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Bitch in heels: punishment

Forums > Bitch in heels > punishment (8 messages)

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i want something not talking about the way we vote i am talking about the one voters being punished... and what form that punishment will take. because i for one want retribution, i want my original scores back before the one votes appeared and i want their scores wiped

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Just out of interest i had a look through my pics to see if they were low voted and i have to say with a few exceptions i found many votes of 1 and plenty that were 3 or under, never really spotted it before so it does seem there is an element of consistent low scoring which if the whole point of the votes is going to be worth keeping has to be stamped out now and before it get totally out of hand and we just keep bringing up the same issue time and time again.

Right behind you SH !!!

what a shock!

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becasue it will never stop? So would you want this doing every single month, week, day? You will never stop people constantly voting 1's, just as you wont stop people voting 10's consistently for certain individuals. Its an evil, but one you will never rid, and one which evens itself out in the end.

As for retribution? I take it you recall last time everyone had their scored reset to zero?

If we get rid of voting to a simple 50/50 system then the only way to eradicate these 1 votes will be to wipe everyones scores back to zero "yet again" and start over with a simple like or dislike function, and for those actually bothered about competitions and leader boards, totals could be calculated from overall number of likes voted, as opposed to an average taken from a 1-10 scale

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I think what we are saying is that if it is proved that a few members are constantly low voting and by doing that promoting there own pics then they should be removed from the site. I know SJ can tell who and what a member votes so i wonder if it is that hard to police it, even if it is just by request to check if voting has been fair. The clear case of mis-voting in the extreme heels recently is a prime example that should be looked into!! The leader boards totally changed virtually over a few days which i have never seen happen before

Like i keep saying the voting is a great fun feature that maybe lost if things don't get sorted out i fear .
Dr Jones
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Posts: 256
I don't see any purpose at all in 'punishing' folk for their voting habits.

I mean, that very issue raises the problem of a set of rules that someone has to draw up. And you can bet your bottom dollar there'll be as many people bitching about the rules' fairness as they do about who votes what! Of course, someone will object to the way they are drawn up and whether or not they have done it properly.

Then they'll want a shoe committee to oversee it all. Then we'll need shoe police to police it all.

After that the site **will definitely** need an appeals system, arbitrators, defence council, prosecution, a court ..... and on and on it goes.

For GOODNESS SAKE can't we all forget about voting, and the whys and wherefores of it

What is the big deal about this and why are some members so totally pre-occupied by it.

Enjoy the site. Forget about voting!!!
Dr Jones
Premium Member

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Posts: 256
Maybe SJ should make all the voting moaners form an HSS Shoe Voting Police Section and be **totally responsible** for **all aspects** of the voting system and how it works.

All complaints about every aspect of (supposed) voting irregularities will be sent to the SVPS and they'll be required by Shoe Voting Law to arbitrate on voting complaints **that day**.

The remainder of HSS can then whinge, bitch, bellyache, and so on, and so on at those who are responsible for all voting issues.

So here, you guys, here's a great chance for shoe voting moaners to get stuck in and sort it out!

Dr J

PS. My VERY LAST word on this mind-mumbingly stupid issue!
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Posts: 25
I find it very interesting that people are still commenting on a thread that I started in 2009. At that time if I remember rightly there was a lot of random one votes pulling everyones scores down, not just mine, I had a bitch about it and others joined in. Things have changed since then, but don't let me stop you bitchin, its wot I set this forum up for :-) x
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Posts: 16
i remember that. thats why i turned off my voting. I dont care about votes. im just here cuz i like heels. and some of you out there have some nice pics. thanks.

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