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cuminshoe's blog / Relative's daughters Cheerleading shoes

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

9:32 Relative's daughters Cheerleading shoes

For the Memorial Day weekend one of my cousins invited us to go stay with them for some BBQing, water skiing and relaxation. When we arrived at his 4 bedroom home, my cousin showed us the guest bedroom on the second floor. As we were walking down the hallway near the backrooms, I happened to look down and see his daughters cheerleading shoes on the floor.
I was like, "wow!" I automatically knew who they belonged too. His daughter Courtney was finishing her Junior year in High School and is very pretty. I didn't see her around when we arrived but I knew they were her shoes because I knew she was a cheerleader all through High School.
When we started getting settled in the bedroom I couldn't keep my mind off those shoes--just laying on the floor in the hallway. While my fiance was organizing our belongings I told her I needed to use the bathroom and left the room. I really wanted to check out those cheerleading shoes. I knew Courtney's room was around the corner so I was cautious to pick up one shoe (just in case she was home) and take a good look at them and get a good whiff of her shoe odor--it was nice!!
I didn't want to chance it anymore so I put it back down and went into the bathroom. All I couldn't think about was somehow getting a hands on them for 10 minutes or so. I didn't know if they would be still there later that night or if she would be picking them up and moving them. So I was praying and hoping she forgot about them laying there.
The rest of the afternoon I spent hanging out with my cousin outside while our women stayed inside. Around 4 o'clock my cousin's daughter came home and met us. And I was like, "WOW!! I can't believe how pretty she is." After meeting her I couldn't stop thinking about her shoes in the hallway. She told her dad she was going to change and go hang out at her friends house until dinner. I was again hoping she forgot about her shoes in the hallway. When she came out she was wearing sandals--which I was glad because at least those shoes will still be laying there.
That evening as dinner was cooking I went to check the hallway and saw that the shoes were still there. It got me aroused even more. Just as we all sat down to eat Courtney came home and sat at the table. Just the look of her face made think of her cheerleading shoes and how close I am to actually getting the chance to fuck a pair of her shoes. Something I've secretly wanted to do since her Sophomore year. After dinner Courtney left again to her friends house and we all sat around outside in the backyard until around 9 pm.
I didn't hear Courtney come home but as we were going back to our room I noticed a bedroom light under the door way and music coming from the room. As we walked around the corner I glanced down and saw that the shoes were still on the floor--she never moved them. I was sooo happy!!
That night around 2 am, I got out of bed, went down the hallway and grabbed the shoes. I picked them up in a hurry and went into the bathroom. All the time I stood there holding them, I kept thinking to myself, " I can't believe I have Courtney's shoes!"
The first thing I did was check her shoe size, they were size 8. I felt aroused finally knowing what size she wore.
I knew I had to be quiet so I made sure I made no excess noises because Courtney's room was around the corner down the hallway. I sniffed both shoes and examined every crease and scuff mark they had--wondering how many times her foot slide in and out of them. After a few minutes of sniffing, licking out the insides and rubbing the shoes all over my lips, I decided to fuck them and fuck them gooood!
And man! let me tell you, just looking at the shoes and the way they were shaped and indented--made me thrust my cock hard and deep as it could go inside.
I stopped a few times to make sure I didn't hear anybody down the hallway. I even placed towels around the door to block out the light. When I started again, I changed positions. I put the shoes on the toilet seat cover, stuck my cock inside and began fucking it like I was fucking someone doggy-style. And all this time I kept saying under my breath, "Oh Courtney...I can't believe I'm doing this to you!" And all this happening while she's sleeping in her bedroom down the hall.
I just let out all my nasty urges right then and there! I kept picturing all the times I've seen her wearing different shoes that made me so horny--especially her running shoes. I replayed all the fantasies I had of her the summer before, like the time she sat across from me in a chair during a BBQ. The way her Shox running shoes looked on her feet--I wanted to reach over and take them off of her and sniff them at that very moment. I wanted to stick my dick inside one and fuck it good!! and then put them back on her feet when I finished--letting my cum soak into the soles of the shoe and her white socks. And now all these fantasies were coming true in one single moment.
I fucked her shoes for about 10 minutes or so before I felt myself starting to cum. When I ejaculated, I shot all over inside the toe area. Man! you couldn't believe how good it felt. I actually cummed inside one of her shoes. I bet her boyfriends never did that!!
I wanted to keep my dick in the shoe a little while longer but I wanted to get back to my room before somebody else needed to use the bathroom. So after I pulled out my cock I reached in with my fingers and smeared some of my cum into the toe area of the other shoe. This way both shoes will have my cum in it. I made sure the cum was smeared all over inside--even the roof area. So now when she slips her foot into the shoes, the entire front area of her feet while be touching my dry cum.
I only wished I got this chance during the cheerleading season instead of the end of the school year. It would be wonderful knowing she was running and jumping around in front of crowds with my dry cum in her shoes. Or like when she's with her boyfriend while wearing her cheer outfit, and she's standing or sitting with my dry cum rubbing into her socks--and he wouldn't know it.
When I left the bathroom, I put the shoes back where they were and headed back to bed--feeling well-pleasured.
The next day my cousin and I decided to go fishing while the women stayed home. Courtney must have slept in because I didn't see her around before we left. When we came home that evening, my cousins wife was cleaning the hallways. As we walked passed her I noticed the shoes were gone. She must have picked them up and put them in Courtney's bedroom. As disappointed as I was, I at least got my chance to fulfill a fantasy.
The rest of the weekend whenever I saw Courtney around, I would think to myself, "I got to fuck her shoes and she doesn't even know it!"
So from now onward, whenever I see her, I'll know she's someone who gotten her shoes fucked and cummed in. Who knows? I might be the only person...ever.


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    June 06, 2011, 04:18
    this is hot! esp you go for it for the chance to fuck her nikes. love those nike to death, if those nike were given to me, i will fuck them until my dick sore, hehehe


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    June 06, 2011, 19:14
    We're planning on spending another weekend at their house for Labor Day weekend in September, I hope I get the chance at another pair.
    She'll be a Senior this fall--with all new shoes for school. It would be great knowing she's walking around school in a pair that I cummed in.
    I still would like to fuck a pair of her running shoes.


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    June 07, 2011, 15:23
    How about her mom? Is she a hot milf type?.....I would love to hear if you can do her shoes too!


    Click To View
    June 09, 2011, 15:27
    My cousin is 2 years older than me and had his first kid in High School with his childhood sweetheart. They broke up when their daughter was around 5, so I never met the mother...I don't even know what she looks like...sorry. All I know is her name is Becky and she's remarried and lives in another state. But if the daughter gets her looks from her, she might still be hot!

    But back during the summer of 2002 when my cousin and his current wife moved into their house (Courtney didn't move back with her dad until 2008) They invited me to stay with them for a few days and I was able to fuck the current wife's running shoes one night. She left them beside the couch so after everyone went to bed I took the shoes into my guest room and had my way with them.

    That's another good story/blog I should write if anyone wants to read about it.


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    June 14, 2011, 03:07
    See if you can do some of her dress / party shoes as well. I'm sure they smell just as good!


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      June 21, 2011, 10:03
      I'll see what I can find. I would love to go inside her bedroom and see what all she has but it's risky. The only way I could do that is if nobody's home.

      Maybe if I we planned a BBQ in the park or somewhere and I can 'accidently' leave something at the house, this way I can return to the house and retrieve it. That would give a chance to be alone for about 10 minutes or so.


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    October 17, 2011, 13:49
    I played with many shoes over the years, I though I was the only one that felt this way, but your story got me cumming between a pair of little pink flip flops held together with an elastic band. Thank you.


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