. She has to see my stains and know it's me. My aunt knew about my fetish and allowed me to nail her shoes. She passed away recently though. Her shoes were the best. But my mother in law has such great toes and arches. I luv her feet
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Posts: 21
Wow thats a hard question cause both my s-i-l and m-i-l have feet i like. I Have only cum in 1 pair on my m-i-l shoes cause she never takes them off when she comes over. Her feet are great nice thick tasty looking perfect toes always painted and pedicured and toes on display in sandals or ff. I was at my m-i-l house and no one else was their so i went in to her closet and sniffed my way through all her shoes, a pair of red closed toe leather flats smelt the best so i unloaded in the toe.

My s-i-l doesn't look after her feet but I love them, size 10 shoe long toes and every time she comes over she takes her shoes off. After I cant handle watching her barefeet walking around anymore I sneak inside and sniff her footwear and take it to the bathroom to unload in them. I've cum in all her shoes best were a pair of pointy toe flats she used to wear I got them 5 mins after she took them off once and they were still warm i licked the sweat from the insoles before cumming in the toe end and leaving it there. I love watching her put her feet back in them and thinking about her toes rubbing around in my cum.
Premium Member

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Posts: 103
Never been that lucky, but I'd check on her shoes first... to see if anything pleases me.
But I might say SIL better.
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Posts: 541
Sis in law as thats what I have.
Premium Member

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Posts: 96
I have to add my sexy neighbor to the list!
She's in her early 30's. Divorced mom. Tall and has a body to kill for. She works as the head of Human Resorces for a banking firm. I just love women who work in offices!! About 90 % of the time I see her coming home wearing a dress, nylons and heels. Even when she wears dress pant's, I see that she's wearing nylons. Well, this past Monday afternoon bacame a time for fun with her shoes. She asked if I could take a look at her washing machine, which was located on the first floor next to her shoe closet! Pure heaven! She had to step out for an hour and I just could'nt pass up that opportunity.I had the time of my life with her sexy, musky smelling work heels!

Next time I will take my cell phone with me and take pics!
I'll have work on making that washing machine break down more often!
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Posts: 8
I would have to say my sister in law she was getting a divorce and moved in with us for about 3 months till she could find a place and wow did I have fun she had a great pair of Asics that I have now kept she also had some great pairs of nike shox and a couple of more nikes I really liked to fuck also so needless to say I was very disappointed when she moved out but she left 3 pairs of hers sneakers there I dont really know for sure but I think she caught me fucking 1 pair of her shoes and she was turned on by that I guess because now she texts me and asks if I still have her shoes at the house and are they real good I think she wants to ask me if I would fuck them in front of her because she keeps hinting around me fucking her shoes she is 27 and has remarried and I think she is scared to ask me I was over at her house the other day and she had on a pair of nike shox and went to the bathroom and came out with her shoes off well I went in there 5 mins later and low and behold there they were I didn't know what to do so I took the chance and fucked the hell out of them cumming in them very quickley they were still warm from her wearing them.well when I was finished I came out of the bathroom and she went in right behind me and put them on and walked by me and wispered in my ear thanks and I could come over any time to fuck her shoes but I really think she wants me to fuck them in front of her so I would have to say my sister in laws are the best

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Posts: 1
My sister in law always wears mules which drive me crazy, I've slept with her twice but I've fucked her shoes dozens of times. I love puting my cock into the open toe and wanking hard till I cum. I always leave the cum in the shoe so she stands in it.
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Posts: 96
My mil wanted to go shopping for a dress with my mrs. this weekend. This almost always means it becomes an all day event. She brought a few pairs of dress shoes....both looked like low heel shoes...the pair she had on wer a pair of shoes that I remember seeing her wear for, slip- on's, also low heeled, a 1" heel......well worn and smelling oh so good! She changed into one of the dress shoes and left the low heeled work shoes at home! I knew exactly what was going to be the fate of those well worn work slip-ons! You can imagine what I did to them after they left for the mall. I was doing some intense shoe smelling and cumming! One shoe to smell and the other to cum into! I just love her and her shoes!!
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Posts: 21
glad to hear im not the only one who like to sniff and cum in there in-laws shoes..


Member Profile

My sister-in-law is sexy as hell ... marathon runner, outdoorsy type, who likes to indulge in pedicures on a regular basis. Unfortunately, she tends to wear Birkenstocks, which are about as sexy as a golf cart. The times when I've seen her wearing thigh-high leather boots, though ... man, oh man.

My mother-in-law, while a nice lady, does absolutely nothing for me. Which is too bad, because I've always had a thing for older women. When I was in my teens, I loved women in their 30s and 40s. Now that I'm in my 40s, I also appreciate women in their 50s and 60s -- and, in some cases, their 70s.
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Posts: 21
Hey mrtickles heres my M-i-l tasty toes in ff....
Premium Member

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Posts: 96
My goodness!......I came like crazy after seeing that mature MILF's feet in those sexy peep toe heels!!!
I would love to taste her shoes for awhile!!
Premium Member

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Posts: 96
My sister in law came by today and spent the Sunday with my wife and I. She had on her Sunday clothes.....pretty looking dress pants....dark tan nylons and low heeled, round toe shoes which I found out were Baldino brand.
She had them on all day and took them off about an hour ago and placed them in the usual place that my wife leaves her shoes which is a closet on the first floor, right by the entrance door to my home. She and the wife were upstairs chatting away which gave me about 10 to 20 minutes to get my hands on her sexy, musky smelling heels! The smelled sooooo sexy!....light scent of perfume but mostly of well worn leather and nylon! I smelled one ...taking in all her scent and came like crazy in the other! I then let the cum in the blasted shoe drip into the shoe I was smelling. 15 minutes passed and I heard her tell my wife that she should be going! I almost passed out!!! Oh no!...She'll feel/see my cum in her shoes for certain!!!! As they both walked to the door my wife mentioned to me that her sister was leaving and to say good bye. I walked to and then down the stairs to say good by....I felt my face get warm. I must have looked flush as well. My wife opened the closet door for my SIL to get her shoes. They were both talking as my SIL dragged both heels out of the closet with the point of her toes sexy...and proceeded to slipped them both on her feet!! I was about to die!!!...but then a sence of relief came over me as my SIL said the following in a smiling way to me " this closet is so damp and coat is shoes feel like they're cold and wet....when are you going to put some insulation in here!" I then knew that my cum had not dried up and was now being squished up against my sexy SIL's nylon toes and soles! She gave us both a hug and a kiss and off she went!
That was a close one, but it was SOOOOOO worth it knowing that FINALY, I had my SIL walk in cum filled shoes that were filled by ME!!
Can't wait for her to visit again!!!!!!!

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