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Shoe fetish In The News

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* Shoes in the News Dr Jones 2 155 By moples Apr 16 11:48
* shoe fetishist ¨arrested by the police¨ loquillo 5 1543 By asdf174 Oct 30 03:03
* shoe fetishist ¨arrested by the police¨ loquillo 1 624 By loquillo Oct 07 16:27
* jedidiaha Bila fox news
Her shoes
steponck 1 811 By steponck Jun 18 05:02
* Be careful what you film
CardiffShoeCum 1 990 By CardiffShoeCum Dec 04 21:48
* J Lo Lovely Lady of the day
Pics of J Lo
Spikeluver51 2 1063 By bobbybox Apr 15 16:19
* Thing you need to know daniel19056 1 1209 By daniel19056 Jun 14 06:46
* J.K. Rowling admits she has 'fetish' for towering stilettos shoejack 7 1390 By droid1959 May 21 19:41
* If you love to find shoes in old cars then you will love these pics shoejack 2 1263 By bobbybox May 06 12:34
* Texas shoe stabbing trial shoejack 3 1086 By heelspike Apr 13 09:19
* Bulgarian men wearing high heels walk during the second edition of Bulgaria's "W... shoejack 4 1082 By shoejack Apr 02 14:17
* Tokyo man arrested for stealing 450 pairs of high heels shoejack 9 1531 By converselover1110 Mar 09 07:53
* High Heel Surfing Video shoejack 2 1454 By Hheelpantylover Jun 22 10:03
* Man with a fetish for high heels is jailed after trying to steal woman's shoes ... shoejack 6 1848 By pumpsniffer Jun 05 00:16
* High Heels, a Scientific Study
Direct from the Ministry of the Bleeding Obvious
CardiffShoeCum 4 1564 By mifetish Jan 06 19:23
* Small size heels on sale shocker
Article in British paper called The Sun
shystar 2 1814 By sluttyheels Apr 12 20:15
* Stylist weaves hair into high heels lindaannbound 5 1429 By Shoeboi May 18 00:51
* Boy rmoved from class for wearing Heels lindaannbound 2 1348 By asdf174 May 15 20:23
* 1000 men putting on High Heels?
Happening at moment of this post
lindaannbound 6 1679 By Shoeboi May 12 20:56
* Luxury shoe designer creates 'most comfortable high heel ever' shoejack 5 1508 By asdf174 Apr 27 00:44
* Sorry chaps, but shoes ARE sexier than men!
(And I should know, I've got 700 pairs)
shoejack 2 1453 By highheelshoefucker Apr 26 08:25
* Nevada Shoes Tree Down drmgero 1 1589 By drmgero Jan 06 03:14
* Hot TV Presenters
Vid caps of TV presenters from UK
shystar 4 2272 By shystar Jul 30 11:15
* Kourtney Kardashian
turns up to film her appearance on The Apprentice
shystar 8 1763 By Spikes Jul 02 18:56
* Expensive heels
Expensive heels
lovewifeshighheelsuk 6 1729 By lovewifeshighheelsuk Jul 01 09:40
* Shoes on the news
Autocuties showing their shoes
shystar 17 4810 By lovewifeshighheelsuk Feb 17 09:15
* High heel Charity race London 05/12/09
High Heel Charity race
lovewifeshighheelsuk 1 1557 By lovewifeshighheelsuk Nov 10 10:45
* Heels that Heal
Charity celeb pics
riftzone 4 1738 By taffbike Oct 05 08:30
* Women on TV in Stunning Heels (UK) mrheel1 7 2406 By normalblokeuk Sep 27 15:22
* TUC vote to ban heels
Telegraph reacts
shystar 10 1646 By what a shock! Sep 18 14:24
* Hands off our heels!.
Female boss stamps down on calls for a ban of 'dangerous and demeaning' stilettos.
shoejack 9 2339 By blablabla Sep 18 05:29
* WHEEL OF FORTUNE SHOES badabing75 2 1815 By stuthestud Aug 26 04:13
* shoe jacking Shay 2 1887 By what a shock! Jul 14 01:00
* Victoria Beckham totters out of Italy in astonishing 5.5in heel boots and mini m... shoejack 10 2383 By what a shock! Jun 09 23:25

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