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Bitch in heels: patent

Forums > Bitch in heels > patent (13 messages)

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what is it about patent... especially black patent... that is such a turn on?
what a shock!

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Posts: 19
Because they are easy to wipe clean!
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Posts: 546
I don't know. I guess because some people just think it looks real nice? Maybe some people just like shiny objects :)
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Posts: 31
No idea tbh, just find them alot sexier than non patent shoes. I think pink patent is hotter than black tbh. Though black patent is sexy as fuck.

It could be down to the fact patent anything clothing wise is generally associated with sex and kinkyness. Dont know where this association came from though.

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I get attraced to shinnyobjects such as: spandex, latex ,heels. maybe is the glare???
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Posts: 21
Yes, easier to wipe clean but than again, it depends where you cum... inside or outside the shoe.

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easier to lick clean maybe? :-)
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Posts: 67
Because patent looks wet, and wet looks sexy.

That said, there are times when I find patent inappropriate and a bit of a turn off. I'd much rather see an expensive-looking pair of black kid-skin Louboutin Simple 100's on a classy business woman than a pair of patent stripper heels.
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Posts: 47
it looks great with PVC or rubber ;)
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Posts: 346
It just is...: > STU
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Posts: 164
To patent or not to patent that is the question.
Is it nobler in the mind or the dick.
To love such kinky stuff.
Or to take them off and throw them out the winda.
Alas poor spiky I new it well.
I forgot the dog was outside and chewed off the heel.
Fetish Heels
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Posts: 18
maybe black patent is so attractive(addictive) as it contrasts a heavy cumshot so nicely and usually arouses both parties :-)

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