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Shoe fetish In The News: Hands off our heels!.

Forums > Shoe fetish In The News > Hands off our heels!. (9 messages)

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Posts: 537
Female boss stamps down on calls for a ban of 'dangerous and demeaning' stilettos.
Daily Mail
what a shock!

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Although Mr WAS always insisted I wear my highest shoes to important work events and it's suprising the effect they have on me as a person and those around me. Sure we can still be seen as sex objects bysomr and get called slut by the jealous women but all in all I havenothing but positivity about it from males and females alike

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the woman speaking against the wearing of high heels wasnt exactly the type of woman who would look good in them shall we say :-) saying that, wearing stilettos whilst working in a chippy may be a bit dangerous lol
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Posts: 346
we already knew, that high heels make the woman , look fantastic, are very sexy and powerful and great for your ladies leg muscles and my main mind.
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Posts: 318
If they don't want to wear high heels. Then it's a free country. But they shouldn't push their views and agenda on somebody else.
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Posts: 47
but that's exactly how the daily mail sells itself. Scaremongering and nonesense stories about things that people like to do that should be banned.
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Posts: 31
Dug a bit deeper and found this

If that's all the resolution said, what's the beef??
what a shock!

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The info in the new recently isnt about any heels at work, its about the few women who are forced to wear heels which is a little wrong. People should choose, but its wrong to force people as some people just cant walk in them.

Made me laugh where it says "did not apply to men". Well, durrr yeh, how many men wear high heels to work? hahaha

However, in MOST jobs, men are forced to wear uniform in the form of suits where women wear what they want, but then wearing a suit isnt a health risk I guess (unless in an office with a bunch of nesh women when the poor bloke nearly passes out from heat exhaustion haha. Or so my other half often complains :-)

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Posts: 103
I would want a resolution against having to wear a tie to work!
Because it can become rather dangerous when a well dressed woman in heels walks by and the bloodflow that needs to rush from my brain downwards is slowed down by the tie!

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