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drmgero's blog

Monday, December 21, 2009

3:34 Travelling all about

I have been traveling by November, and I was without anything to post here. I might have mentioned that once I got to a ferry where a female engineer appeared to be wearing hot country boots. But they were fake boots, just shoes, and not hot.

But I did buy my girlfriend that pair of platforms I just posted on my profile. Came in them while traveling, and later twice on her feet and shoes. Hope you like.

Monday, November 16, 2009

3:24 I am here

Sorry for being away so long. I am really away, in another city, Manaus, for work. I was supposed to come home this tuesday, the 10th, but the company did tell me to stay up until the 28th.

Good things happened though. It's been 17 years I did not come here. The last time I came to Manaus was in 1992, with my whole family. The city is always nice, and it is still hotter than Belm.

There was this halloween party on Nov 1st, Sunday. I was not sure of going there, since our payment did delay, and I might have not any money to party. My sixth sense, and even my mother told me "go for it!", and I decided to go. Half an hour ago, an engineer friend of ours had called us to go, and she had her friend we still did not knew. A beautiful short brunette. They had witch costumes, both were wearing boots... suede rave ones, but still sexy.

For my surprise, when we got there, we met them again, and my friend started to drink. So did the little witches. I do not drink beer, so, I prefer to party anyway. It was a rock bar, and they did play many nice songs. When the band played "The Final Countdown - Europe" I got crazy, this is my favorite song. My engineer girl friend did not tell me anything about her friend, but I paid close attention, and her friend (the other witch) was interested in me.

We danced together lots of times, and I was getting hard. Very cute and short, she still had boots on. Later, I tried to kiss her - she did not say anything and kept singing with me, as we took pictures. Some more time, she did not resist and we got together for the night. I even had her boots on my lap as she was resting. It was really a happy night, although it was frying hot in that pub.

This evening could have been perfect - we were leaving later to enjoy ourselves (you lads know what I am saying), and kiss her feet, as well as print my mark on her suede boots. The girl was really hot, and I felt her boots on my hands. But I only got one last kiss, and she said she'd go back. She did not, I guess she drank too much. And I got sick later as I drank one can of Sprite (be careful, folks :D). I guess it was the heat. As the restroom was made mainly for piss, I had nowhere to go, and no option than go back home.

The little witch's charm stayed in my heart. But days later I found out she had I boyfriend. Not a problem, since I have a girlfriend too. A bonus from fate - I do believe in fate. Anyway, I do not know how it is going to end, since I told her I love girls in boots, and we both keep asking of each other. My engineer girl friend tells me about it.

That night, the house was surging with booted girls. Thank God, I had this one to surge with! :D

Last Sunday, I bought a pair of 6" clear platforms for my girlfriend, and I "tried" them here, since the boys were away. Hope she will like!

See you all!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3:35 Bad stories to tell :(

I bought three weeks ago at Mercado Livre (the brazilian eBay) a nice and hot pair of used brown ankle boots, with platform. The negotiation ocurred normally as it should have, except for one thing.

As I had already won the negotiation, I bought it on friday, to be paid on monday at an ATM. So far, so good. But on monday, the girl who owned it told me to wait a little to pay. She'd get in touch quickly.

I waited two weeks, and I sent her a couple of e-mails, asking her if she still would sell me those. Two weeks later she gave me the worse news I could ever hear: she did a stupid thing of cleaning it (it appeared to be stowed in the bottom of a closet) and letting it to take some sun, but she did forget she had a rotweiller.

It happened the dog ate the boots. She did try to repair it, but, as far as I am concerned, such dog attack made the boots to be written off. I got mad, and sad. Thus, we cannot blame the animal, since the vendor should have been more careful when dealing with an item to be sold.

Now, I find nothing interesting there. Should be uploading along with these sad news the picture of the boots.

See you, lads, and, be careful with rotweillers :(

Sunday, April 12, 2009

4:39 This easter I got eggs

We traveled to the beach: my brother, his tiny girlfriend, myself and a couple of friends. They told me one of our friends had dated a girl in Carnival, by february, and she forgot her shoes by the house. As my borther could not describe me what did the shoes look like, I had to figure it out by myself.

We got to this friend's beach house, Dudleys, by thursday, apr the 9th, by midnight. I first saw these shoes they did mention to me, but I did not like them. They were not high - let's say a guess: 4". It is a good height, but it does look better in small feet. This one was pretty large, and I did not enjoy the design itself, although they were wooden shoes. Therefore, this one would be put aside. I will later take pics of it.

I want to catch my brother girlfriend's wedges, since last year, but I have never had a good opportunity. She is small, hot size 5 feet! She took another pair - but they were ok. Even though, I managed to get hot, and take them to the nearest bathroom.

We slept all in one room, and the owner of the house, Dudleys, did sleep in the suite (in Brazil, that means a bedroom with a bathroom). Her shoes got really close to me, as I slept in a net, over the two beds. My friend got the left bed, and my brother and his little girl did take the right one. She also had a bag with some food and two pairs. As she fell asleep when we arrived, I could smell the wedges (the new pics on my profile), and I thought the one I really wanted, a cork wedge, about 4.4", was also in the bag. (or so I thought). I sniffed the ones she was wearing next to her, as the other lads were in the kitchen preparing some food. Such a great and tasty scent!

As we went to bed by 2 o'clock in the morning, I thought of first picking up her bag to find out what was inside of it. As she kept waking up, I could get caught if I tried to get the shoe bag. So, I had to pick up the ones she was wearing during the trip. I "tried" (fucked) them in my net - no one could see anything in the room, as it was really dark. But I knew where the shoes were. I could fuck and cum all over them right there, but I like to see it, and take pictures to share with you lads. It is part of the game ;).

I silently picked them up to the guest bathroom by the kitchen. I fucked and sniffed them quickly and came all over them. But, as she was not sleeping for real, I got afraid of getting caught: she might turn on the lights, or use her mobile phone LCD. I was worried, and I cleaned them a little before taking the picture. But i got a good shot of it with some cum still inside. The nice leather scent also helped, as it turns me on!

Then, satisfied for achieving an unexpected easter gift, I came back to the bedroom, and put them back the way it was. A couple of minutes later, she did light under the bed with her mobile phone to check if I had taken her shoes, but she failed in catching me! Then, I slept satisfied, with all the shots in my mobile phone.

I rate this wedges (from 0 to 10) 8.5. Mainly because I expected her to take the cork one - but I will surely tell you when I get it.

The other day, I drank some vodka and got hot. She had a hot leather belt as well, and I found out the other shoes in the bag were a rubber clog (not hot), and a pair of flat pink flip flops. Then, I had the idea of fucking her belt. It smelled so good, just like a hot shoe, and it was far easier to take tho the other bathroom. I shooted it in video, and left some cum for her, but she did not wear it. Anyway, I could get satisfied for the holiday.

This saturday, the other friend of ours was waiting for one of his affairs. A cute girl, but she was only wearing flats. I also saw on the beach the night before a great pair of 15" white thong wedges, but I could not take any pictures of it, unfortunately.

Happy easter to all!

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