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Stiletto Slave: the stiletto fever?

Forums > Stiletto Slave > the stiletto fever? (5 messages)

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Posts: 157
Are You Attracted to individuals because there wearing High Heels?
Premium Member

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Posts: 86
Im extremely attracted to girls in high-heels. And I could only seriously date a girl that wears them. I know it makes me sound shallow, but Im just being honest. Some of the girls Ive dated werent high-heelers to begin with but I converted them. One past girlfriend still routinely wears 5-inch heels. She became keenly aware of the potent hypnotic affect the have on guys. I think she gets a rush from it. Once in a blue moon shell email me an article about heels, says Ill find it interesting. She even commented one time that I changed her life as it pertains to fashion and sex; said she used feel repressed but now feels free.

My current girlfriend (Mrs. M-2 on my profile) wasnt a high-heelers to start with but now she is. Luckily for me she can easily wear a pair of 5-inch all night longthats pretty impressive considering shes only a size 7. It didnt happen overnight but over the years the idea took hold. Hell, she has even worn a pair of 4-inch spikes all day at Disneylandbecause she knows how it turns me on. Shell even purposely leaves them out where Ill notice them.
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Posts: 157
Thats great Spike,I too spent a lot of time with past G/F turning them into Heel Divas.But not all needed a "full"schooling on the amazing benefits to be gained by the "mighty Stiletto".
to shape and enhance the leg's appearance.

To sexually allure both sexes.
to give one a feeling of power and confidence,but also a dash of vulnerability.

The best thing about the "making a Heel Diva"is not just them wearing.
If done with patience and love,it's the confidence,self esteem,and beauty your lady will feel.Thus making a better relationship♥

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Posts: 30
... I defenitely have it ! I met my wife on a blind date. When I went to pick her up she was running late and not quite ready. "She's cute" I thought, and waited for her to finish. When she came out, all dressed up, and with those sexy ankle strap high heels, she had me hooked! We were married in less than 6 months. Now years later and after I have given her many pairs of heels I still love it when she wears them. I sometimes wonder if I would have asked her out again if she didn't wear them on that first date.
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Posts: 157
You better hold on to her with all your being!
She sounds cute and sexy and i haven't even seen her.mmmmm pump or sandal?Patent or leather?smiles

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