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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: Question for the ladies on here???

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > Question for the ladies on here??? (5 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 17
Was just wondering! Does any of the ladies on here ever swop there heels with their closest girlfriends? Does girls chat with each other about their heels and the affect on men? If so, post us some pics of your friend in your heels or the otherway around .
Premium Member

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Posts: 9
Yes, I share my heels with my long as they are returned. I know I can trust them otherwise I wouldn't lend them out. We do talk about how men are so turned on by them and how its fun to be a tease. I have had a couple of friends borrow my shoes just for a particular sex session with their boyfriend or husband so they can be a sexy slut or dominate mistress.
Premium Member

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Posts: 17
Thanx for your reply Mimi! Awesome, that you share with them. Ever borrowed any of their heels that you saw and liked? Does it turn you on to know that your girlfriend got fucked in your heels or maybe stomped on her boyfriend whom you might know? Do u dress in sexy heels infront of them to tease on purpose? Would love to see some pics of your friends picking out a pair of your slut heels!
Premium Member

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Posts: 28
I have like 40 pair that I wear all the time....a lot of close friends and sorority sisters.....we shared heels all the time...went out this weekend with friends...and my friend's boyfriend...was so hard and was staring at the heels I wore....4 1/2 inch stiletto metal heels with pointy toe.....they owned him...and I played him by digging my heel into the chair cushion.....and laying back in my chair and putting my heels against the wall.... he almost exploded when I did that......the party kept going and he got drunker.....and was mesmerized by my heels,,... he was on the floor...and I got up to go to the bathroom...and I purposefully stepped on his gut to walk over him.....girlfriend followed me and said she wanted to borrow my shoes I let her borrow them...they went in the bedroom....and 10 minutes later she came out and we traded shoes back....yeah there were some traces.....loved it.
Premium Member

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Posts: 17
Hot stuff Gina! Wow, if u teased me like that, i would definitly want my wife to borrow your hot heels and give me some pleasure in them, all the while telling me how naughty i am getting turned on by Gina's hot slut heels! Thanx for sharing!

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