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Top Bare foot shots
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Top Dangling Shots
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Top Wedge Heels
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Top Shoe Fucking
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Top Flat Shoes
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Top Couples
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Top Men in heels
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Top Toe Cleavage shots
Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.67
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Click to see zuppolo’s piczuppolo9.44
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Top Found shoes
Click to see lili’s piclili9.61
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Top Sneakers
Click to see dieselfreak’s picdieselfreak9.53
Click to see hub27’s pichub279.40
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Top Flat Sandals
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Click to see forest4422’s picforest44229.11
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* International Crime against High Heels lindaannbound 7 3582 By keet_in_heels Jan 10 20:43
* Build yourself Pumps
leggy lego
lindaannbound 2 1593 By Shoeboi May 21 23:50
* John Lewis keet_in_heels 6 11380 By keet_in_heels Jun 21 23:32
* Here's an example of why men do not write advice columns...
Here's an example of why men do not write advice columns...
sluttyheels 8 2102 By keet_in_heels May 06 16:43
* Doctor has some good news and some bad news ? Jumb0SausageRoll 1 1618 By Jumb0SausageRoll Mar 23 02:06
* Pixie
I don't know
keet_in_heels 1 1559 By keet_in_heels Mar 05 00:57
* Kent Earthquake appeal
Can you help
CathyC 5 1791 By riftzone Mar 02 23:17
* Laugh
made me smile anyway
riftzone 1 1656 By riftzone Feb 11 20:55
* Heel Ha Ha lindaannbound 6 1927 By Aug 30 17:27
* Funny Toe sucking video with sexy Victoria S.
Link to video
stuthestud 1 2068 By stuthestud Mar 01 00:22
* fascinating study...
women... and attraction :-)
sluttyheels 7 1925 By blablabla Nov 12 12:23
* a dirty Parrot shoejack 1 1466 By shoejack Oct 30 16:40
* defective parrot shoejack 1 1424 By shoejack Oct 30 16:38
* Bobs erection problem shoejack 4 1609 By Neptunog69 Oct 30 15:49
* Lone Ranger and Tonto
have a laugh
heels 4 2 4 1872 By wedge-lover Oct 23 00:15
* How to get bigger breasts Alessandro55 1 1412 By Alessandro55 Sep 13 00:59
* How did I get my name ?
Have a laugh
heels 4 2 2 1591 By sluttyheels Sep 12 21:10
* A Shoe Girls Pledge Alessandro55 8 2142 By HoseNHeels Aug 05 01:37
* Tennis Shoes Alessandro55 1 1582 By Alessandro55 Jul 15 21:36
* back to the jokes.....
shoe joke :-)
sluttyheels 1 1569 By sluttyheels Jul 08 19:55
* Politically Incorrect - But soo SEXY!
Anon quote from the 1950s...
latexstockings 1 1708 By latexstockings Jul 06 17:59
* A different parrot shoejack 2 1571 By sluttyheels Jun 10 15:13
* defectrive parrot shoejack 1 1589 By shoejack Jun 10 12:11
* Aliens in Arizona shoejack 1 1688 By shoejack Jun 10 12:04
* Aunty Sharon shoejack 1 1617 By shoejack May 26 04:41
* Eight words - two meanings shoejack 1 1691 By shoejack May 24 09:08

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