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The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking: Women and men should wear heels

Forums > The shoe closet - Shoejobs Footjobs Shoe Bukkake Shoefucking > Women and men should wear heels (14 messages)

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Premium Member

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Posts: 28
I just read in a norwegian newspaper that both sex should wear heels...that can solv foot and back problems.
This is a kind of funny, becouse I have a permanent inflamation in my heels, ancles and achilles with a lot of pain, but wearing my leather boots with 5" heels for some hours, I have no pain. Even if I just wear them while sitting down.
This must be a sign...:-)
what a shock!

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post duplicated when editing...
what a shock!

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Even if this was true, and men started wearing heels - the fetish would die a death.

A lot of men love heels as they are such a feminine item. When you think about it, guys can wear skirts (scotting kilts), guys can wear boots, guys can wear a few things women do - the only thing they cant is in public and every day is heels. This is part of what makes them so desirable on women.

So hey - although it would be great for health, it would kill of a lot of the sexuality of it don't you think. If men wore them every day and it was accepted, i bet your fetish's wouldnt be as strong as it is if it was just common place.

Point worth discussing maybe?
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Posts: 165

There is evidence to suggest that the wearing of high heels strengthens the muscles in a woman's pelvic floor. (Kegel muscles) this not only improves sex for the woman by increasing the force and duration of her orgasms, as well as making them easier to achieve, but improves sex for the man by making the vagina tighter and more responsive.

Think of it as the female equivalent of having a bigger penis - men if you could wear something that makes you a better lover and gives a bigger penis, would you? I dont think a man alive would be without his heels.

Bottom line is what we have known all along - women in high heels are better in the bedroom, and both parties enjoy it more.

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Posts: 103
I fully agree with WAS here, if men start wearing heels in public the heels loose the special attraction instantly.
Big part of the fetish is the feminine look of heels, the fact that a gracefull, feminine girl puts them on her soft, well-kept feet. Seeing them in chunky, big, ugly, haired feet makes it less special.
And isn't a big part of the fetish not the whole idea that heels are for women only?
I can understand that some here have it so bad that they want to experience wearing heels themselves, but be honest: when you imagine walking through town seeing all sorts of ugly, masculine men walking in men-sized stilettos would make heels less sexy, less attractive and in the end kill your fetish!
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Posts: 28
High heels are more than stiletto.
I wear heels when I can, but boots with block heels. No stiletto. Thats to feminine for me.
Premium Member

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Posts: 546
I have to agree. I think the fetish aspect of men wearing heels would die if it became a norm. Though it would be nice for me to be able to wear my black nine west mules out and about without anyone caring :-)
Premium Member

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Posts: 28
After I started to wear my boots public, my fetish for heels has just become stronger.
So I dont really understand why anyone should loose the heel fetish even if men started to wear heels...?

what a shock!

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You say you dont know why it would decrease - reading your post you say yours got more so when wearing boots outside which is fair enough and good. But then bear in mind that even when you do that it is still a little taboo and not common place, therefore you will get more of a thrill out of doing it which is understandable.

However my point is the attraction to heels would not be as strong for men, if it was acceptable and normal for men wearing heels everday becasue it then takes away the fact that heels are a feminine item

The point I was making is that one of the strongest attractions to high heels is their femininity and exclusivity to women, so men are attracted to that more. If men wore heels like normal every day then heels would become like a pair of jeans - unixex.

Although some people have a jeans fetish fair enough, I am saying that the male desire for high heels would not be as strong if it was common place and normal for males to wear them everyday in public as there are fewer things which are considered normal which turn people on. It is usually an extreme of some sort.

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What about on the women's side of the bar. If men wore heels as common place, would women not buy them as much also. Since as of now they are for the female population. So id everyone could wear them without regard to judgement, would the women that have a fetish also have it decrease a bit?
what a shock!

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Maybe so :-)

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interesting chat subject... i buy heels because i love them, love how they look and how they feel and how they make me feel. i wouldnt stop buying them because i saw a man wearing the same ones, i would assume they would look better on me lol if i saw a straight man wearing stilettos under his business suit it would not be a turn on to me, but i would respect his right to do so. would be on a par with anything else different, shocking at first, then funny then just part of the scenery... as for the fetish angle well i should think it depends how u get your kicks, theres an element of danger for most of the men on here i think...depends how far u go for the thrill
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Posts: 63
I would like to add on this subject that my fetish is not only for heels, but for many kinds of female footwear, including sneakers.

Almost any female sneaker turns me on, male sneakers mostly don't even if it is a unisex model and the only difference is the size!

There are many things that make sneakers female, like the size proportions, how well they are cared for, their scent after having been worn by a women, and also of course the colour.

If any men were to wear heels (not just those that do it for fetish reasons), we would see male heels that differ a lot from female heels and would not affect any fetish for female heels that much. And we would still have female heels that "ordinary" men would never wear in public.

There also would appear unisex heels that could give people a better way to deal with their fetish, much the way I feel very good when wearing sneakers that are sold for males, but "could" also be female (by color and style), much less as compared to wearing sneakers or other shoes that are markedly male.

So maybe acceptance for male heels could really be a good thing.
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Posts: 318
My fetish for heels wouldn't change one bit. Weather I could or couldn't wear them out in public. It would be nice to wear them as I please. Plus it's just fashion and that shouldn't be just strictlly just for men or woman. Plus I think it would be intresting to see the men who would wear heels.

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