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Shoe Cumming Stories: Waiting for Teacher Wife to come home for some extra credit fun!

Forums > Shoe Cumming Stories > Waiting for Teacher Wife to come home for some extra credit fun! (5 messages)

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Posts: 96
Hi all,
My teacher wife and I made a "lets fuck" date for this afternoon (03-09-10). I can't wait! I told her to wear some new nylons to work (reinforced favorite...gets me hard in no time!) and a well worn pair of heels that she has. I'll have her wear the heels up to our bedroom. I always want to be the one who removes her heels.....take in the great nylon sweat/leather shoe smell! Mmmmmm.... and then the party will begin. I may have told some of you that I found out my wife orgasms hard by being tickled while I'm banging her. This was about two years ago....I was messing around with her soft nylon feet while fucking her. She didn't know if she should laugh or climax. Well, she did both...first a Ahhahahahahahahah type laugh,,,then came the huge orgasm. She tends to orgasm a lot quicker and with more intensity. I can't wait to smell her worn "teacher shoes" and sexy, moist nylons. I'll keep all of you posted. I'll try to take some pics of the nylons and shoes that she wore today when she's asleep tonight. Speak to you all soon!
Hero Member

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Posts: 5
looking forward to seeing a pic of the shoes she wore today
Site Assistant

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Posts: 35
ya sounds like a blast! cant wait to see pics!
Premium Member

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Posts: 96
Hi everyone,
Sorry to get back to you all so late, but I wrote a reply last week and for some reason it didn't take? Well, here it is again.
I had a great time with the Mrs. after she came home from school. I asked her to keep her shoes on and all of her clothes. We did some heavey "touchy - feely" and proceeded to the bedroom. I told her I wanted to do some role play with her....that I would be her student and wanted to get it on with the sexy MILF teacher, butshe really didn't feel too excited about that. She said, "Why not be the custodian...coming into my room to clean up in the afternoon". Cooool. That would work for me! As long as I could get those sexy shoes and nylon covered feet in my face I was happy. I took off her blouse, pants bra and panties, but left on her heels and mesh knit nylons that she wore for me. I bought these for her on her B-day a few months ago and now she was wearing them for me. Being hard as I was and she was pretty wet I just mounted her....her back on the bed, legs on my shoulders and feet close to my head/face. The leather smell was coming through the small opening by her arch and I was in heaven. I took off one shoe and proceeded to bang her harder. She knows nylon feet turn me on, so she started to moan a bit too. Then the moaning became longer and a bit louder. I knew it was only seconds before she would pop. I then removed her other shoe and started to tickle her feet while driving it home to her as hard as I could. Her moans became laughter and squeeling......Mmmm...ahahhhahaaahhaaa..
.stop...stop..please...stop. I was about to cum but I tried holding back. She then started with the oohhh goddd...ohhh godddd ...
I knew she was going to cum.....and she did....the more she came the more I tickled her feet..and the harder I was pumping her. Finaly I exploded all inside of her. Guys...and was great. I couldn't take pics that night of the shoes and nylons, but I took it the next day. I had some fun with them, as you can see.
Check them out The shoes are brown, 2-1/2 heel and she wore brown mesh knee highs.

I would love to see other guys cumming inside her heels.....a turn on for me, knowing that someone else's cum is on her feet besides mine! So if you live in central NJ, let me know. I want to cum inside of someone else's wife's shoes....and you could do my teacher wife's shoes.

I want to hear from other guys...and ladies ....on what you would want to do to my "teacher wife" and her nylon feet/shoes.

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Posts: 18
great story that has me hard and stroking. MMmmm your lady in nylon knee highs and mid-heel office/work pumps is SO sexy. Would love to see pics of the goodies, her and the shoes.

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