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Stiletto Slave: Is comfort a deciding factor?

Forums > Stiletto Slave > Is comfort a deciding factor? (3 messages)

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Posts: 157
Comfort and High Heels is a odd couple.I have heels that are a size or 2 too small.Being that i purchase most if not all my High Heels online,i do not get the chance to try them on before purchasing.And once I get them I never return them because I want to wear them too bad, comfortable or not.
Now My question is will you keep a High Heel,that is un-comfortable?

One heel that i bought on purpose and knew it was going to be "pain"was my 6 1/4" Patent laced back,knee high,steel stiletto Bitch Boot.

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Posts: 30
... for us it is. I do not wear heels myself, but I just love it when my wife goes out wearing them, and she will not wear uncomfortable shoes. Remember ANY shoe, regardless of heel height, will be uncomfortable if ill fitting. Lately we have purchased several pair of very sexy shoes with almost 5 inch heels which she has found to be quite comfortable for their height and wearable for long periods of time. Most of these have been from Jessica Simpson and I think they are more comfortable due to better padding at the toe pad and a 1" front platform which makes a 5 inch heel only feel like 4 inches. She can wear them for a long evening of dancing and still keep them on for fucking, which I am ready for after watching her, and all the women, strut in their sexy heels.
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Posts: 34
I buy all my heels online, too, so getting the right size is largely a matter of guesswork. The online retailers I've found seem to only commonly stock or make most heels up to a UK8 which, depending on style, is hit-and-miss as to whether they're going to be too small, and I've had to resell two that were so small as to be unwearable.

Those aimed at the fetish/CD market seem to be mainly sold in US sizes which vary from place to place as to their UK equivalent. I aim for a UK10 as being the best fit for me in stilettos, and if they're a bit too big then socks instead of/as well as tights will make them noticeably more comfy. Although if I'm buying mainly for "bedroom" use, then comfort for walking in is a secondary consideration.

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