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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: High Heel Fantasy

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > High Heel Fantasy (10 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 546
Sorry for all the post I'm just bored and just thinking of conversation topics, but this is something I've never seen discussed on here and I think it is a good and interesting topic.
But what is everyone's high heel related fantasy? If you're willing to share that is not sure what mines is as I have a lot LOL.
Premium Member

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Posts: 16
Mine would be leaving my shoes in the bathroom of a strip club and having the guys drop thier loads into them throughout the night as the ladies get them exicted. Later I would come by and slide those slime filled shoes on my feet and walk out. How cool would that feel?
Premium Member

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Posts: 34
Mine is being given a piss enema and then getting fisted (or maybe even just fucked bareback) - in just my thighboots - by another guy in his thighboots, and having the whole thing videod.
Premium Member

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Posts: 164
Having sex dressed up as a female with another guy dressed up 2.....Watched my GF being fucked by other guys wearing stockings and heels though thats fun well for me anyway and she likes it.
Premium Member

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Posts: 318
To have all guy group S+M style orgy. While we all have on heels.
Premium Member

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Posts: 546
Interesting fantasies I wouldn't mind doing some kind of porn movie in heels. Is this all we have? No one else wants to share? No women? Thought this would have been a more interesting question to everyone lol.
Premium Member

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Posts: 28
I would like to wear my Mary Jane stiletto spike heels with the metal heels....that are pencil thin like ice picks on the tips....and have 5 guys laying on the ground....I would wear my Mary Janes because the strap would keep them on my feet....then I would run across the guys not caring where my heels landed...digging them into guts, cocks, balls chests.....and later inspecting the damage my stiletto heels did....I would have orgasmed a few times as I love to feel my heels sink into a guy.....then I would pick out my favorite boytoy, dance on his chest, carve my initial into it...and kick his cock around until he shot his load....then I would pump his balls with my sole for every last drop.....the other 4 guys I would kick in the balls hard with my ice pick heel....and skewer a ball or two...:)
Premium Member

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Posts: 546
Wow now thats what I call a Dom session. Sounds painful and hot at the same time.
Hot! Member

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Posts: 281
I'm in a club with all these hotties in their cum fuck me shoes. The DJ announces a contest and picks me from the crowd. He has me come forward, blindfolds me and has me lay on the ground. Then he tells all the women to come up and lay their shoes all over me. There must be 50 pair of heels covering me. Then he takes off the blindfold and tells me to pick my favorite pair. I play along by sniffing all of them. Little does the crowd know that I am really enjoying holding and smelling these hot shoes. I finally pick a pair and the lucky winner comes forward and collects her prize. The best part is all of the other women coming up and getting their shoes. I help them put their heels back on.

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Wow!!! How did I miss this question.

Well, In my Fantasy I want to be walking down a street at nite in Full Drag wearing my Red 6" platforms and get Rapped by a Black guy preferably by a HomeLess one.

I have tried to make this Fantasy a reality countless times. I'd go out late at nite all whore'D up and looking Super Slutty but I have never had a guy force himself on me yet. But I have had guys approach me and ask for head which I have done plenty of times but no one has Raped me as of yet.

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