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Solved issues: uploading pic problem

Forums > Solved issues > uploading pic problem (2 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 179
I keep getting an 'Image resize failed'
notice everytime i try uploading a picture... someone help!!!
Site Assistant

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Posts: 346
Due to space limits I need to be some what general. This can lead you down that path of learning what you dont know. The file sizes noted are the Maximum allowed on this webserver so try them smaller also as needed. Many people get all the terms on size confused or use them to mean the same thing be it photo resolution, pixel dimensions or Bytes to Kilo Bytes size of the file.

Your uploaded file size of your JPEG type photo should be LESS than 800x600 in resolution dimension size AND your total file size UNDER 640 K.Bytes. You can see what you have now by looking at the property section of your photos in your current viewer. So what this means is your digital camera settings most likely need to be generally under the 3MB to 1MB setings.Then you still need to use a photo editor to reduce the size down to the smaller size as noted above. Resize does NOT mean to crop the photo ! Thankfully you can use some free photo editors on line like IRFANVIEW just google for his site or look at TwoCows site. If your lost by the above you need more help than available here. If so look on line on sites about digital photos, resizing and how digital photo resolution, sizing uploading photos to the web works, and the like. The trick is to learn how to take nice clearly exposed shots with the best quality file resolution possible and then still resize that photo down so it can be uploaded to the net for all of us to get excited about and love...Just keep expermenting and learning, its a process.. here are some links;
google ACDsee photo editor product or the free
You most likely already have a program that came preinstalled on your PC, theres tons of them. Also check out Picasa the free program that allows you to email photos very EZ since it auto reduces their sizes but the quality issues still need to be understood by you. STU.... yeah I know I posted to much and hes very confused now...oh wel I am leaving it as is..I guess I could have just said: FILE SIZE MUST BE UNDER 640 KB's...DONE.

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