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Sneaky Shoefucks: Flight attendant's heels

Forums > Sneaky Shoefucks > Flight attendant's heels (5 messages)

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Fantasy fulfilled

So I went back home last weekend and a series of events transpired that made me finally realized my frequent fantasy. I'll explain.

Ever since I read in a shoe fetish forum about the opportunity to take a flight attendant's shoes in flight I've been obsessed with it. In these couple of years I've traveled by plane I've always been in the look out. I've timed the girl's movements and so. But I had always been foiled. You see even though I always chose a seat near the back or the front I could never see just where they put their shoes, they would close the drapes and I would be left guessing, just hoping that someday I would catch a break. And a few months ago I almost did.

Just when the three attendants started serving food I waited till the carts on both ends made it to the middle of the aisle (further away from me, I was in the back) and I moved like I was going to the bathroom. I thought they wouldn't notice me, I was checking out the compartments in the back, but my constant glancing back alerted the one attendant that was looking my way. She motioned the one closest to me to keep an eye. I slipped quickly into the bathroom. When I came out she had closed the drapes and I couldn't risk anything anymore. The most frustrating part of it was that I had just made a bag containing a pair of shoes right there, very easy to take. But I wouldn't risk it. I was so frustrated.

But last trip it was different. I was starting to notice that attendants left their travel trunks in the upper compartments closer to the back and front of the plane. I tried getting to it, but it was just too risky. Maybe I would be spotted for them or another passenger, no. I missed my shot (though I did take out a scarf they wear... smelled lovely).

But then on the plane back the planets aligned. The 105 minutes flight was half-full but was actually pretty sure nothing was going to happen because I was traveling with a friend. Luckily he was so tired he fell asleep next to the window. Me, I was sitting next to the aisle on the last row. I saw one of the girls pack their case on the overhead compartment across from me, I was pretty stumped for I figured since last time I tried it would be pretty crazy to try anything... but...

This first post I saw in a forum suggested that in older model planes sometimes flight attendants would leave their thing behind the last row of passengers. I checked like I always do, just hopefully... and I got it. I finally did.

I reach behind my seat and I just couldn't believe it, there was a bag. I made sure my friend was asleep and the lone passenger on the other side of the aisle across me was distracted and I started fumbling around it. I touched many thing, mostly make up, small bags, and a pair of clunky strappy low-heeled shoes (I wasn't going to settle, it was the real deal or nothing). So I closed the bag and waited patiently. After the plane lifted off and stabilized itself the attendants dropped their high heels and switched to their flats. I was ecstatic just waiting for the switch. The three of them wore high heel pumps and I love those.

So one of them (the one with the lowest heels, sadly) took the bag behind me and I waited for her to change her shoes and put the heels behind me.. I waited and waited and nothing.

So they were serving the food when I ventured back and I found... nothing, there was no trace of the bag!!! I searched frantically on the side where I couldn't be seen and I found a purse in one of the locker. Not my thing. So just as I closed the locker one of them (the prettiest) walks in. She looked a bit surprised but I made use of my acting skills and feigned a severe case of the dizziness. She bought it (although suspiciously), no doubt because I must have looked pretty nervous, all trembling with excitement and so. She gave me some water a breathing bag and told me to sit down. I did.

So once again I though I had lost my one chance. I was pretty bummed. I started to doze off but then I heard something behind me. THE BAG! It had come back!

I made sure the attendants were away and I reached back. Make up, ugly shoes... aha! a plastic bag with.. could it be? Yes! The heels. The black pumps were in there! Success!!!

I tried as quietly as I could to take them out of that damned noisy bag and got my hands on the right one (my favorite one). I couldn't see it for my hand was still behind the seat and I couldn't risk pulling it in front of me so I quickly took it and made it to the bathroom. I locked it. I had my prize in front of me. It was mine. I inspected my reward. It was not as high heeled as the other girl's shoes but I was beautiful in a way (several actually). They smelled like glory and hard work and damn it, I was going to have my way with them. I licked it clean, inside, outside, the heel.. I t was a piece of heaven. I was already hard and it wasn't long before I came inside it like a garden hose (horrible simile, I know, but I'm excited just remembering back).

I felt great, but I couldn0t linger. The attendants were in the front, curtains closed) just chatting it up before landing, and I had little time. So I put the shoe in my pants and came out the bathroomn. Luckiuly the blinds on the other side of the plane were still closed and my friend still down. I took the shoe out my pants as fast as I could and dropped it on top of the bag. I quickly sat down. Just then my friend half woke up and asked me about my bag. I told him I felt nauseated. He fell right down again. I reached behind me and put the shoe back with its twin inside the plastic bag and I closed the big bag. I leaned back and grinned, satisfied... but it wasn't over yet.

As I was going through it on my mind I noticed a little flaw on my plans. I had not cleaned the shoes. And it was a big deal.

Just then the curtains opened and the attendants started making the cross-check before landing.

With the amount of cum inside her shoes she would most definitely know what I was, that and the saliva. I had to clean it and fast.

The attendant started walking back. I had no time!

I reach back as quickly and unassumingly as possible while looking straight ahead. I she found cum on her shoe the freaky passenger who was meddling in the back of the plane would be the first suspect. I opened the bag.

The attendant stopped to talk to some children into putting their belts back on.

I made it to the plastic bag but I just couldn't find the opening! I fumbled a few seconds and then I did. I grabbed the shoe. I t was all wet! I hadn't even thought about my saliva. I started cleaning it best I could with my hand and a piece of paper I carried in my pocket. It wasn't taking it off but maybe if I spread it more it wouldn't be as obvious?

She started walking back again.

I had no time left I closed the plastic bag, zipped the large bag with it inside and... my hand was stuck! Just as she made it to my place I got it free.

Did she notice me fumbling?

She took the bag back and I breathed. It was over for me, I had done all I could. Now I just had to wait and see.

Five minutes later I heard her ask her fellow attendant for a Kleenex.

Then they both came out the back in her heels. Not one of them looked back at me... Phew! She was wearing my cum on her show. It felt so good.

In conclusion, it was a stupid thing too do. Far too risky to try. Would I ever do it again? Oh, you bet 'cha.

P.S. Of course I took pictures! I wouldn't leave you hanging (though I was shaking and stressed so I only took a couple and a quick 6 sec video). I posted the pictures in my profile... I'm still figuring out where to place my video.
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Posts: 96
I'm so glad to hear about your experience! See.........didn't I tell you where the best seats on the plane are! I can tell you from past experience that not too many of the FA's check their shoes before putting them back on. They are in such a hurry that they just take their shoes out of the bag and put them on as fast as they can. Remeber...they are in a hurry to get the heck out of that plane and head for home or their next connection for home.
Kee cumming in their shoes for as long as you can. This is a never ending area for us to take advantage of. I know I will always seek a nice well worn, sexy smelling pair of FA's shoes to have fun with as long as I can!
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Posts: 30
Love your story and pics! Yumm!!
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Posts: 103
Great story!

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Posts: 17
Wow, risky but hot. I'd bet most flight attendants know that on any given flight some guy is checking out their shoes and feet. Would not be surprised that it is common for FAs to know their shoes have been used for pleasures.

Too bad we can't get some gals to talk about it.

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