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Dec 09, 201614,910
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New Gold mules on and ready to get spunked

How hot and horny is that? (10 = Meltdown!)
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Member Since23-July-2010
ChannelMen in heels


HomepageNo homepage set.
Self Descriptionlove sexy sling backs, mules, sandals , love seeing shoes covered in cum
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The truck stop posted on 08-November-2016 21:09
i never tried this before but thought maybe give it a go so i ventured to a local truck stop not to far from me and got dressed up in black stockings black skirt and my new open toe sandals from pleaser, i went into the toilets and sat in a cubicle for about 30 mins then i heard a guy come in so i stuck my feet under the partition hoping he would see my sexy sandals and wow he did.
next thing he got on his knees and started wanking over my heels i could feel his cock stroking my toes and within seconds i felt him shoot his load over them, when he left i pulled my feet back to look and see what he had done to my heels and wow my toes where covered in hot cum , pic is now my main photo.

Update got my new Gold mules arrived on tuesday and had to wear them as they are sexy as feck , went back to the truck stop to see if i could get them spunked over and sure enough it did the pics are now uploaded

Going to meet tonight at the truck stop mmmm, had to get some new stockings after last time they got trashed
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