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FAQs and the place to ask a question about the site: Rating pictures

Forums > FAQs and the place to ask a question about the site > Rating pictures [2 Pages: << 1, 2] (56 messages)

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if i dont like a picture i rate it by not rating it... if its not to my taste i dont react with shock or horror and have to rate it a 1.. whats the point of that? i very rarely rate lower than a 7 and only rate the pix i like. i never thought of rating pictures that dont appeal to me with a low score... i find that a very closed minded attitude to take. as far as shoes up bums go.. to each his or her own... and there are definately some amazing TV pix on here, with shoes to die for.. and its the shoes i rate. but thats just me :-)
what a shock!

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in UNDERSTAND why you do what you do. Cos you dont see the point in pointing out to someone what is bad. BUt why are people finding it so hard to see the point - that if that is the case - then the "Rating" system is redundant. Becasue a rating system isnt a praise system is it? I dont like TV shots etc myself - so I will rate them accordingly to my preference and no - they dont all get 1's. All im saying is - I get why some of you dont want to undermine a pic by giving it a low score - but what im saying is - why have a rating system at all if it isnt going to be used properly to state both good opinion and bad. Why not do away with the whole thing and just have one button that says "great pic" so if you think it is - then hit it - if it not, then you dont have to do anything - cos that is what it seems people are saying by only wanting to rate pics highly. It isnt using a rating system for what its for - stating your preference be it good, or bad.

If people only want to rate good pics - do away with the whole 1-10 scale because people obviosuly cant, or wont use it for what its for. A 2-3 button method would be better. Great. Good, and poor, but then if you dont want to tell people if their pic is poor - then just have the onbe button for great. nd one for Skip for those that need it. Im sure you uinderstand what Im saying. I get your point - but I hope you can see that by never rating anything medium or lower - there is surely no point or justification of having a system like this site has

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never thought of it from that perspective i must admit... i see your point. i suppose if we all rated as we truly felt about each and every picture we came across it may end up with a fairer rating for each picture... but there are so many variables, and so many catergories... if we did it your way there would be no need for seperate catergories surely...? take sneakers for instance just as a random catergory.. they do nothing for me so i just dont look at that catergory.. if i followed yr suggestion would i look and rate everything a 1 because they dont appeal to me?
RedHot! Member

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If there is a way of tabulating zeros or skip votes then a member would know the level of interest or dis-interest in his/her pictures. Oh, well, this is just a thought. Chances are that no one really cares much. And I must admit that it will be a lot of work for SJ. By the way, thanks, SJ, for putting up with this.
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Posts: 33
Sounds like a plan to me!! nice one jack.

Sorry Captain where have I heard that before.....hummmmm. lol

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How do you change the rating you've given? I accidentally chose the wrong rating, and wish to change it.

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Not sure where to post this but here looks as good as anywhere. Could somebody pls sort out the extreme heels category, I dont consider shoes up your arse an extreme shoe at all. If you want to see that then thats fine but it's not for me when i went in to rate some pics of extreme heels i got all pics from the same member
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Posts: 346
Hey I let my DICK decide since hes in control anyway....
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Posts: 346
I decided to just rate all YM and Chepols tens since thats what I see in my high heel dreams & shoejob fantasy...

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and i thought you were living the dream... just shows ya

i have trouble in login
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Posts: 16
why am i stuck at 5.4? i been here longer and have more pics than others. and they seem to have a higher rating than me. yes some other members have awesome pics, but i think i have some great pics too. i try to have a lil bit of everything.

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When I go to my page there is no longer a rating bar there. Others have told me the same things when they go to my page. What's up with that?

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I still see it. Once you rate someone the bar disappears for a couple of days.

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Posts: 538
It's to stop multiple votes for the same profile.
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Posts: 40
It has been said multiple times before but members who seems to have fun in rating pics with a 1 all the time are ...

Can imagin that you occasionally rate something you really dislike that much but please a skip button is so much more respectful. Everybody has his own turn on: let everybody enjoy!

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