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Gay guys in heels: Let's get this party started!!!

Forums > Gay guys in heels > Let's get this party started!!! (13 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 219
Do you shave it bald or have a little patch? I try to keep my area bald.
Premium Member

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Posts: 34
I really, really prefer to keep mine bald. Unfortunately I find it so fiddly to do properly, and it grows back so quickly, that I just lapse.

So you've now just set me a challenge!!
Premium Member

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Posts: 219
I can't stand hairy cock....or hairy pussy. I love the feel after I shave that I get way too dirty on myself. Is that possible? :)
Premium Member

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Posts: 318
I'm totally shaven. But I don't mind a bit if fuzz. Not a whole forest!
Premium Member

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Posts: 47
I love to see a nice nude cock, nicely framed by a pair of suspenders ;)

Premium Member

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Posts: 39
.... but love seeing hot legs in heels. I guess i just appreciate the sexiness of a pair of high heels. =)...but yea, shaved is better. LOL!
Premium Member

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Posts: 4
I'm totally shaven.
Premium Member

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Posts: 92
And you have sexy heels and legs to match. Love your pix. =)
Premium Member

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Posts: 21
anyone west midlands
Premium Member

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Posts: 9
Hi there. I just joined today but I'll save the introduction for a different area. Anyway I keep myself shaven mostly but not always. I prefer everything shaven down there but I must say one thing about unshaven male privates, They smell wonderful. I love the musky scent of it. Sometimes when I'm down there pleasuring my lover I just inhale and the aroma drives me crazy with lust. What do you guys think?
Heels and hose

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Posts: 26
I'm always shaved during the winter months but let my legs go for the summer.
Amy Aponte
Premium Member

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Posts: 53
Oh bloody hell - SHAVED! Looks better, feels better. My man lives to shave me when in heels and nothing else on, quite erotic.
Heels and hose

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Posts: 26
Amy Aponte, I agree with you 100%. Shaved is the way to go.
I'd love to shave your sexy legs and .........

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