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Spikes's blog

Thursday, January 18, 2018

19:56 Heels in Department Store

I wanted to relate an incredible experience that I can attribute only the encouragement of this group.

I consider myself a crossdresser from the waist down and frequently wear pantyhose and pumps with male clothing. My “public” appearances have been limited to situations where I can control who sees me like post office lobbies and mall parking lots. A man in black 5 inch stiletto pumps and male clothes definitely draws attention.

But reading the messages on this board gave me the confidence to combine accidental flashing with wearing high heels and venture out into more public venues. I knew I needed to tone down the footwear a bit though, so I found this beautiful pair of Nine West short ankle boots with a 3 ½ inch stacked heel. Although the heel is not a true stiletto, it does have an excellent taper to about 1 inch at the tip.

My first try was at the store where I bought the shoes. It is a large major discounter with all kind of merchandise from clothing to bedding. So I just left my “man” shoes on the shelf and walked around the whole store in my Well when I went back to the shoe department to retrieve my "man" shoes, I encountered this guy trying on a pair of silver party sandals. I walked up to him and asked him if he liked to wear heels too. He immediately looked down at my shoes.

He asked if I would like to go to his house to play dress up, but I declined. I almost came on the spot.

I couldn’t wait to get to my car put the heels back on. Being the holiday season, I needed to by my wife a bottle of her favorite perfume, so I went to Dillard’s, a department store with a large fragrance department, the kind you find with many counters and lots of attractive clerks offering samples.

I asked the first clerk where this particular brand was and she walked me halfway across to store to another counter. All along the way, I was acutely aware of the click, click, click my heels were making on the marble floor. It was so arousing being out for the first time in public and not being embarrassed about my footwear.

When the woman left me with the new sales clerk at the counter, she turned to walk away, but noticed my shoes under the cuff of my trousers. Standing about 10 feet away from me, I heard her ask another associate to walk over to her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see both of them huddled and looking at my shoes. It was incredible. I wasn’t embarrassed and at that point, I didn’t care if she invited the whole store to check me out. Well that is almost exactly what she did.

By the time I was through with my transaction, she had escorted no less than half a dozen ladies to check out my shoes. As I was leaving, I even heard the phrase “his shoes” being spoken by one of the clerks.

As I look back on things, I am now wondering if I should have risked my zipper being down too. I certainly had the attention of some very pretty sales clerks. Oh well, once a day is probably enough....don't push your luck.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Don't know how many of you have visited Omegle. It is a website that links strangers randomly with and without webcams to chat together. If you don't see what you want, you just click and move on.

The best area is the unmoderated section, where you have to say you are 18 and it is not monitored. It is mostly guys showing their dicks with a few females every so often.

Yesterday, I decided to hook my camera up and point it to my unzipped fly where I was shoe jacking with a pair of 6 inch closed toe platform pumps that I'd found at a thrift store. They were very hot with a great aroma.

The responses were interesting. Most clicked off when they saw what I was doing. Some were very intrigued and texted me "why the shoe?" Obviously they were not HSS members.

Finally after about 30 minutes of trolling, I end up with this guy frantically jacking who texted me, "HOTTT". At that moment I knew I had someone with similar interests. I thanked him for the compliment and asked if he had ever shoe jacked before. To which he replied, that he liked to jack into his roommates heels. He said he really liked the thought of her pushing her toes into his spunk since he didn't clean up after himself.

I asked him if he wanted to cum in the shoes I had and he said sure. I stuck the shoe right into the camera and watched him explode. When I saw that, I got so excited that it didn't take anytime for me to do the same.

All in all, it was a great sharing experience and something that you might consider trying. Or if you are already doing it, I'd like to hear your story.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

18:50 Craigslist Connect

I just posted some black Elle platforms to my pictures. I found them on Craigslist about a year ago. They were being sold by a woman who said she had been a stripper, but was getting away from it. I believed her because when we met, she had a bunch of stripper outfits also for sale. I just took the heels.

Flash forward to last week. I decided to sell these 8" stripper heels that I bought from her. I'd had my fun with them and thought it would be good for someone else to appreciate them. I got a response within the first hour of the Craigslist post. I was selling them for $5 as "Sexy Stripper Heels" that had been well worn, but still had some life to them.

I thought this would bring out some interesting people who would respond to such an ad. After a few text messages back and forth, we decided to meet in a Walgreens parking lot for the purchase. This person didn't ask anything about my gender or why I was selling them. When we met, I was greeted by a young man, maybe 20 years old. He seemed very nervous and didn't want to talk much, but when I asked him what his plans were, he rambled something about seeing a crafts project on the internet involving high heels and he wanted to try it. This was obvious BS as you could tell by his demeanor that he was somewhat embarrassed by the whole thing.

My take-away was he was a shoe fetishist, like myself, but didn't know how to be honest with me about it. You'd think when a guy pulls up with a pair of 8" black used platform stripper heels, that he would figure out where I was coming from. I didn't press the issue and gave him the heels, which he promptly hid in his backpack.

Boy, I hope I don't come across as hokey and superficial as he did when I have these kinds of encounters with strangers. BTW, he gave me a $10 and was so nervous, he didn't even want change.

Monday, July 14, 2014

20:25 Party Find

I just posted pictures of a pair of very hot blue suede stiletto pumps that a neighbor was wearing at a party this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to steal them away for a quick shoe job, but wanted to share them with you anyway. The best part was that she took them off and left them in the dining room long enough for me to take a picture. The studs on the heel make the heel look so sexy. I hope I see her in them again and will take a picture of her wearing them.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

20:26 Co-workers Pumps

I found these black suede pumps (picture posted) under the desk of a co-worker. I'd never seen here wear them before, so I think she must have forgotten they were there (they were kind if in back behind her desk). She has great legs and loves to show them off with more current styles. I've never been able to steal a pair from her until this moment.
Waiting until after the office closed, I went to her desk and pulled them out from under it. They were kind of dusty and seemed a bit dated, like they were shoes from the 80's.
My cock was rock hard as I stuffed them in my jacket and proceeded to the mens room. Entering the stall, I pulled my pants down and started to jack off.
I pressed one of the heels to my nose, but they were so full of dust, I almost choked. After I blew the dust out of the shoe, I was able to detect a faint scent of sweat and perfume.
It didn't take me long to blow my load. I came all over the other shoe and got some on the suede which was hard to wipe off.
I took them back to their original place, but probably won't see her wearing them as I think she has forgotten that they are there.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

17:25 Another Craigslist Encounter

I placed an ad on Craigslist that went like this:

"Looking for someone with a shoe fetish like me who would like to fill my wife's high heel with your spunk. I'll sneak a pair out of her closet, you fill them and hopefully they will be dried before she decides to wear them again. It would be very exciting for me to think that she's walking around with a stranger's dried spunk insider her shoe. Can't host, we could do this in your car. Hit me up, put "Heels" in your subject line."

I probably got half a dozen hits within an hour. After weeding out some of the replies, I settled on two meetings yesterday, the first meeting was in my car and the second was in his truck.

Each person said it was their first experience doing this. It was certainly mine too. The first guy started pre cumming almost immediately and blew his load in about two minutes. I helped him along by holding my wife's shoe up to his face so he could smell her sweet perfume and sweat. He came so hard that the toe was completely filled with cum.

It was such a great experience that I wiped his cum out so I could do the same thing with the second guy. We met in his truck and he told me he'd had a shoe fetish since he was a kid, but had never done anything like this before. He started sucking on one of the heels while he stuck his dick between the heel and sole of the other one. I finally helped him along by holding the shoe with the head of his dick in the toe of the shoe and jacking him off. He also exploded into the toe. I posted two new pictures if this encounter.

Again, I wiped the cum from the shoe as I have another encounter set up for this afternoon. This one will be interesting because he's going to bring his fiancee's heel and wants me to cum in it for him.

I consider myself to be pretty straight, but seeing these guys get off in a pair of high heels has definitely been a turn on for me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

17:28 Craigslist Ad

I had a great experience yesterday. I saw an ad on Craigslist where someone was selling larger size Pleaser heels. The ad gave a number to call. When I called, this friendly female voice answered. She told me that due to the economy she had to close her lingerie store a few months ago and she was selling the remaining inventory out of her home.

I asked her if I could make an apppointment to see the shoes and she gave me directions to her house. When I arrived, I was greeted by a brunette in her mid 30's, a bit plump, but certainly cute and friendly. She took me into a room that was filled to the ceiling with Pleaser and Elle shoe boxes. I told her I usually wore a 10-11 and she started pulling boxes down.

I must have tried on 10 pair of heels and finally settled on a Pleaser pair of black & white patent lace up oxford pumps. They have a ribbon for the laces and a hole cut out in the sides and are about 4.5 inches. I'll try to post pictures of them very soon. She asked how long I've been wearing heels because I seemed so comfortable in them. I told her it had been about 20 years.

After picking out the shoes, she asked if I would be interested in seeing any lingerie, to which I said of course. She took me into a small room she'd converted to her showroom. It had racks of stockings and adult novelties on the wall and there were about 3 or 4 racks of clothing and lingerie in the center of the room.

I told her I was interested in thigh high stockings with a seam and she pulled a package from the wall. I said the problem I'd had in the past with them is that they don't go up my leg enough to snap to the garters. So she asked if I would like to try them on. I told her yes and she left the room while I stripped to my underwear.

Through the door she asked if I would like to try the heels on with them which were in the other room and I said, of course. She came back, knocked on the door and entered, saying I hope you aren't shy. I told her I was a bit of an exhibitionist and hoped that it didn't bother her. I put the heels on and she commented how good my legs looked in the heels and hose.

Seeing a black bustier with garters hanging on the rack, I asked her about it. She told me to take my shirt off and she would fit me with the bustier. Here I am standing in this room with a stranger wearing heels, hose and my low rise briefs. I thought I was in heaven until she got down on her knees and began fitting the garter straps to the stocking tops. Here's this woman with her hands on my body and her face no more than 12 inches from my growing bulge.

She proceeded to finish fitting the straps to the stockings and telling me how good it looked on me. I asked her about the difference between a corset and a bustier so she pulled a silver corset. She said the corset would have a more confining feel so she took the bustier off and I put the corset on. She began cinching the back of the corset pretty tight. Fortunately, the corset also had garter straps, so she did the same thing again and attached them to my stockings.

I asked her about a club dress and she pulled a black one with long sleeves off the rack and told me to try it on. She said it was too tight and looking down at my bulge I told her I completely agreed. She chuckled and gave me a larger size to try. It fit perfectly and gave me that slutty look which I like. It was just short enough to reveal my stocking tops.

My brain was working overtime to prolong this experience and I asked her if there was anything else I should try and she looked around, but we didn't find anything else. In the end I spent $78 for the shoes, bustier, stockings and dress. I also spent about 45 minutes trying these things on in complete privacy with a very friendly female. It was a totally worth the money.

I definitely plan to go back and would love to find a way to flash her without creeping her out. Maybe I'll tell her that my briefs are just not working with the outfit and could she suggest some lace panties that were more suitable.

Monday, October 12, 2009

17:33 Thrift Store Surprise

I frequently stop by thrift stores on the chance that I might find a pair of great heels someone has donated. I tend to go to the larger stores rather than smaller consignment shops because big thrift stores have racks with 200-300 pair of shoes rather than 20-30 pairs the smaller shops do.

Most of the time there is nothing special on the shelves. Where do all these fabulous heels go? Do people keep them in their wardrobe forever? Sometimes I believe this to be true, but then once in a while you find a treasure. A couple of months ago at Goodwill for example, I found these Elle black patent platforms with a 6 inch heel that look like theyd never been worn for five dollars. The were probably purchased by some heel admiring husband, rejected by his wife, and cast into the donations pile.

Anyway, on this particular visit last week I found 5 or 6 pair of Aldo and Chinese Laundry closed toe pumps on the racks. They were all 7s and 7.5s, so my assumption is that they were donated by the same person. Why someone would give away such great looking heels, is beyond my comprehension. The heels were all 3.5 to 4 inch stilettos and had very little signs of wear.

The particular pair that caught my attention were black suede Chinese Laundry pumps with a bright gold instep. They had practically no wear on the sole or heel, but unfortunately no toe prints either so they hadnt been worn a lot. I was getting hard just holding them there in the shoe aisle. I knew I wanted to blow my load in them, so I could take them home to enjoy or I could play with them in the store which seemed much more exciting.

I decided to take them to the dressing rooms at the front of the store to play with. On my way to the front I picked up a sweater hanging on the rack and draped it over my arm to conceal the pumps. These dressing rooms have solid doors that lock, so they are fairly private. But there is about a two foot opening to the bottom of the door, so anyone can see you standing inside. It makes me wonder if someone can recognize that classic masturbatory stance, where your feet are perfectly still, but your legs are flexing.

I entered the dressing room, locked the door behind me. I pulled out my hard cock, placed the sweater on one hook, one of the shoes on another hook at about eye level and began to smell the inside of the other pump. Even though the shoe showed little signs of wear, it still had that intoxicating aroma of sweat, leather and perfume. There was a full length mirror in the room which was great to look into because I could see my face pressed against the shoe as I worked my throbbing cock with my other hand. I licked all over the inside of the pump which brought the smell of the shoe out even greater.

Just as I was about to explode, I shoved my cock into the toe box of the shoe and dumped a huge load of cum inside. I cleaned myself off making sure that I didnt get anything on the suede, draped the sweater back over the shoes and returned to the shoe racks. I placed the shoes back on the rack and walked out of the store with my head still spinning from the experience.

Post Script: I went back to the thrift store the next day and these particular heels were gone. Either someone bought them the day I was there and wondered about the sticky surprise in the toe or someone bought them the next day and probably never noticed the crusty residue inside the shoe. The exciting part for me is that some stranger is walking around in a pair of heels that was filled with my hot cum.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

17:38 Strip Club Shoe Fuck

I was on business a couple of weeks ago in El Paso which is on the Mexican border in Texas across from Juarez. The population of the two cities is predominately Hispanic. There is a strip club there that Id been to a few years back, so I decided to check it out again.

Its called the Cabaret Club and is on Montana Avenue. It sits in a strip mall and is very unpretentious, which I prefer to the glitzy gentlemens clubs. What I also like about the club is that most of the customers are Hispanic as are all of the dancers. It is a very casual club. There are no bouncers checking the activities of the girls and the girls are plentiful. They also dont speak English very well, so you can say things to them, like I want to play with your high heels and they just laugh and say Oh, si, having no idea what youve asked them to do.

The other great thing about this place is where they do the table dances. They have these booths along the wall that are partitioned off side to side, but look out onto the table area. There is a bench to sit on and a table directly in front of the bench. They are very dark and private.

Anyway, there were about ten dancers that night all wearing stripper shoes. They were wearing mostly 8 inch heels with 4 inch plats and were either clear, black, white or red platforms.

When I walked into the club, one of the dancers walked up to me grabbed my crotch and asked if I was horny and wanted a table dance. I told her Id like to have a drink first and get settled so she walked off.

It was about ten minutes before this hot brunette came up and asked me if I wanted a table dance. She was wearing a pair of black 8 inch platform mules. They looked very hot and well worn. To my surprise dances had gone from $10 to $20, but I was so horny seeing all those dancers in those hot high heels, I said lets go. She took me by the hand and led me over to one of the private booths. I told her I wanted to play with her shoes and she just laughed, obviously not understanding what I said.

When the music began, she started grinding into my crotch and finally ended up with her ass in my face, where she let me finger her pussy. By the time the song ended, I was rock hard. She asked if I wanted another dance and I said I only had $10 hoping shed say OK, but she pointed to an ATM machine in the corner.

I got up and went to the machine while she walked over to the bar. I got back to the booth before her and unzipped my pants pulling out my dick and balls which I concealed with my shirttails. When she got back she sat down by me waiting for the next song to start. She reached over and realized that I was exposed when she grabbed my crotch. There was this OMG look on her face, but she had a big smile at the same time.

When the song started, she sat on my lap and began grinding my rock hard dick. I thought I was going to cum right there. Since her back was to me, her heels were up on the bench. I took one of them and pulled it off of her foot. She turned around and faced me as she continued to grind away.

I think I surprised her when I put the high heel to my face and smelled it. I must admit, the shoe was a bit too skunky for me. Then she shoved her tits in my face and had me suck on them. I managed to get my stiff dick in the toe of her platform. She looked down to see what I was doing and moved back just a bit, I think to hide my activity from the rest of the room. At the same time she started rubbing her pussy and moaning softly. I think she liked what I was doing. My dick was protruding about three inches through the toe of her shoe, I was holding onto the bottom of the platform as I pumped it.

It didnt take me very long sliding her heel up and down my shaft before I came huge load of cum. She cupped her hand over the end of my dick and the toe of her shoe so as to not get any of it on her. Then she wiped the cum from her hand with a cocktail napkin, I pulled the shoe off my dick and she slipped it back on her foot. Im sure I left some cum on the inside of her heel. I gave her $40 because it had been two songs, she kissed me on my cheek and walked off.

My head was spinning when I walked out, but it was the first time Id ever fucked a strippers shoe in a strip club.

Friday, February 13, 2009

20:53 Bookstore Slutty Heel Experience

Now that the blog entries have been corrected, I thought I'd move this story to my blog section. (It was originally posted in the forum). Enjoy!

I had an amazing experience yesterday that I wanted to share with the group. I had some time to kill between meetings so I went to Burlington Coat Factory to check out the heels.

Burlington has a great selection of heels at very cheap prices. It is also self service, so you dont have to get a sales person to help you. Since Im still a bit reluctant to be trying on shoes in public, the self service approach seems to match my comfort level.

Anyway, I found these killer black pumps. The good news is I wear a ladies 10, so they have up to 11s. Ive posted them in my pics under Black Lizard Pumps. They have a 4.5 inch heel and fit amazingly well because the toe box doesnt have that extreme point that crushes your toes and it isnt real rounded either which looks bad to me. The best part is they were only $19.95. I couldnt afford to pass them up. I put them on, walked around in the store a bit, but dont think anyone noticed because I was wearing longer boot cut jeans, so the heel was mostly hidden. I thought about paying for them and walking out of the store wearing them, but Im not quite that brave.

These shoes got me so turned on, that I couldnt wait to get in the car and put them on again. Trying to think of somewhere to go and walk around in them, I said, what the fuck, and headed for a popular xxx video store with booths in the back.

I pulled into the parking lot and must have sat there for 5 minutes trying to get up the nerve to walk in. But then I thought, there are all pervs inside anyway, so why am I wimping on this? I got out of the car and walked into the store and up to the cash register for tokens. The place has a hard tile floor in the front and concrete in the booth area, so the click of the heels sounded like gunshots to me.

The clerk was the only one in the front of the store and he didnt notice anything, but when I went into the booth area, there were 3 or 4 guys standing around and they all looked down at my heels. I quickly jumped into a booth, locked the door, dropped some tokens and began to stroke. I must tell you, I dont even know what was playing on the monitor because all I could think about was being there wearing these hot slutty pumps.

After a couple of tokens, I finally got up the nerve to walk back out into the common area for the booths. The guys from before werent standing around anymore. I noticed one of the doors cracked open a bit with the occupied light on. I opened the door, quickly hopped in and locked it behind me.

There was a guy, probably in his early 30s watching a gay video. It was strange that he didnt even acknowledge my presence, nor did he notice my heels. Usually, these guys just want to suck or be sucked which I dont really go for as I usually prefer just to jack in front of other people. I finally pulled out my cock and started stroking, but he still didnt look at it or at me. This called for some pro-active measures. I reached down and felt his cock through his jeans which was already semi-hard. Every time I squeezed it, he let out a moan, so I knew he wanted to play. I unzipped his jeans and started feeling it through his underwear. By this time he was fully hard.

The first time I spoke to him, I told him to sit down, to which he quickly complied. These booths are about 6x6 and there is a long bench on one wall, so there is a fair amount of room inside. I seriously wanted him to notice my heels, but he wasnt paying attention. I finally lifted one of my heels, rested it on his upper thigh and said, How do you like these high heels? Well, his reaction was like a duck taking to water. He reached down, lifted my heel and started licking the toe of the shoe and caressing my calves. By this time he had his dick out and was stroking with the other hand.

I took my heel and started rubbing his dick with it and poking his balls with the heel of the shoe. He started groaning and closing his eyes, he obviously loved the attention I was giving his dick with my heel. Then without my asking, he got down on all fours and started licking my shoe again. I could see his ass crack as I stood over him, so I took my other shoe and started sliding the heel up and down his ass crack. He reached back and pulled his jeans down so I could have complete access to his ass. I asked him if he wanted to get fucked by the heel of my shoe and he said yes.

Unfortunately, the booth was too small for me to enter him with the shoe on my foot, so I had to take it off to poke his asshole. Since the heels were brand new though, I think the heel tips were still a bit sharp, so I gave up when he started grimacing.

Then he stood up and started whispering to me how nasty I was and I asked him if he liked my slut heels, to which he said, yes. I took off one of my pumps, stuck his dick in the toe and started jacking him with my shoe. He went absolutely crazy. I took off the other shoe and pressed it against his face to inhale, but Im sure it still smelled like brand new. I asked him if he was going to cum and he said he was. He asked me if I wanted him to cum inside the shoe and I told him yes. I said that I wanted to put the shoe back on with his hot cum inside.

Well he soon exploded inside the heel. By that time I was also ready to explode and took the shoe and came inside too. It was so full of cum that I reneged on putting my foot back in, so I wiped most of the cum out with a tissue before I slid my foot back into the warm shoe.

He cleaned up and left. I did the same and walked out of the booth. This time, there was a guy standing in the common area and he immediately noticed my heels. I walked through the storefront and back to my car. The guy followed me all the way to the front of the store, but didnt exit. Guess he just wanted to see a hot pair of high heels. I love anonymous encounters especially when it involves a hot high heel.

Monday, May 14, 2007

20:22 Craigslist Connection

I posted a notice on Craigslist offering free high heels to anyone who was interested and got the following response from a woman named Kristen who is obviously a lover of heels. This is the exact e-mail correspondence that we've had to date and we still haven't gone shoe shopping together. (Note: I reversed the the correspondence so it would read from the earliest to the lastest).

--- Kristen wrote:

Me! I love heels, though I am partial to certain styles. What size are they and why are you getting rid of them?

Oh...sorry, I got a little excited there. I am writing about the ad on craigslist. Can you give me any details?
Thanks, Kristen

Terry wrote:

Hey Kristen,

Thanks for the response. That's OK, I get pretty excited about heels too. If you have pretty feet and love shoes, then this is an offer you can't refuse.
It is very simple. We will go shopping together for a pair of high heels that you can keep. You're probably
asking....what's the catch? There is no catch. The only specifics would be that you wear a size 7 or smaller, I get to pick the store and I get to pick the
shoes. You keep the shoes. This offer comes from a guy who likes to see a woman in sexy feminine shoes.

Kristen wrote:

Hi Terry,

Thats a very attractive offer, however, i would not meet the criteria as i wear anywhere from a 9 to a 10 depending on the maker, probably the reason i wear heels every day, if i didn't my feet would look much too large for me, lol. I wish you luck though, it doesn't seem that there are very many women willing to endure a little discomfort for a nice looking shoe these days. I personally wouldn't be
caught dead in flats, and there is much talk about it where i work, hehe. Anyway, thanks for writing back.

Terry wrote:

Hey Kristen,

What a nice reply. I really admire a woman who is illing to endure a bit of discomfort and wear shoes that are attractive. I bet you do keep the office
buzzing with your footwear. I'm curious as to how high of a heel you can endure. Is there a difference in heel height between your everyday heels and heels you like to draw attention to?

--- Kristen wrote:

Hello again Terry,

I think most people would rather see a woman in heels than flats or sneakers, even other women. There is one other woman here where I work that
regularly wears heels and dresses nice and we often admire each others shoes. She isnt quite as dedicated to constant wear, but has quite a
collection and pretty good taste.
I am still re-building my collection. I had 2
children and much to my dismay, my shoes size increased with each child. I had a collection of vintage stilettos from the 50s that I had to part with because not a single pair out of 158 pairs fit me. My late husband preferred me in heels so he
indulged my habit, lol. I think now that I have started to finally get rid of the baby-fat (nearly 10 years laterbad, I knowbut better late than never right?) my shoe size seems to be decreasing
somewhat, so I am happy for that.
I have a pretty well defined idea of what kind of shoe I like and that I think others like to see me in. I do not wear anything under 4 inches. The highest heel I wear to work is 5 inches (and the girls in the lab all whisper...look at her shoes.
Apparently they think I cant hear, lol. Or maybe they think they will embarrass me by being audible, who knows). I can walk in a 6-inch heel, but not with any kind of agility. In 5 inch heels I can
still maneuver quite well. I get asked at least once a week how can you wear those all day? and to tell the truth, I have been wearing nothing but heels for so long that when I actually put on the one pair of
flats I have (which are sneakers) to go out for my walks, I get shin splints and it is incredibly painful. I went to London last summer and went to Portobello Market, Camden Market and all of the
spots people go to visit and spent the entire trip in 5-inch heels. I also recently went to the Acoma Pueblo for the tour and they all looked at me like Id lost my mind when I showed up in 4 inch heels (my sensible shoes, lol).
I have one pair of 6 inch heels (I got them from a company called 6-Inch Heels Forever) and I am able to take a few steps in them, but have not mastered
walking in them. I think that I will need to
practice in boots until I become a little more skilled at it because the pumps are very strappy and dont offer any kind of ankle support so I am quite wobbly. I do have a pair of ballet boots (I assume
you know what they are if you love heels, but if not HTTP:// that are bout 7 inches and I can only just barely stand in them. My goal is to be able to walk in them. There is a video on You Tube of a woman named Lacie in
Germany going shopping about town in ballet boots. Its worth a look if you like heels. In any case, I am no stranger to enduring a little iscomfort for beauty. I am a 23/7 tightlacer (meaning that I wear corsets at least 23 hours a day 7 days a week in gradually smaller and tighter sizes
to modify the shape of my body and the size of my waist) so I guess you could say that discomfort is all relative to me. WowI certainly did here, a small novel! Well this is what happens when someone goes and asks me about something I am
passionate about, lol. I am a well known shoe addict around hereI even have a daily shoe calendar at my desk. Everyone comes by to see the shoe of the
dayand my shoe of the day, hehe. At least I work with very nice people; they humor my eccentricities. Ok, I will stop writing now so that you might have
something left of your evening by the time you get through reading my epic email, lol. Nice to talk to someone who has an appreciation for beautiful things, Kristen

(I replied to her, but can't find that e-mail...then she didn't respond, so I tried again)

Terry Wrote:

I was hoping to hear from you again. I certainly had no intention of scaring you away.

Kristen wrote"

Oh no, you haven't scared me away,
i've not been feeling quite up to par the last few days and have been sort of taking it easy.
i twisted my knee and it has made it swell up a bit which makes heel wear even more of a challenge. People, especially my family think i have lost my mind because i refuse to wear anything else, but i just cant.
i cant go out in public wearing sneakers or something like that, it just looks so ugly and unfeminine. But they have learned to humor me, lol.
My mother actually is less concerned about corsets than heels which surprises me.
i guess she doesnt know a lot about the longterm effects.
After over 2 years of tightlacing 23/7 i cant be out of my corset for very long as it is really painful.
it has caused some of the muscles in the back to atrophy making it a necessity to wear one now. But i already knew that would happen, its part of the process. I still have a long way to go, i plan on getting below 20 inches someday.
That will take another 5 to 7 years, but it will happen because i want it that much.
Anyway, i had wanted to respond to your last email when i had a little more time and energy to write.
i actually just got online now with the sole purpose of sending you an email to let you know i am still here. In any case, now you know that i am, i shall write more tomorrow if not tonight. Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

17:23 I came in a strangers shoe

Yesterday I had one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that I will keep re-living for quite a while.

I work in the production industry and frequently use models for still shoots, etc. We were doing a shoot with a dozen extras and had asked them to bring some wardrobe choices for the shot which was an urban exterior.

They were wardrobing out of our office. It was a mix of ages, genders and ethnicities, but one of them immediately caught my eye when she walked in.

She was about 25, hispanic with a beautiful body. She was wearing these gray suede wedges with about a 3.5 inch wedge.

Since I was not participating directly in the still shoot, I lost track of what everyone ultimately wore for the photo which was taking place a few blocks from our office.

Anyway, when everyone had left for the shoot and I was the only one in the office, I went back to the conference room to check out the wardrobe racks that had been left behind. In the corner there was this large blue duffle bag. I guess I missed who brought the bag into the office. But I opened the bag and to my amazement, it belonged to the gorgeos hispanic girl because nestled inside the duffle were those gray suede wedges that she had been wearing just minutes earlier.

But in addition to the suede wedges, she brought about 5 or 6 additional pair of heels to choose from and all of them were very hot. She had stacked heels in brown and black, black ankle boots, black slides and a pair of open toed pumps. They were all size 6.5 and were well worn.

Thinking to myself, if she left these great looking shoes behind, I wonder what shoes she wore for the shoot.

I immediately pulled the wedges out because I knew they would be the freshest pair. Sure enough, when I pressed them to my face, there was the most wonderful aroma of sweat, perfume and leather. I was instantly hard.

Pulling my hard cock out of my pants, I began to jack with the shoe against my face and in no time I was ready to explode. I barely got the shoe down to my dick in time to fill the toe with hot cum.

I came so much that it dripped onto the sides of the shoe and you can imagine what cum on suede must look like. I wiped most of the cum out of the toe because it was way too much to leave inside her shoe. I cleaned up the suede as much as I could, but could still see the matted spots.

Everyone came back to the office and picked up their clothes. When she walked back in, she was wearing this sexy black pumps and a dark short business suit. I asked her how it went, and she said great. I wish she'd asked me the same question.

She disappeared into the back and returned to the lobby wearing a pair of denim jeans and the gray suede wedges that I had filled with cum not 45 minutes earlier.

She sat in the lobby arranging all of the wardrobe in her duffel bag, so I got to enjoy looking at her in those hot shoes while I re-lived holding them to my face just a few minutes earlier.

It was truly a memorable experience and one of the luckiest ones I've ever had.

Monday, January 29, 2007

18:21 On-line Shoe Sex

I wanted to share an experience I had this weekend that I've gotten fairly successful with in the past year.

I belong to AOL and use the chat rooms to look for women who are interested in heels. Two rooms are particularly fertile for women, Stockings and Heels and Adult Truth or Dare.

I don't go in the rooms to chat, but check out profiles and instant message anyone who looks promising. Some do not respond back, but it is fun to chat with those who reveal their interest in heels.

This weekend I was checking out the Adult Truth or Dare room and found Linda. Her profile said she was fun loving, sexy and open to almost anything. I figured if she was hanging out in Truth or Dare that she was interesting.

She got my IM and replied. Here's how it went:

hey there....taken any dares yet?
interested in a dare?
have a question for you
do you ever wear high heels?
of course
great.....what's the highest you own?
nice.....pumps or sandals?
i bet they are platforms
usually heels that high are plats...what size shoe?
own many pair?
what 10-20-40
wow....imelda marcos
the 5 inch pumps, pointy toe, stiletto heel, leather?
getting bored
ok now the dare.....would you please go get the heels?
tell me when you're back
ok, now type something to me using the heel of one of the shoes
go ahead type
seem wierd?
what are you wearing
would you please take off the bottoms for me?
tell me when they're off
you alone
sister downstairs
now take one of your pumps and put your hand in the toe with palm facing up
any panties on?
good, now take the toe of the shoe and rub it against the crotch of your thong
doing it?
how does it feel?
move the thong aside so you can rub the shoe against your clit
doing it?
something about the soft leather of your shoe against your skin that makes it feel so good
are you wet?
great....look down at your shoe and tell me what you see
toe in pussy
wow....i'm getting hard just picturing it
now for the real dare
take the heel of the shoe and carefully slide it up into your cunt
are you doing it?
oh god
how far is it in
whole way
mmmmmmmm very hard now
now begin to pump it in and out slowly like a dildo
feels good doesn't it
think you could cum
me too...go ahead pump that heel in and out of your nasty little cunt
that's it pump it good baby
look down at that black spiked high heel pump sliding in and out of your juicy cunt
think you could cum?
fuck yourself with that high heels
i'm exhausted
did you cum good?
oh yes
ever think that fucking yourself with your high heel could feel so good?
yw......think you might wanna do it again?
hey, I gotta run, now that you have a traveling dildo, you can get yourself off whenever you are out and about in those pumps
bye sweetie

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