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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: The secrecy element of shoe sex

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > The secrecy element of shoe sex (10 messages)

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Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 258
Mrs jones is out for the afternoon and I've been enjoying a clandestine session with some heels. That's despite having a sexy shoe session with Mrs J before she went out.

I realised that a big part of the attraction of DIY shoe sex is the thrill I get from it being secretive. I guess that goes back to the days when I had to aquire shoes secretly then use them secretly. It's quite a thrill!

Quite recently I was in a neighbour's house alone with sufficient time to go into her shoe closet. I did my thing with a gorgeous pair of her patent pumps. That was an even bigger thrill!!

I wonder therefore, whether anyone else is attracted by the secrecy / thrill element of shoe sex.

Dr J.
Premium Member

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Posts: 546
Personally I'm not. The secrecy comes more or less I guess fear out of people's reaction to finding out.
Premium Member

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Posts: 43
I think for me it's seeing the women wearing the shoes after i've creamed them.

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do you miss those days Dr J ? now you have a willing partner has the thrill diminished or has it been replaced by a new more exciting thrill?

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I am very to have a wife, who enjoys shoesex as much as I do. We buy the shoes that turn on both. But borrowing a stranger's pair without her knowing is something special too. You will never know when you will have acess to a sexy pair you have seen on the owner's feet before. And seeing her wearing the shoes after playing with them is a bonus too.
Premium Member

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Posts: 39
I've been in both situations and I personally find the "secretive experience" more attractive than the "knowning." It takes me back to the beginning when you had to be secretive about it...because that feeling never gets boring.

Only one person knows about my fetish, and I admit for a few months or so, it was great that we shared my secret. Jerking off with them in front of her had its moments but doing it to her unknowingly is what I missed.
I missed the "thrill and anticipation of " getting at her shoes...the waiting, and waiting until the right chance came along. The huge arousal I got from doing nasty things to them, knowing I fantasized about it for days or even weeks, was incredible.

So the thrill of "FINALLY" getting my hands on her shoes still turns me on.
"Getting them whenever I want" loses its thrill after a least for me it does.
Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 258
Hello guys, and compliments of the season to you all.

It's interesting to know others find the secrecy element thrilling.

To Sluttyheels, I guess the answer is that I do miss the old days tho I perhaps never though of it those terms until you asked me.

Mrs J will do just about anything with heels (within the bounds of what we both think is reasonable). But that certainly includes 'borrowing' other ladies' heels for shoe sex together. She also insists that, for shoe fun between the two of us, I can only 'borrow' heels that are her size so she can wear them, too.

But the odd thing is, I still love the thrill of the old days. It's every bit as good as shoe fun with Mrs J, but a very different experience at the same time.

I'm very lucky to have a lady like Mrs J. The other day we were having a bit of naughty fun. I'd had a drink or two and, as we were screwing, I called her by her friend's name (Mr J knows I want to screw her friend) because she was riding me, wearing her friend's heels for me. Mr J slapped me hard across the face when I called the other name then removed a shoe and forced it into my mouth, as we screwed. What an amazing climax we both had.

Dr J.

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I would say there is a thrill in both sides of this, and yes i do miss the naughty thrill of finding and using a pair that maybe i shouldn't be having but having a partner who is happy to indulge my every shoe whim far outweighs the fun of the solo stuff.

And lets face it you can find some solo fun if you really want it ans still get the thrill.
Premium Member

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Posts: 79
I really enjoy the secrecy element. Back when I was younger and just getting into cumming on heels, I used my sister's as they were the only heels available to me. I used to get so excited/nervous when I would take a pair of her heels, play with them and finally blow my load in/on them. I also liked the fact that I don't think she would have liked what I was doing to her heels. If I could have walked into her room and said "I'm taking your black stilettos so I can stuff my cock into them and blow my load" and have her say "OK have fun" I don't think I would have had the same experience.

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Definitely, I love it. It's a little kinky when it's non-consensual ;)

Girlfriend knows of my fetish and sometimes we get to play with heels, but she doesn't know I fill her heels with cum when she's out :D

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